Victory Parade


1882 TRENTON CITY DIRECTORY - Penny to Z (Pages 314 - 409)

Penny David, potter, bds 143 Lamberton

Penrose Jonathan, blacksmith, h 139 Hampton, Chamb'g

People's Coal and Ice Co., 338 Perry

Perrine Charles, laborer, bds 25 Beatty, Chamb'g

Perrine Elizabeth, ass't matron state prison, res 228 Broad

Perrine Henry P., U S army, res 201 E Hanover

Perrine J. B., cider and vinegar, 14 S Stockton, h 23 Yard av

PERRINE LEWIS, quartermaster general, office state house, h 201 E State

Perrine Lewis, Jr., ass't quartermaster general, bds 201 E State

Perrine Peter, rubber worker, bds 20 Grant av

Perrine Peter, laborer, res 13 Bellevue av

Perrine Somers, student, bds 20 Perry

Perrine William, potter, bds 25 Beatty, Chamb'g

Perry George, laborer, Allen n the canal

Perry Frederick, potter, bds 212 Clinton

Perry John, laborer, bds 87 Clark, Chamb'g

Perry Louisa L., h 117 Centre

Perry Thomas, sewing machine agent, h 87 Clark, Chamb'g

Petermann John H., music teacher, h 162 W State

Peters Charles, moulder, h 194 Lamberton

Peters Daniel, retired, h 35 Ewing

Peters Fanny, teacher, bds 35 Ewing

Peters Henry, moulder, h 221 Fall

Peters Hetty, domestic, 305 E State

Peters Jarvis J., baker, h 120 Hamilton Chamb'g

Peters John, carpenter, h 174 Lamberton

Peters Wilhelm, sagger maker, h 50 Wilson

Peters William, bridge tender Coalport, h 418 E Carroll

Peterson Benjamin, shoemaker, res 311 Broad

Peterson Charles, heater, bds 34 Tyler, Chamb'g

Peterson John, waiter, h 72 Quarry al

Peterson Nathan R., iron worker, h 366 S Warren

Peterson Sophia, domestic, 307 W State

Peterson Thomas, laborer, h 2 Ferry

Peterson Thomas, laborer, h 368 Fair

Petry Frederick, milk dealer, h 413 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Petry Peter, vise maker, h 307 Centre

Pette Charles W., professor of music, h 242 Jackson

Pettie Jaoob C. (J. Pettie & Co.), h 17 Stockton

Pettie Jacob C. & Co. (J. Herbertyard), livery stable, 114 S Greene

Pettit Charles, bds 25 Southard

Pettit F. Eli, carpenter, bds 179 Broad

Pettit Rebecca J., tailoress, bds 179 Broad

Pfaff Frederick, butcher, Clinton opp Webster, Millham, h do

Pfeifer Edward, manufr knit jackets and stockings, 445 Broad, h do

Pfeifer Mary, res 37 Fountain av

Pfister Henry; carpet weaver h 1015 Broad, Chamb'g

Pfister Henry J., bakery, 900 Clinton, Chamb'g, h do

Pfister John F., barber, 343 S Warren, h 336 do

Pfitzinger Carrie, domestic, 152 W State

Pfitzinger Frank, laborer, h 622 Adeline, Chamb'g

Pfitzinger William, paper carrier, bds 622 Adeline, Chamb'g

Pfleger Albert, shoe fitter, h 545 Broad

Pfleger John, saloon, 612 Lamberton, h do

Pfleger John, mason, h 34 Woodland, Chamb'g

Pfleger Louis, watchmaker, h 11 E State

Pfleger Peter, laborer, h 230 Elmer, Chamb'g

Pfleger Valentine, laborer, h 920 Clinton, Chamb'g

Phelan John, potter; h 18 E Canal

Phelan Joseph, wire rope maker, bds 604 Clinton, Chamb'g

Phelan Patrick, laborer, h 604 Clinton, Chamb'g

Phelen John, laborer, h 236 Elmer, Chamb'g

Phelen William, wire drawer, h 118 Dye, Chamb'g

Phelps Richard R. P., inventor, bds 224 E Front

Phifer Edward, foreman, h 214 N Montgomery

Phifer George, iron moulder, h 137 Allen

Phifer John, carpenter, h 136 Allen

PHILADELPHIA & READING R. R. Co.'s Express, Del., Lack. & Western, and Baltimore & Ohio Express, Caleb F. Aaronson, agent, N W cor State and Greene

Phillips Aaron., iron woker, h 314 Bridge

Phillips Albert S., h 239 Chestnut av, Chamb'g

Phillips Benjamin D., Jr., clerk, bds 136 W State

Phillips Benjamin D., h 136 W State

Phillips Benjamin M., insurance and real estate agent, 181 Broad, h 257 Jackson

Phillips Charles C., printer, h 118 Allen

Phillips Edward W., brick maker, bds 46 Pennington av

Phillips Elias A., musician, bds 210 S Warren

Phillips Frank, clerk, bds 81 Spring

Phillips Hattie, widow Henry, res 123 Perry

Phillips Harry, clerk, bds 81 Spring

Phillips Henry D., law student, bds 32 Yard av

Phillips James K., laborer, h 15 Centre

Phillips Johanna F., h 38 Yard av

Phillips John, laborer, bds 526 Market

Phillips John S., carpenter, h 141 Perry

Phillips John W., car inspector, h 314 Bridge

Phillips J. W., decorator, h 258 Jackson

Phillips Joshua, shoemaker, bds 210 S Warren

Phillips Lizzie B., trimmings, 12 W State, bds 110 do

Phillips Lydia A., boarding house, 9 W Front

Phillips Margaret, widow, h 5 Dillon al

Phillips Mrs., widow, nurse, 51 Sweet's av

Phillips Millie, notions, 12 W State, bds 110 do

Phillips Oliver H., salesman, bds 17 E Front

Phillips Olivia, widow, h 81 Spring

Phillips Reuben, carriage maker, h 111 Fall

Phillips Robert P., carpenter, h 26 W Front

Phillips Samuel, watchman, h 46 Pennington av

Phillips Simeon B., cigar maker, h Hullfish row, Allen

Phillips Sylvester, painter, h 67 Summer

Phillips Theodore F., coachman, h 118 W Hanover

Phillips Theophilus, millwright, h 17 Market

Phillips Walter, potter, bds Allen

Phillips William, rubber worker, h 117 N Montgomery

Phillips William, h 210 S Warren

Phillips William (Greenwood Hat Co.), h 209 E Hanover

Phillips William, engineer, bds 17 Market

PHILLIPS WILLIAM W. L., physician, office 2 N Willow, h 52 W State

Phoenix Catherine, res 109 S Montgomery

PHOENIX IRON CO. (W. D. Haven, pres't and treas; F. Schuman, supt't; Thomas Braden, Bec'y and ass't sup't), Fair cor Mill

Pickel Baltes, real estate, h 144 Clinton av

Pickin John, plate maker, h Dickinson n Cass, Millham

Pidgeon William, waiter, 180 W State

Pierce John J., h 36 Southard

Pierman Garrett, laborer, bds 3 Hart, Millham

Pierson Emma B., teacher, res 60 Spring

Pierson Joseph B., carpenter, h 105 Spring

Pierson Leslie C., clerk state house, h 101 Spring

Pierson Sarah E., teacher, res 60 Spring

Pierson William W., clerk, h 119 Perry

Piggin Henry, potter, h 241 Elmer, Chamb'g

Pilger Charles H., policeman, bds 233 W Hanover

Pilger John, chain maker, h 23 Lodge al

Pilger Margaret, widow, h 233 W Hanover

Pilger Richard, chain maker, bds 233 W Hanover

Pilkington John, loom boss, h 21 Butler, Chamb'g

PINE GEORGE, photographer, 27 & 29 E State, h do

Piper Harry H., engineer, h 414 Brunswick av

PIPER & MORRIS (William W. Piper and Charles O. Morris), bakery and ice cream saloon, 116 S Greene

Piper William W. (Piper & Morris), h 116 S Greene

Pippel Anton, potter, h 323 Federal

Pippel Philip, iron worker, h 442 Centre

Pippel Philip, laborer, h 34 Cove, Chamb'g

Pippel William J., shoes, &c., 103 S Greene, h 845 Broad, Chamb'g

Pippen Alfred engineer, h 253 Clay

Pippen Jonas K., 129 Kossuth

Pippen Pierson, h 240 N Willow

Pippen Sylvester, teamster, h 121 Kossuth

Pippen William, livery stable, 564 Perry, h do

Pirola John B., potter, h 521 Chestnut, Chamb'g

PITMAN & BRO. (Charles and Frank A.), groceries and provisions, 559 Centre

Pitman Charles (Pitman & Bro.), h 559 Centre

Pitman David B., laborer, h 15 New York av, E Trenton

Pitman Frank A. (Pitman & Bro.), h 559 Centre

Pitman John, rubber worker, bds 118 W Hanover

Pittman Thomas, carriage maker, h 217 Jackson

Pittenger Alfred S., grocer, 522 S Warren, h do

Pittenger David T., express agent, h 111 W Hanover

Pittenger George W., salesman, h 147 S Stockton

PITTENGER JOSEPH A., grocer, 108 N Warren, h 131Academy

Pittenger Joseph B., bartender, h 125 Chancery

PLANK 0. H., confectionery, 626 S Warren, h do

Plant William, potter, bds Breunig av, Millham

Platt Daniel L., watchman, h 410 Market

Platt George, potter, bds 161 Jefferson

Platt Samuel, iron worker, bds r 110 Second

Platt William, potter, bds 43 William

Plunkett Howard R., kilnman, bds 106 Allen

Plunkett James, mason, h 106 Allen

Plunkett William, mason, h 26 Esher

Podmore Henry, potter, h 123 Brunswick av

Pohr Adam, laborer, h 848 Centre

Poinsett Barzillia, teamster, h 517 Bridge

Poland John, h 336 Broad

Poland John, Jr., machinist, bds 336 Broad

Poland Lizzie, school teacher, res 336 Broad

Poland Sallie, school teacher, res 336 Broad

POLAND WILLIAM A., architect, 11 W State, h 120 Mott, Chamb'g

Polk Charles, law student, bds E State bey Chambers, Chamb'g

Polk Mary C., widow David, h E State bey Chambers, Chamb'g

Polley John, retired, bds 322 Pennington av

Polley Thomas, bds 322 Pennington av

Pollock James, teamster, h 614 Perry

Poole Arthur, decorator, bds 215 Clinton

Poole Thomas, laborer, Hancock n Cass, Chamb'g

Poole Hamlet, shoemaker, h 215 Clinton

Pope Emma, widow William, res 172 Monmouth

Pope James, kilnman, bds 108 Bayard, Chamb'g

Pope John M., decorator, h 31 Grant av

Pope Menthley, decorator, h 45 Model av

Pope William, farmer, river front, bel Riverview

Porter Fitz John, mechanical engineer, bds 144 W State

Porter Frank, bds 719 S Warren

Porter John, potter, h 34 Lincoln av

Porter Thomas, car inspector, h 719 S Warren

Porter William, car inspector, h 328 Ferry

Post Abram, h 15 Morris, Chamb'g

Post Elizabeth, widow Cornelius, h 49 Lamberton

POST WILLIAM H., sewing machines, 161 Broad, h do

Potent Charles, machinist, bds 1075 Broad, Chamb'g

Potent Dora, domestic, res 1075 Broad, Chamb'g

Potent Lena, domestic; res 1075 Broad, Chamb'g

Potent Rachel, widow, h 1075 Broad, Chamb'g

Potts Aaron C., potter, bds Sherman av, Millham

POTTS CHARLES A., surveyor and real estate broker, 860 Broad, Chamb'g, h 140 W State

Potts Emma C., teacher, h 138 W State

POTTS FREDERIC A., wholesale coal dealer, 257 N Willow (T. W. Young, agent)

POTTS G. SHERMAN, ladies furnishing goods, 8 N Greene, h do

Potts Jane S., artist, res 140 W State

Potts J. Boardley, mechanical engineer, bds 140 W State

Potts Margaretta, h 150 N Warren

Potts Sarah, res 843 Centre

Potts William H., stilt pottery, Millham, h 225 N Warren

Potts William H., Jr., bds 225 N Warren

Poucher Joseph, laborer, bds 575 Perry

Poulson George H., ass't undertaker, h l0 S Warren

Poulton Jacob S., teamster, bds Jefferson cor Hewitt, Chamb'g

Powell Albert, cigar maker, bds 394 Third

Powell Charles, laborer, h 112 Union

Powell Joseph B., clerk Mechanics National Bank, h 5 W State

Powell William, ass't armorer, state arsenal, h 870 Lamberton

Powers Bertram, potter, h 9 Division

Powers Charles, moulder, h 413 Lamberton

Powers David, wire drawer, h 119 Second

Powers James J., wire worker, h Wilson n Reservoir

Powers John, wire drawer, h 147 Second

Powers John, wire drawer, bds 699 Broad, Chamb'g

Powers Mrs., widow, h 699 Broad, Chamb'g

Powers Patrick, wire drawer, bds 119 Second

Powers Rebecca, dressmaker, 23 E State, h 699 Broad, Chamb'g

Powers Thomas, potter, h 7 Kossuth

Powers William, Potter, h 19 Herman

Powers William, iron worker, h 181 Lamberton

Pownall Isaac C., carpenter, h 133 Spring

Pownall John F., kilnman, h 131 Rose

Pownall Reuben, ladies' shoes, 200 Broad, h do

Prall William D., saw maker, h 417 Hudson, Chamb'g

Pratt Charles W., grocer, Market cor Mercer, h do

Pratt Edward, laborer, h Klagg av, Millham

Pratt George W., express agent, h 216 N Greene

Pratt John Q., clerk, bds Market cor Mercer

Pratt H. B., bookkeeper, bds State Street House

Pratt William H., compositor, bds Market cor Mercer

Prause George bar tender, bds 151 E Front

Prediger William H., shoe fitter, h 224 Butler, Chamb'g

Prentice Arthur, kilnman, h 267 Clay

Presber Charles, polisher, h 168 Cooper

Preston Benjamin, h 56 Decatur

Preston George, potter, h 420 E Carroll

Preston Robert, tobacco and segars, 440 Broad, h do

Preston Robert, laborer, bds 56 Decatur

Preston Robert H., laborer, bds 440 Broad

Preston Snowden M., conductor, h 183 Chancery

Preston Thomas, finisher, h 20 Livingston

Price Charles, carriage maker, bds 425 Princeton av

Price Charles C., shoemaker, bds 602 Perry

Price Charles C., shoe fitter, h 157 E Front

Price Francis, butcher, bds 213 Centre

Price Frank, civil engineer, bds 110 W State

Price Frederick, Jr., brick maker, bds N Willow commons

Price Frederick, laborer, h N Willow commons

Price George, h 451 Princeton av

Price George W., butcher, h 1 Cosey pl, Smith's av

Price Henry, potter, h 25 Lincoln av

Price Hugh, brick maker, bds 11 Chauncey

Price John E., clerk, bds 2 Bridge

Price Jonathan P., railroader, h 255 Mercer

Price Mary, widow, res 871 Centre

Price Theodore W., cigar maker, bds 224 Kossuth

Price Thomas E., salesman, h 933 Broad, Chamb'g

Prickett Elizabeth, widow George, h Girard av, Millham

Priest Voorhess D., conductor, h 31 Carroll

Priestly Charles, laborer, h 209Elmer, Chamb’g

Prince John, potter, h 30 Rose

Prince Joseph, brick maker, Trenth n Princeton av

Prince Thomas, laborer, h Beakes n Willow

Prince William H., brick maker, h 134 Sweets av

PRIOR JOHN, wheelwright, 545 Perry, h 37 Spring

Prior Samuel, stone cutter, bds 506 E State

Prior Samuel, shoe counters, Chancery, h 429 E State

Prior Thomas H. (Prior & West), h 506 E State

PRIOR & WEST (Thomas H. Prior and William J. West), stone dealers and contractors, 102 N Stockton

Priory Marscella, saloon, 38 Grant av, h do

Priory Michael, teamster, h 164 Monmouth

Priory Terrence, mason, bds 164 Monmouth

Priory Thomas, laborer, h 317 Clinton, Chamb'g

Probasco Ellen, widow Abram, res 85 Southard

Proctor John, carpenter, h 237 Kossuth

Proudlove James, potter, h 69 Ewing

Provost Charles, laborer, h 120 Second

Provost Frederick, tinsmith, h 207 Jackson

Provost Henry, rubber maker, bd. 43 Bellevue av

Provost Peter D., fireman, bds 505 Market

Provost Pearson, rubber worker, h Klagg av, Millham

Provost Robert L., deputy state prison, bds 505 Market

Provost Robert G., engineer, h 505 Market

Prussen Albert, moulder, bds 61 Tucker

Pry John, laborer, h Frazier n pottery

Pugh George, wool sorter, h 400 Fair

Pugh George H., painter and grainer, h 113 Jackson

Pugh William, shoemaker, h 57 Lamberton

Pullen Alexander, stocking maker, bds 67 Clark, Chamb'g

Pullen Chandler, blacksmith, h r 114 Second

Pullen Charles W., bakery, 413 and 415 Market, h 255 Clay

Pullen Charles, brakeman, bds 67 Clark, Chamb'g

Pullen Edward S., foreman, h 691 Centre

Pullen Elizabeth, widow, h 10 Barnes

Pullen Ezekiel, salesman, h 415 Market

Pullen Frank A., salesman, h 70 Bayard, Chamb'g

Pullen Frank D., salesman, h 12 Hewitt, Chamb'g

Pullen George, h 10 Barnes

Pullen James, laborer, h 323 Fair

Pullen Mary A., widow P., h 67 Clark, Chamb'g

PULLEN J. STERLING, professor of music, 143 N Greene, (Centennial block), h do

Pullen Johnson, lather, bds 54 Cooper

Pullen Theodore, confectionery, 683 Centre, h do

Pullen Trenton Cracker Co. (J. T. Stapler, prop), manfrs of Trenton crackers, Stockton bel State

Pullen William A., brakeman, bds 67 Clark, Chamb'g

Purcell Ellen, widow, h 4 Behm

Purcell John carpenter, bds 29 Barnes

Purcell John, saloon, 337 N Montgomery, h do

Purce1l Margaret, widow, h 29 Barnes

Purcell Michael J., laborer, bds 521 Lamberton

Purcell Nicholas, laborer, h 408 Reservoir

Purcell Patrick, laborer, h 163 Cooper

Purcell Pierson, stone cutterr, h 219 Church

Pursell William H., pattern maker, bds 165 E Front

Purdunn David, peddler, h 227 Lamberton

Purdunn John, peddler, h 868 Centre

Purdy John J., engineer, h 173 Jefferson

Purdy Juliet D., widow, h 146 S Stockton

Purdy Matilda, widow, res 182 Lamberton

Purdy Robert, laborer, h 76 Bellevue av

Pursley William, laborer, h 541 Second

Purves Montgomery, laborer, h 29 William

Purvis George H., clerk, bds 56 Lamberton

Purvis Robert M., car inspector, h 32 Perrine av

Purvis Thomas, tin and sheet iron, h 56 Lamberton

Puth John, carpenter, h 432 Centre

Putnam Samuel W., sec'y American Saw Co., bds 156 W State

Pycraft Alphonso M., tobacconist, 507 Perry, h 28 Grant

Pycraft Jonathan S. F., potter, bds 117 Southard

Pycraft Joseph, h 417 Southard

Quest Albert, iron worker, h 540 Hudson, Chamb'g

Quick Abraham, waiter, 155 W State

Quick Frank A., wire drawer, bds Annie cor Woodland, Chamb'g

Quick John, carpenter, h Annie cor Woodland, Chamb'g

Quick Judiah H., carpenter and builder, 32 S Stockton, h 534 S Warren

Quick Theopholus, bds 208 Pennington av

Quick Tunis, wheelwright, cor Pennington av and Willow, h 208 Pennington av

Quick Willam H., printer, h 102 W State

Quick William R., carpenter, Stockton opp Front, h 32 W Front

Quicksall Annie, bds 136 E Hanover

Quigg Abram R., policeman, h 46 W Washington

Quigley Bridget domestic, 114 W State

Quigley Howell (MacCrellish & Quigley), bds 139 Jackon

Quigley James, laborer, bds 64 Asbury

Quigley James, iron worker, h 211 Furman

Quigley John, ironworker, bds 211 Furman

Quigly John B., sup't Trenton Water Works; h 139 Jackson

Quigley Maria, widow Asher, h 115 E Front

Quigley Norah, domestic, 114 W State

Quigley Joseph, grocer, 849 Broad, h do, Chamb'g

Quigley Thomas, laborer, bds 255 N Willow

Quinn Bridget, domestic, 222 E State

Quinn Catharine, widow John, h 320 Southard

Quinn James, tailor, h Princeton av

Quinn John, carpenter, bds 13 Fair

Quinn John, lager beer saloon, 64 Fair, b do

Quinn John, laborer, bds 107 Bridge

Quinn Margaret, widow Francis, res 13 Fair

Quinn Mary, widow John, res 508 Federal

Quinn Michael, retired, h 144 Second

Quinn Michael, blacksmith, h 46 Seward av

Quinn Phineas, blacksmith, h 128 Spring

Quinn Thomas, laborer, h Skirm's row, Millham

Quinn William, tailor, bds 82 Bellevue av

Quinn William, Jr., potter, bds 82 Bellevue av

Quintin Andrew, conductor P R R, h 104 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Quintin Chandler, veterinary surgeon, h Hamilton av n Olden, Chamb'g

Quintin David S., farrier, h Hamilton av cor Chestnut, Chamb'g

Quintin Thomas, clerk P R R, bds 104 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Quirk James, laborer, h 70 Fair

Quirk Richard, laborer, h 252 Elmer, Chamb'g

Raabe Otto, barber, bds 23 W State

Radcliff Moses, grocer, 707 Lamberton, h do

Ratcliffe Sarah, widow, h 50 Decatur

Rafferty Alice, res 923 Broad

Rafferty Margaret, widow, res 133 Ferry

Rafferty Paul, potter, h 558 Perry

Rafferty Paul, Jr., potter, h 558 Perry

Rake William, carriage maker, h Adeline cor Columbia, Chamb'g

RAILROAD HOUSE, John Aitken, prop, 640 S Warren cor Bridge, h do

Rainbow Albert E., potter, h 17 Second

Rainbow Ellie, domestic, h 39 Bellevue av

Rainbow George, barber, bds 17 Second

Rainbow George, barber, 500 Hudson, Chamb'g, h do

Rainbow Henry, potter, h 27 Second

Rainbow James S., potter, h 39 Bellevue av

Rainbow Richard, potter, h 108 Turpin

Rainier Thomas, butcher, h 11 E Washington

Ramdow, potter, h Clinton cor Webster, Millham

Ramsey Tresh M., dressmaker, res 109 N Greene

Ramsey John J., laborer, h 441 Lamberton

Ramsey William, laborer, h 424 Ferry

Randall Amos A., carpenter, r 127 Jackson, h 509 Market

Randall Francis D., clerk, bds 270 Kossuth

Randall Harry, laborer, h 1025 Broad, Chamb'g

Randall Maggie J., dressmaker, res 1025 Broad, Chamb'g

Randall Mary E., widow John C., h 270 Kossuth

Randall Samuel, potter, h Klagg av, Millham

Rankin Hugh R., rubber worker, bds Mulerry, Millham

Raper William, machinist, bds 249 Mercer

Raphael Louis, variety store, 172 Broad, h do

Rath John, grocer, 249 Second, h do

Rath John, laborer, h 834 Clinton, Chamb'g

Rathbun George P., brakeman, bds 12 Tyrill av

Raub Samuel, carriage trimmer, bds 167 and 169 Broad

Raum Elizabeth, h 106 W Front

Raum John O., clerk in state house, h 213 E Front

Raum John O., Jr. clerk chancery office, bds 213 E Front

Raymond Frederick, shoemaker, 58 Market, h 262 Clay

Rayner George W., laborer, h 246 Spring

Raywood Bridget, h 76 Esher

Raywood John, laborer, h 54 Esher

Raywood Joseph, potter, bds 43 William

Raywood Joseph, potter, bds 54 Esher

Raywood Samuel, potter, bds 76 Esher

Raywood Thomas, kilnman, h Maple, Millham

Raywood Valentine, fireman, h Maple Millham

Raywood Valentine, potter, bds 54 Esher

Raywood William H., potter, bds 54 Esher

Read Anthony A., teamster, h 312 W State

Read Ellen, saloon, Market cor Lamberton, h do

Read Daniel, laborer, h 539 Reservoir

Reade John, potter, h 336 Elmer, Chamb'g

Reading Alfred, laborer, h 107 Bellevue av

Reading Charles P., salesman, h 175 Brunswick av

Reading George, brakeman, h 75 Spring

Reading George, clerk, bds 425 Princeton av

Reading George E., salesman, h 17 E State

Reading John, coachman, h 103 Bellevue av

READING JONATHAN, fish and oysters, People’s Market, Chancery, h 220 N Warren

Reading Joseph, fish and oysters, 459 Princeton av, h do

Reading Lewis E., dentist, 229 E State, h do

Reading Matthew, potter, h 714 Centre

Reading Michael, groceries, 42 Spring, h do

Reaman John, painter, h 4 Margerum row

Reasener Henry, laborer, h 167 Quarry al

Reason Daniel, laborer, h 225 S Feeder

Reay Mary M., widow, h 183 Jefferson

Reay William, potter, h 144 Jefferson

Recht John, iron worker, h 442 Centre

Rector Alfred, laborer, h 33 Calhoun

Redden Mary, widow, res 317 Union

REDFERN JOSEPH., ladies’ boots and shoes, 308 E State, h do

Redfern John H., law clerk, bds 308 E State

Redfern John W., loom boss, l09 New

Reech John, iron worker, h 442 Centre

Reed Albert, teamster, h 123 S Feeder

Reed Alexander, hod carrier, h 109 Bellevue av

Reed Anthony C., mason, bds 16 Camden

Reed Benjamin, rubber worker, bds Dickinson n Cass, Millham

Reed Caroline, widow William, h 9 Division

Reed Charles Al., miller, h 18 Barnes

Reed Charles C., shooting gallery, 126 S Greene

Reed Christopher V., car inspector, h 202 Southard

Reed Elisha, teamster, h 31 Ringold

Reed George W., laborer, h 240 Allen

Reed George W., huckster, h 908 Broad, Chamb'g

Reed Henry C., engraver, bds Fountain n Princeton av

Reed John W., manager, h 885 Broad, Chamb'g

Reed Joseph, kilnman, h 43 Assanpink

Reed Levi, blacksmith, h 167 Lamberton

Reed Liscomb T., salesman, h 16 Camden

Reed Samuel, brick maker, bds 31 Ringold

Reed Susannah, widow, res Fountain n Princeton av

Reed Mrs. William Y., widow, h State n Chambers, Chamb'g

Reed Mrs., widow, h 17 Fountain av

Reeder Albert, stone cutter, h Titus av

Reeder Alfred K., stone cutter, h 153 N Greene

Reeder Augustus, tobacconist, bds 1150 Lamberton

Reeder Benjamin P., bottler, bds 127 W Hanover

Reeder Charles, laborer, h 1000 Clinton, Chamb'g

Reeder Eli, carpenter, h 73 Spring

Reeder Frank E., potter, bds 13 Chapel

Reeder Henry, potter, bds 175 Brunswick av

Reeder Josie, h 223 W Hanover

Reeder Lewis R., blacksmith, h 73 Spring

Reeder Mrs. Dr., res 221 E Hanover

Reeder Peter, butcher, bds 48 Perrine av

Reeder Sarah, widow John, bds 26 Sheridan

Reeder William, tobacco producer, h 1150 Lamberton

Reedy Lawrence, iron worker, bds 139 Monmouth

Reedy William, gardener, h 139 Monmouth

Reeg Amos, laborer, bds 45 Sweet's av

Reeg Englebert, butcher, bds 47 Fountain av

Reeger John C., watchman, Hancock cor Home av, Chamb'g

Rees Thomas D., finisher, h 126 Butler

Rees Albert, charcoal heater, bds 46 Bayard, Chamb'g

Reese Eunice, widow William, res 25 Cooper

Reese John, sinker, h 5 Mott, Chamb'g

Reese John, Jr., laborer, bds 5 Mott, Chamb'g

Reese Thomas D., roller, h 12G Butler, Chamb'g

Reeve Dallas, registrar vital statistics, h 2 Southard

Reeves Rev. Willis, pastor Trinity M E Church, h 144 Academy

Reeves Angeline, dress maker, h 425 Bridge

Reeves Elizabeth, widow Enoch, res 229 Centre

Reftery Kate, domestic, 47 Clinton av

Reftery Mary, domestic, 47 Clinton

Regenberger John, laborer, h 319 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Reger Issac, student, bds 135 E Front

Regg George, huckster, h 47 Fountain av

Regnault Rebecca, h 13 Taylor al

Regnault George W., paper hanger, bds Delaware house

Reid Alexander, mason, bds 210 Mercer

Reid C. Augustus, clerk, bds 135 E Front

Reid Elizabeth, widow, res 210 Mercer

REIGHT CHARLES, wholesale and retail confectionery, 147 Broad, h do

Reig Englebert, butcher, bds 163 E Front

Reigert Charles blacksmith, h 149 Fountain av

Reiley Daniel, potter, h 503 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

Reim George, laborer, h 5 William, Chamb'g

Reim Joseph, laborer, bds 5 William, Chamb'g

Reinhardt Jacob, teamster, h 11 New

Reiner Matthews, wire drawer, bds 23 Second

Reisner Henry, teamster, bds 109 Bellevue av

REISER MRS. MARY A., saloon, also intelligence office, 507 Broad, h do

REISTER FREDERICK, cooper and tank builder, 137 Jefferson, h 131 do

Reizer Jacob, laborer, h Mott n Chestnut, Chamb'g

Rellstab John, h 509 Ferry

Rellstab John, Jr., clerk, bds 509 Ferry

Reman Elizabeth, domestic, 222 W State

Remmell Jacob, knob packer, h 648 Lamberton

Remsen Aury, mason, h 104 Ewing

Remsen Elmer, potter, bds 104 Ewing

Remsen Oswald, potter, bds 104 Ewing

Renner William, baker, h 109 Centre

Renner William H., baker, h 109 Centre

Rentner August, wire drawer, h 1043 Clinton, Chamb'g

Rentner Frederick, wire worker, bds 1043 Clinton, Chamb'g

Rentz Charles, laborer, bds 2 Second

Rentz John C., potter, h 7 Centre ct

Reppart Edward, machinist, h 9 Kossuth

Reppart Rosellen, widow, h 133 Kossuth

Ressler Christian, potter, h 372 Clinton

Rettick Emil, machinist, bds 192 Broad

Reutter Jacob, fresco painter, h 850 Broad, Chamb'g

Reynolds Charles, decorator, bds 360 Clinton

Reynolds George H., h cor Bridge and Union

Reynolds Marvin, bow bender, bds 311 S Warren

Reynolds Thomas H., roller, h 40 Clark, Chamb'g

Reynolds William E., hose maker, bds 3 Hart, Millham

Reynolds William E., clerk, h 332 Elmer, Chamb'g

Rezer Edward, potter, bds 48 Grant av

Rheinfelt Peter, chain maker, h 82 Belvidere

Rhinebeck George, laborer, bds 93 Cooper

Rhineheart David B., lumber merchant, h 516 Market

Rhineheart Tacy, dressmaker, h 206 W State

Rhinehardt Jacob, teamster, h 11 New

Rhodes Daniel, potter h 255 Clinton

Rhodes Daniel, packer, h 314 Clinton

Rhodes E. R., h 317 Hamilton

Rhodes John, potter, h 19 Lincoln av

Rhodes John, sup’t City Pottery, h 119 N Stockton

Rhoades William J., expressman, h 111 S Feeder

Rhubart Alexander, helper, bds 415 Centre

Rhubart James, h 415 Centre

Ribble James I. B., physician, h 123 Perry

RIBSAM CARLMAN, florist and seedsman , 12 N Greene, h 31 Wall

Ribsam Martin C., clerk, bds 31 Wall

Ribsam Nicholas J., clerk, bds 31 Wall

Rice Eleanor, widow Charles, res 127 E Hanover

Rice Emeline, widow Charles, bds 114 W Hanover

Rice George E., laborer, bds 139 Allen

Rice George W., laborer, bds 139 Allen

Rice Harriet, widow, h Frazier n Pennington av

Rice Hattie, res 38 Lamberton

Rice Henry, laborer, h 479 Centre

Rice Jonas D., clerk, bds 221 Academy

Rice Josiah S., clerk Telephone Livery Stable

RICE JOSEPH, merchant tailor, 10 N Greene, h 221 Academy

Rice Joseph, teamster, h 14 Maple, Millham

RICE WILLIAM, physician and surgeon, 565 S Warren, office 567 do

Rich Benjamin, potter, h 199 Clinton, Millham

Rich Edward, potter, h 19 Hart, Millham

Rich James, potter, h 156 Jefferson

Rich James, potter, h 17 Hart, Millham

Richards E. V. R., groceries, 230 W State, h do

Richard Jennie C., saleslady, bds 11 N Greene

Richards John J., clerk, h 248 Spring

Richards Joseph, switch tender, h 130 Allen

Richards Manuel, laborer, h 11 Morris, Chamb'g

Richardson Archibald, stone cutter, h 302 E Carroll

Richardson Clement, manager, h 164 S Stockton

Richardson B. Frank, bookkeeper, bds 42 W State

Richardson George, potter, bds 93 Carroll

Richardson George, laborer, h Klagg av, Millham

Richardson Harry, beamer, h 52 W Washington

Richardson Harry K., drug clerk, bds 164 S Stockton

Richardson James B., carpenter, h 992 Lamberton

Richardson I. W., bds National Hotel

Richardson Joseph, carpet weaver, 335 N Warren, h do

RICHARDSON JOSEPH B., manfr whitewash, lime, and dealer in building materials, coal, &c., 120 S Stockton, h 42 W State

Richardson Martha, widow, h 249 N Willow

Richardson Rev. R. H., h 19 Clinton av

Richardson Thomas, carriage painter, bds 167 and 169 Broad

Richert George, bartender, h 115 Brunswick av

Richey Augustus G. (A. G. Richey & Son), h 443 W State

RICHEY A. G. & SON (Isaac F.), lawyers, 11 W State

Richey Isaac F. (A. G. Richey & Son), bds 443 W State

Richey William, clerk P R R, bds American House

Richey William, potter, bds Warren cor Bridge

Richter Guido, tailor, h 314 Lamberton

Richter Henry, shoemaker, h 18 W Washington

Rick George, laborer, h 604 Adeline, Chamb'g

Rickard Henrietta, widow Henry, h 8 N Stockton

Rickey Alexander H., clerk state department, h 59 Carroll

Rickey Edward, policeman bds 4 Jefferson

Rickey Frank I., carpenter, b 8 Perry

RICKEY HARRY L., watchmaker and jeweler, 210 N Greene, h 55 Cooper

Rickey James H., laborer, h 4 Jefferson

Rickey Lambert, cashier P & R R R, h 17 Tucker

Rickey Lewis, railroader, bds 4 Jefferson

RICKEY & CO. (Randall Rickey and Harvey B. Hutchinson), apothecaries, 157 N Greene

Rickey Randall (Rickey & Co.), h 215 N Greene

Rickey Pheebe H., widow Lambert, h 8 Perry

RICKEY WILLIAM P., freight agent P & R R R, h 241 N Warren

Rico Henry, laborer, bds 438 Princeton av

Rico Jacob, laborer, h 438 Princeton av

RIDDLE E. K., sup't Fashion Stud Farm, h do

Riddle Thomas, shoemaker, h 606 Clinton, Chamb'g

RIDER ANDREW J., prin and prop C C C College, 20 and 22 E State, h 46 Southard

Ridgeway Joseph T., vice pres’t Star Rubber Co., h 47 Ewing

Ridgeway Tunnis, clerk 522 Warren

Ridgway Eliza, res 241 Clay

Ridgway Mary, widow Josiah, res 32 Sheridan

Riedel Augustus, wire worker, bds 805 Broad, Chamb'g

Riedel Edmund E., foreman, h 37 Elmer, Chamb'g

Riedel Julius, bookkeeper, bds 806 Broad, Chamb'g

Riedel Robert, electric light inspector, h 805 Broad, Chamb'g

Riegel James E., clerk, h 104 Union

Riegel Theodore, clerk, h 107 Spring

Rieley Patrick J., potter, h 538 Perry

Rielly Daniel, kilnman, h 104 Fountain av

Riemann Charles, baker, bds 900 Clinton, Chamb'g

Rieman Jacob, carpenter, h 116 Second

Riemann Rosa, domestic, bds 900 Clinton, Chamb'g

Riether Joseph, iron worker, h 246 Second

Riether Joseph, wire drawer, h 707 Clinton, Chamb'g

Rigby William, printer, h 214 Brunswick av

Rigby William, iron worker, h 322 Ferry

Riley Ann, bds 304 Clinton

Riley, Christopher, beer saloon, Clinton cor Jefferson, h do

Riley Augustus T., teamster, h 47 Cooper

Riley Bernard, h 226 Fair

Riley Charles, laborer, h 6 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Riley Charles M., state prison dispensary, bds 323 Market

Riley Edward, clerk, bds 256 N Warren

Riley Edward, saloon, 70 Bond, h do

Riley Elijah L., potter, h 50 Lincoln av

Riley Frank, laborer, h 23 Adeline, Chamb'g

Riley Henry, miller, h 322 Lamberton

Riley Horace S., clerk, h 19 Tucker

Riley Jacob, laborer, h 239 S Feeder

Riley James, waiter, h 231 S Feeder

Riley John, h 245 Jackson

Riley John, presser, bds 70 Bond

Riley John, tobacco and cigars, 256 N Warren, h do

Riley Joseph S., potter, bds 322 Lamberton

Riley Malachi, wire drawer, h 26 Adeline, Chamb'g

Riley Mary, domestic, 178 W State

Riley Michael, crockery store, h 429 Centre

Riley Patrick, puddler, h 206 Second

Riley Peter, iron worker, h 429 Centre

Riley Peter, laborer, h 26 Mott, Chamb'g

Riley Peter, potter, h 30 Dickinson, Millham

Riley Philip R., laborer, h 213 Southard

Riley Thomas, sexton St. John's Church, bds 216 Second

Rinear Joseph, mason, h 138 Bayard, Chamb'g

Rintsinger Ferdinand laborer, h S Warren n gas house

Risdon Charles N., clerk, h 51 Summer

Risdon John, contractor, h 116 Mott, Chamb'g

Risdon John F., baker, bds 116 Mott, Chamb'g

RISDON LEVI B., flour, grain and mill feed, 237 and 239 N Greene, h 7 S Greene

Risdon William B., machinist, b 115 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Risley Charles P., decorator, bds 232 Spring

Risley Eugene A., finisher, h 130 Jackson

Risler George W., carpenter, h 208 Fair

Risley James P., compositor, bds 252 Jackson

Risley John, laborer, h 252 Jackson

Risley Mrs. M. S., dressmaker, 105 E State, h 250 Jackson

Risley William J., stone cutter, 250 Jackson

Risner Daniel, laborer, h 225 S Feeder

Ristow Aaron, iron worker, h 618 Centre

Ristow Charles, potter, bds 618 Centre

Ristow Ernest, potter, h 313 Cass

Ristow Frederick A., kilnman, h 614 Centre

Ristow John, potter, h 488 Centre

Ristow William, iron worker, h 622 Centre

Ristrom Charles, laborer, h 3 Mott, Chamb'g

Ritchie Amos B., telegraph operator, bds 12 Southard

Ritchie David, merchant tailor, 182 Broad, h do

Rittenger Jacob, teamster, h 276 N Willow

Rittenger William G., moulder, bds 276 N Willow

Ritter Andrew, iron worker, h 310 Centre

Ritter Charles, rope twister, h 1000 Clinton, Chamb'g

Ritter Frederick, iron worker, h 620 Centre

Ritter William, knob maker, bds 310 Centre

Ritzman Charles, barber, h Broad n Coleman, Chamb'g

Rivers William E., (Harper & Rivers), bds 212 Clinton, Millham

Robbins Courtlandt S., clerk, bds 226 Jackson

Robbins Edwin, painter, 105 E Front, h do

Robbins Emeline, widow, h 27 Howell, Chamb'g

Robbins Ezekiel, instructor, h Hamilton n Chestnut av, Chamb'g

Robbins John, painter, h 169 Lamberton

Robbins John D., shoemaker, h 1513 Clinton, Chamb'g

Robbins John L., potter, bds 1513 Clinton, Chamb'g

Robbins Richard, sewing machines, h 25 Wall

Robbins William, clerk, h 65 Summer

ROBIN WILLIAM, house painter and grainer, Broad cor Factory, h 118 E Front

Robins William H painter, bds 118 E Front

ROBERSON S E., groceries and provisions, 180 Broad cor Livingston h do

Roberts Edmund (S & E. Roberts), h 44 Clinton av

Roberts Frank, clerk bds 126 Monmouth

Roberts George, potter, h 71 Esher

Roberts John, bds 575 Perry

Roberts Joseph, deputy state prison, h 1213 Chestnut av, Chamb'g

Roberts Nathaniel H., jeweler, h 126 Monmouth

Roberts Richard, carder, bds 440 Broad

Roberts S. & E. (Samuel and Edmund), watch makers and jewelers, 12 N Warren

Roberts Samuel (S. & E. Roberts), h 12 N Warren

Roberts William, carpenter, h 23 Assanpink

Roberts William (Fell & Roberts), h 439 Princeton av

Robertson William R., iron worker, bds 630 Centre

Robillard Jeremiah, iron worker, h 1535 Clinton, Chamb'g

Robinson Anna, groceries, 30 Barnes, h do

Robinson Frank, laborer, bds 30 Barnes

Robinson Frank, grocer, Warren cor Mill, h do

Robinson Henry, shoemaker, h 424 Princeton av

Robinson Jacob H., bds 11 S Warren

Robinson James S., retired, h 455 Princeton av

Robinson John, cook, bds 20 Pennington av

Robinson John, paper hanger, h 137 Jackson

Robinson Lewis, crate maker, h 45 Assanpink

Robinson Neil, tinsmith, h 103 S Warren

Robinson Silas, deputy state prison, bds 19 High, Chamb'g

Robinson William, shoemaker, h 424 Princeton av

Robinson William J., rubber worker, h Klagg av, Millham

Robison William, kilnman, h 93 Paul av

Roche George, clerk, bds 19 Humboldt

ROCHE TIMOTHY J., dry goods, groceries and provisions, Perry cor Southard, h do

Rochford Martin P., shoe maker, 200 Jefferson, h do

Rochford Michael, potter, bds 200 Jefferson

Rochford Terrence, gardener, bds 50 Clark, Chamb'g

Rock William, potter, h Skirm 's row, Millham

Rockhill Frank W., stone dealer, h 127 Mercer

Rockhill Thomas, salesman, h 41 Model av

Roddy Alexander, gardener, h 335 W Hanover

Roddy William H., laborer, h 333 W Hanover

Rodenbaugh Herbert, res 85 Pennington av

Rodenbaugh Robert W., engineer, h 85 Pennington av

Rodig Anton, decorator, h Clark, Chamb'g

Rodman Thomas, white washer, h 31 W Hanover

Rodman William laborer, bds 31 W Hanover

Roe Dennis, grocer, 23 Bellevue av, h do

Roe Frank, wire worker, h 919 Clinton, Chamb'g

Roe John laborer, bds 147 Second

Roebling Charles G., pres't the John A. Roebling's Sons Co., h 333 W State

Roebling Edmund, bds State St House

Roebling Ferdinand W., treas the John A. Roebling's Sons Co., h 222 W State

ROEBLING'S SONS CO., THE JOHN A., manufrs of wire rope, Broad n canal, Chamb'g

Roebling Washington (the John A. Roebling’s Sons Co.), h N.Y.

Roede Elizabeth, widow, h 248 Kossuth

Roessler Louis, baker, bds 246 Kossuth

Roff Joseph, iron worker, h Federal cor Third

Roff Joseph N., wire drawer, h 603 Broad

Rogers Allen M., iron moulder, bds 330 N Montgomery

Rogers Amos, butcher, 866 Broad, Chamb'g, h 880 do

Rogers Bernard, bridge tender, h 261 N Greene

Rogers Charles, rubber worker, bds 318 Clinton

Rogers Charles J., wire drawer, h 25 New

Rogers Edward, laborer, h 832 Lamberton

Rogers Frederick, bds Delaware House

Rogers Garrett, saw maker, bds 62 Clinton

Rogers Henry F., carpenter, bds 128 Bayard, Chamb'g

Rogers James, laborer, bds Klagg av, Millham

Rogers Rev. John, chaplain at prison, bds 228 Broad

Rogers Leroy M., teamster, h 132 Jefferson

Rogers Marcus F., Potter h 37 New Rose

Rogers Martha A., widow, res 25 Livingston

Rogers Michael, potter, bds Klagg av, Millham

Rogers Michael, potter, bds 215 S Feeder

Rogers Peter, laborer, h 215 S Feeder

Rogers Peter, engineer, h 18 Perrine av

ROGERS RICHARD R., physician, office 110 E Hanover, h do

Rogers Richard R., Jr., physician, bds 110 E Hanover

Rogers Samuel C., kilnman, bds 330 N Montgomery

Rogers Sarah, widow, h 144 E State

Rogers Samuel C., potter, bds 34 Wood

Rogers Sarah T., music teacher, bds 280 Clinton, Chamb'g

Rogers Walter P., cabinet maker, h 36 W. Front

Rogers William, crate maker, h 69 Tyrill av

Rogers William, brick maker, bds 144 E State

Roll Frederick, laborer, bds 11 Chauncey

Roll Jacob M., brick maker, bds 11 Chauncey

Romine William, hostler, bds 456 Broad

Ronan Albert, marble cutter, bds 223 N Greene

Ronan James, coffee and spices, h 52 Clinton av

RONAN J. HOWARD, teas, coffees and spices, 133 N Greene, h 97 Spring

Roney John, teamster, h 286 N Willow

Roome John, hostler, h 33 N Willow

Rooney John, laborer, h 25 Cass, Chamb'g

Ropp Mary, widow, h 455 Centre

Rooney Michael, hod carrier, h 25 Cass, Chamb'g

Rose Burroughs S., clerk, bds 107 W State

Rose George B., rubber worker, h St. Joseph av, Millham

Rose James, waiter, bds 307 N Willow

Rose Richard, waiter, h 49 Bank

Rose William, carpenter, h 225 N Greene

Rosenbaum Michael, clerk, h 17 E Washington

Rossell Fannie, h 142 W State

Rossell Anna M., h 142 W State

Roser Frederick, tailor, h 522 Market

Rosso John (Rosso & Son), bds 137 W Hanover

Rosso John, Jr., (Rosso & Son), bds 137 W Hanover

Rosso & Son (John and John, Jr.), fruits, State cor Greene

Rostron James, wool carder, h 304 Ferry

Rottmann Frederick W., tailor, bds 315 W Hanover

ROUNER ISAAC, wines, liquors, &c., Borough Hall, Broad, h 604 York, Chamb'g

Ronner Joseph, clerk, bds 604 Prospect, Chamb'g

Roth John, grocery, 249 Second, h do

Rousseau Alfred, painter, h 615 Prospect, Chamb'g

Rousseau Alfred C., potter, bds 615 Prospect, Chamb'g

Rousseau Constance, teacher, res 140 W State

Rousseau Louis E. S., peddler, bds 615 Prospect, Chamb'g

Rowe John, potter, h 222 Clinton

Rowe Matthew, potter, bds 268 Clinton

Rowland Henry T., carriage manufr, h 90 Lamberton

Rowlands John, kiln placer, h 113 Rose

Rowland Rachel D., school teacher, bds 90 Lamberton

Rowlands Sarah, widow, h 137 Rose

Rowlands Thomas, kiln placer, h 137 Rose

Rowley Aaron, potter, bds 1513 Clinton, Chamb'g

Rowley Azariah, cooper, 248 N Warren, bds 240 Willow

Rowley Charles B., cigar maker, bds 52 Cooper

Rowley Edward, tailor, h 52 Cooper

Rowley Edward, cigar maker, h 212 Broad

Rowley Edward, cigar maker, bds 209 Mercer

Rowley George, iron worker, h 118 Centre

Rowley Harry E., cigar manfr, 230 Perry, h do

Rowley Noah, potter, h 137 William, Chamb'g

Royer Frank, moulder, h 12 E Washington

Royer George P., carpenter, h 204 E Front

Royle James W., second hand store, 240 Perry, h do

Royle Thomas, sup't, h 55 Model av

Ruby Gottleib, iron worker, bds 423 Federal

Rue Albert, wheelwright, 920 Broad, h 317 William, Chamb'g

Rue Benjamin, horseman, h 21 Barbara

Rue Brewer, mason, h 25 Union

Rue George, potter, h 211 Elmer, Chamb'g

Rue George A., potter, bds 62 Clark, Chamb'g

Rue Gilbert W., teamster, h 25 E Washington

Rue Jacob, blacksmith, 918 Broad, Chamb'g, h 933 do

Rue Jacob, blacksmith, bds 933 Broad, Chamb'g

Rue James B., mason, h 25 Union

Rue James N., milk dealer, h 19 Livingston

RUE JOHN D., dealer in agricultural implements, 236 E Hanover, h do

Rue John M., grocer, Market cor Lamberton, h 95 Lamberton

Rue John M., mason, h 95 Lamberton

Rue Joseph H., mason, h 62 Clark, Chamb'g

Rue A. Judson, deputy sheriff, bds 323 Market

Rue Lewis, rubber worker, h 247 Clinton, Millham

Rue Spafford H., caterer, h 18 E Washington

Rue Theodore, L., grocery, Lamberton cor Market, h 95 Lamberton

Rue William E. S., mason, bds 62 Clark, Chamb'g

Ruerhoads Edmund, laborer, h 317 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Ruelius John, stone cutter, h 27 Barbara

Ruggaber George, tailor, h 142 Lamberton

Ruggaber Joseph, cracker baker, bds 142 Lamberton

Ruggaber Josepb, cigar maker; h 36 Lamberton

Ruggaber Joseph, huckster, h 519 Broad

Ruggaber Katrina, widow John, h 179 Jefferson

Ruggaber Rhinehart, chain maker, bds 142 Lamberton

Ruhlman Frederick, musician, bds 167 Cooper

Ruhlman John, music teacher, bds 167 Cooper

Ruhlman Rudolph, music, h 167 Cooper

Ruller Jacob, iron worker, bds 306 Lamberton

Rulon Budd W., telegraph messenger, bds 140 Mercer

Rulon Charles H., butcher, h 212 Brunswick av

Rulon David, butcher, 201 Broad, h 214 Fall

Rulon Edwin M., teamster, h 148 E Front

Rulon George, jeweler, h 756 Second

Rulon Hannah W., widow, res 140 Mercer

Rulon John, hose wrapper, bds 214 Fall

Rulon Joseph, jeweler h Centre cor Lalor

Rulon Joseph, machinist, bds 756 Second

Rulon Leason L., saw filer, bds 140 Mercer

Rulon Mary, dressmaker, res 214 Fall

Rulon Rebecca H., widow Charles H., h 346 Brunswick av

Rulon Wilson, roller, bds 535 Centre

Rummell Juseph, stone mason, h 136 Rose

Rummell Joseph, Jr., potter, bds 136 Rose

Rumpf Christian, laborer, h St. Joseph av, Millham

Rnmpf John C., potter, h 41 Sheridan av

Runk Mrs. A. M., h 202 Academy

Runney Cecilia, res 12 New

Runyon Dennis L., manifest clerk, h 15 Tucker

Runyon George, baker, bds 362 Broad

Runyon James commissioner, h 316 Pennington av

Runyon John G., switch tender, h 38 Clark, Chamb'g

Runyon Morris C., clerk, h 33 Ringold

Ruoff George F. bds 167 and 169 Broad

Ruopp Jacob, iron worker, h 455 Centre

Ruopp John, iron worker, bds 645 Centre

Ruopp Joseph, pipe maker h 643 Centre

Ruopp Mary, widow, res 645 Centre

Ruopp William, baker, 241 and 243 Federal, h do

Rupert B. Frank, surveyor, h 65 Cass, Chamb'g

Rupert John, laborer, h 816 Clinton, Chamb'g

Rush Amanda M., boarding house, 48 W Front

RUSLING JAMES F., counselor at law, 224 E State, h 226 do

Rusling Sarah, widow Gershom, h 24 Clinton

Rusling William H., real estate and insurance, 105 E State, h 226 do

Russell Dewitt C., polisher, h 152 N Greene

Rust Levi, laborer, h Union opp S Trenton station

Rust Thomas, potter, h 326 Elmer, Chamb'g

Rust William laborer, h 423 Ferry

Rutgers Charles J., counselor at law, 215 E State

Rutgers William, clerk, 215 E State, bds American House

Ryall David M., h 36 W Washington

Ryall Margaret S., widow, h 36 W Washington

Ryan Anton, teamster, h 9 New York av, E Trenton

Ryan Bridget, domestic, 174 W State

Ryan Charles H., carpenter, h 364 S Warren

Ryan Daniel, flagman, h 44 Pennington av

Ryan David, gardener, h 292 Hamilton av, Chamb’g

Ryan Elizabeth, widow, res 22 Market

Ryan Henry, potter, bds 13 New York av, E Trenton

Ryan John, grocer, 558 second, h do

Ryan John, laborer, h 39 Esher

Ryan John, rubber worker, h 455 Lamberton

Ryan John T., potter, h 102 Jefferson

Ryan Mary, widow Patrick, h 132 Kossuth

Ryan Mary, widow, h 292 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

Ryan Mary, teacher, state normal school, res normal hall

Ryan Morris, laborer, bds 48 Jefferson

Ryan Patrick, teamster, bds 132 Kossuth

Ryan Robert, heater, h 386 Fair

Ryan Timothy T., laborer bds 132 Kossuth

Ryan William, clerk P R R freight depot, bds 39 Esher

Rymond G. Elsworth, druggist, bds 344 S Warren

Rymond Jonas, butter, cheese and eggs, Washington market, h 23 E Front

Rymond Rebecca, res 344 S Warren

Sager John, laborer, h 114 Adeline, Chamb'g

SAGER JOHN J., sec’y Trenton water works, h 212 E Hanover

Sager Mary J., widow Caleb, bds 105 E Hanover

Sailey Melvin, rubber worker, h 113 Jefferson

SALB CHARLES, Deer Hotel, Lamberton cor Federal, h do

Salb Herman, bds 550 Lamberton

Salb William, bds 550 Lamberton

Sallie George W., basket maker, h 253 N Willow

Salmon Richard, rubber worker, bds 316 Clinton

Salt Henry, laborer, h New York av, E Trenton

Salt John M., potter, h Klagg av, Millham

Salt Joseph, crate maker, h 43 Assanpink

Salt William, crate maker, 45 Assanpink, h do

Salter John B., potter, h Vanderveer’s ct, Princeton av

Salter Malcomb, laborer, h 11 S Willow

Salter Margaret, widow, res Vanderveer’s ct, Princeton av

Samler Simon, clothier, 27 S Greene, h do

SAMPSON EDWARD, hats, caps, umbrellas, gloves, &c., 152 N Greene, bds 426 Centre

Sampson James, hotel, 456 Broad, h do

Sandberg Charles, bds 341 Centre

Sanders Charles, packer, h 101 Carroll

Sanders William J., packer, bds 101 Carroll

Sanderson George, hod carrier, h 128 Humboldt

Sanderson John W., laborer, bds 327 N Montgomery

Sanderson Warren, laborer, h 154 Pennington av

Sandles Frederick T., kilnman, bds 378 Clinton

Sands Hattie, dressmaker, bds 122 N Montgomery

Sands Louisa, widow James P., res 8 Cooper

Sands Mary, widow, h 76 Quarry al

Sands Susan, widow John, res 122 N Montgomery

Sands Thomas S., grocer, Market cor Jackson, h do

Sands Thomas, conductor, bds 188 Pennington av

Sanford Elizabeth, h 212 W State

Sanford Mary, wool sorter, res 209 Mercer

Sargent John P., iron worker, h 1034 Lamberton

Sassaman George H., boat captain, h 244 Allen

Sassaman John, teamster, bds 375 Fair

Sassaman Mary, widow, h 17 Bellevue av

Satterthwaite Charles E., grocer, Jefferson cor William, h do, Chamb'g

Satterthwaite Charles H., (Trenton China Co.), h 31 Southard

Satterthwaite Newbery, clerk, bds Jefferson cor William, Chamb'g

Sauer Frederick, laborer, h 22 Hewitt, Chamb'g

Saums Isaac W., teamster, h 511 Princeton av

Saunders Edward, laborer, h 1016 Lamberton

Saunders Jeremiah, rubber maker, h 5 Mill

Saunderson John H., grocer, 105 5 Greene, h 503 Market

Sauner John, laborer, bds 244 Second

Saunt Peter, laborer, bds 158 Fair

SAVAGE GEORGE W., JR., counselor at law, 12 E State, bds 144 Clinton av

Savage John, baker, res 313 Broad

Sawyer Emma, ass't matron, 116 Clinton av

Saxon Agnes, widow Thomas, res 43 Decatur

Saxon Annie, res 43 Decatur

Saxton Harriet, widow Hobson, res 122 Mill

Saxton Thomas, saloon, 352 S Warren, h do

Saylor Joseph B., conductor, h 20 Tucker

Saylor Sophia, boys' clothing, 5 S Warren, res 48 W State

Scammell John, charcoal sinker, h 32 Mott, Chamb'g

Scanlen James, laborer, h 25 Bond

Scanlon Thomas, conductor, h 505 Calhoun

Scarborough Howard, engineer, h 1 Assanpink

Scarborough Right Rev. John, bishop P E Church, h 107 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Scarborough Wilson T., rubber maker, h 123 Jefferson

Schaaf Benjamin F., potter, bds 302 N Feeder

Schaaf Christina, grocery, 302 N Feeder, h do

Schaaf Frank, teacher, bds 163 Broad

Schaaf John J., car inspector, bds 302 N Feeder

Schaaf Kate, dressmaker, res 302 N Feeder

Schaber John J., boot and shoemaker, 154 Broad, h do

Schaffener George, trimmings and notions, 115 Market, h do

Schafer Andrew, laborer, bds 618 Second

Schafer Edward, brick maker, h 118 Maple av

Schafer Herman, druggist and physician, 317 Broad, h do

Schafer Charles, gardener, h 31 Walnut, Chamb'g

Schaffer Ellenora, tailoress, res 54 Cooper

Schaffer Gregory, baker, h 141 Brunswick av

Schaffer Harvy, woolen worker, bds 54 Cooper

Schaidnagel Anthony, blacksmith, h 97 Cooper

Schaidnagel Emma, weaver, res 97 Cooper

Schaidnagel Francis, wire worker, h 203 Second

Schaidnagel Joseph, chain maker, bds 97 Cooper

Schaidnagel Lewis, chain maker, bds 97 Cooper

Schaller Paul, fireman, bds 119 William, Chamb'g

Schamp Mary, domestic, 9 W Front

SCHANCK CHARLES H., cigar manufr, 522 Clinton, h 29 Bayard, Chamb'g

Scbanck Frank P., clerk, bds Carroll, n State

Schanck Garrett, laborer, bds 554 S Warren

Schand John, rag dealer, h 122 Pennington av

Scheele Frederick, accountant, h 30 Bayard, Chamb'g

Scheele George, clerk, h 28 Bayard, Chamb'g

Scheele John G., blacksmith, h 16 Pennington av

Schell Charles, brush maker, bds 134 Kossuth

Schenck Alfred, brakeman, bds 558 Perry

Schenck Anna A., saleslady, res 8 N Warren

Schenck Carleton T., hose maker, bds 124 Jackson

Schenck Clark H., rubber maker, h 101 Walnut, Chamb'g

Schenck Elias, hostler, h r 14 Fowler

Schenck Garret W., carpenter, h 55 Lincoln av

Schenck Henry, laborer, h 13 Mott, Chamb'g

Schenck Isaac, rubber worker, h Clinton n Sherman, Millham

Schenck James M., express, h 526 Calhoun

Schenck John, telegraph operator, bds 576 Perry

Schenck John O., laborer, bds 124 Jackson

Schenck Kate, domestic, h 24 Mott, Chamb'g

Schenck Moses, 84 Quarry al

Schenck Simon, hostler, bds 31 W Hanover

Schenck Theodore, foreman, bds 151 Broad

Schenck William B., foreman, h 124 Jackson

Schepsky Joseph, laborer, bds 806 Lamberton

Schermerhorn Abram, plumber, bds 505 Market

Schermerhorn Ella, school teacher, res 405 Market

Schermerhorn Joseph A., salesman, h 405 Market

Schiller Anthony, farmer, h Division n Clinton, Chamb'g

Schiller Charles, saloon, 667 Centre, h do

Schiller Matthew, iron worker, h 419 Federal

Schilling Barbara, widow, h al bet New Rose and Fountain av

Schilhng Charles, potter, h al bet New Rose an Fountain av

Schilling Charles laborer, h 330 N Montgomery

Schilling Christopher, laborer, h 205 Clinton, Millham

SCHIMMEL FRIDOLIN, beer saloon, 938 Clinton, Chamb'g, h do

Schimmel Joseph, wire drawer, h 312 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Schindewolf Louis, tailor, 9 E State, h 17 Cooper

Schindewolf Louis, Jr., tailor, bds 17 Cooper

Schindollar Frederick, potter, bds 918 Clinton, Chamb'g

Schindollar John, potter, h 918 Clinton, Chamb'g

Schinkel Louis, iron worker, h 1211 Chestnut av, Chamb'g

Schisler John, iron worker, h 802 Lamberton

Schlegel Anthony J., tailor, h 223 Jackson

Schlegel Catherine, widow Samuel, h 436 Centre

Schlegel John, brick maker, bds 229 William, Chamb'g

Schlegel Lewis, iron worker, bds 436 Centre

Schlicher Peter, butcher, bds 144 Brunswick av

Schlicher William, butcher, Taylor Market, h 144 Brunswick av

Schlickling Peter, saloon 209 Second, h do

Schloer John, moulder, h 559 S Warren

SCHLOER JOHN A., saloon, 405 Centre, h 403 Centre

Schloetterer S., brewery, Schutzen Park, Millham, h do

Schmeltzer Louisa M., embroiderer, h 159 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

SCHMELZEISEN WILLIAM, lager beer saloon, 701 Broad, Chamb'g, h do

Schmidt Ambrose, laborer, h 405 Centre

Schmidt Charles, laborer, h 5 Sweet's av

SCHMIDT CHARLES, dealer in fine groceries and provisions, Clinton cor Webster, Millham, h do

Schmidt Charles, boiler tender, h 1047 Clinton, Chamb’g

Schmidt Charles, laborer, h 502 Lamberton

Schmidt Christian, blacksmith, h 6 Lamberton

Schmidt David, clerk, bds Clinton and Webster, Millham

Schmidt Elizabeth, widow John, h 55 Rose

Schmidt Francis, laborer, h Barnhart row, Millham

SCHMIDT FRANCES L., hair goods, 9 E State, h 237 E Hanover

Schmidt George, laborer, bds 608 Lamberton

Schmidt John, wire drawer, h 201 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Schmidt John, presser, bds 55 Rose

Schmidt John, laborer, h 510 Grand, Chamb'g

Schmidt John, laborer, h 224 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Schmidt Matthew, laborer, h 610 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Schmidt Scott, painter, h 18 E Front

SCHNEBEL REV. DANIEL, pastor Evangelical St. John's Church, h 76 Cass, Chamb'g

Schneider Barbara, grocer, h 232 Kossuth

Schneider Christian, iron worker, bds 606 Lamberton

Schneider John, laborer, h 136 Federal

Schneider John, packer, bds 232 Kossuth

Schneider Peter, cigar maker, h 48 Bellevue av

Schnell Charles B., barber, 345 N Warren, h do

Schnorbus Frederick, cigar maker, bds 531 Centre

Schnorbus Henry, cigar manufr, 531 Centre, h do

Schnorbus Joseph, cigar maker, bds 531 Centre

Schock Anton, blacksmith, h Barnhart row, Millham

Schoenthaler Christian, laborer, h 45 Adeline, Chamb'g

Schoenthaler John, potter, bds 216 Perry

Schoenthaler John, laborer, h 126 Adeline, Chamb'g

Schoeller Matthew, teamster, bds Scheutzen park, Millham

Scholl George, brick maker, h 442 Princeton av

Schooley James, carpenter, bds Railroad House

Schooley John, carpenter, bds Warren cor Bridge

Schooley William R., retired, bds 136 N Warren

Schott George N., grocer, 412 Centre, h do

Schrader Frederick, slip maker, h Mulberry Millham

Schrecher Christian, laborer, h 823 Broad, Chamb'g

Schroeder Christian, laborer, h 117 Woodland, Chamb'g

Schroeder Charles, baker, h 166 Jefferson

Schroder Hedwig, dress maker, res 248 W State

Schroeder Henry, h 248 W State

Schroeder Jacob, laborer, h 808 Centre

Schroeder John, potter, h 52 Fountain av

Schroeder Ludwig stone mason, h 45 Fountain av

Schroeder Robert, music teacher, bds 38 Cooper

Schroth Andrew, blacksmith, h 51 Spring

Schroth Catharine, widow Andrew, res 133 Decatur

Schroeder William, potter, bds 45 Fountain

Schroth Charles, engineer, h 304 Lamberton

Schroth Gottfried, decorator, h 133 Decatur

Schroth Henry, potter, h 308 Lamberton

SCHROTH JOHN, mineral water, ale and lager beer, 110 Warren

Schroth Michael, jeweler, bds 612 Lamberton

Schroth Sophia, widow, h 306 Lamberton

Schulte William, machinist, bds 660 Lamberton

Schultz Gottlieb, laborer, h 817 S Warren

Schultz Albert, undertaker, bds 157 E Front

Schultz Charles, laborer, h 541 Second

Schultz Charles, laborer, h 410 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Schultz Christian, laborer, h 410 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Schultz Edmund, presser, h 515 Princeton av

Schultz Ferdinand, cabinet maker, 248 N Warren, h 602 Princeton av

Schultz Gottleib, iron worker, h 213 Schenck

Schultz Herman, tool maker, h 135 Fountain av

SCHULTZ J. ALEXANDER, groceries and provisions, Perry S E cor Greene, h 103 Perry

Schultz John, laborer, h 123 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Schultz John, wire drawer, h 1045 Clinton, Chamb'g

Schultz Nicholas, moulder; h 65 Cooper

Schultz Wilhemina, widow, res 660 Lamberton

Schultz William, iron worker, bds 423 Federal

Schultz William F., fireman, h 35 Sweet’s av

Schulzer Michael, laborer, bds 516Clinton, Chamb'g

Schumann Frank, sup't Phoenix Iron Co., h 187 Broad

Schumm Christiana, widow, h 545 Centre

Schumm Charles J., kilnman, h 11 Humboldt

Schuster Christopher, cabinet maker, h 105 New Rose

Schuster David, brick maker, bds 105 New Rose

Schuster Frederick H., baker, 251 N Greene, h do

Schuster Henrv, rubber worker, h Mulberry, Millham

Schuster Jacob, brick maker, bds 105 New Rose

Schuster Peter, baker, bds 251 N Greene

Schuster William, carpenter, bds 232 N Feeder

SCHWAB MEYER, oculist and optician, 7 E State, h 214 Perry

Schwab Roxie, widow, bds 313 Bridge

Schwartz Anton, iron worker, bds 104 Furman

Schwartz Arthur, druggist, S E cor Centre and Bridge, h do

Schwartz Catharine, widow, res 104 Turpin

Schwartz Frederick, laborer, h r 2051/2 Clinton, Millham

Schwartz George, mason, h 19 Camden

Schwartz Jacob, brick layer, h 814 Broad, Chamb'g

Schwartz Jacob F., engineer, h 214 Jackson

Schwartz John, iron worker, h 401 Centre

Schwartz Mary, widow, res Centre cor Bridge

Schwartz Mary, h 22 Woodland, Chamb'g

Schwartz Rosella, widow, h 609 Princeton

Schwehm Jacob, beer saloon, 336 N Greene, h do

Schweinecker Henry, iron worker, h 649 Lamberton

Schweinecker Wilhelm, iron worker, h 631 Lamberton

SCHWEIZER JOHN C., dry goods and groceries, 648 Broad, Chamb'g, h do

Schweitzer Charles, engineer h Hamilton n Dey, Chamb'g

Schwem John, barber, bds 153 Broad

Scobey Byron, clerk, bds 123 N Greene

Scobey Charles W., grocer, 123 N Greene, h do

Scott Alexander, iron worker, h 750 Second

Scott Alfred, paper hanger, h 346 S Warren

Scott Charles, h 233 E State

Scott Charles H., carpenter, bds 41 N Stockton

Scott Wesley, engineer, h r 330 Perry

Scott David B., teamster, h 16 Livingston

Scott Edmund, wire drawer, bds 515 Chestnut av, Chamb'g

Scott Edmund Jr., wire drawer, bds 515 Chestnut, Chamb'g

Scott Edward F., builder, h 140 S Stockton

Scott Edwin, True American book store, h 129 Perry

Scott Eli, charcoa1 sinker, h 515 Chestnut, Chamb'g

Scott Elizabeth, h 221 N Greene

Scott Eliza A., widow George, h 41 N Stockton

Scott Ellen, widow, h 120 Kossuth

Scott Henderson, coachman, h 35 Bellevue av

Scott Hiram, rubber turner, h 558 Chestnut, Chamb'g

Scott Howell, potter, b 20 Lincoln av

Scott Hugh, laborer, h 750 Second

Scott Isaac, grocer, 213 Elmer, h do, Chamb'g

Scott James A., laborer, bds 14 Fowler

Scott James A., traveling agent, h 561 Centre

Scott Jerome (Walton & Scott), h 46 W Hanover

Scott John, laborer, h 103 Calhoun

Scott Joseph B., teamster, bds 633 S Warren

Scott Levi, plasterer, h 51 Grad, Chamb'g

SCOTT LEWIS W., counselor at law, 119 E State, h 20 Yard av

Scott Mary F., dressmaker, res 152 Perry

Scott Michael, potter h 120 Kossuth

Scott Nora, domestic, 106 W State

Scott Patrick, laborer, h r 321 W Hanover

Scott Robert J., bds 129 Perry

Scott Thomas, potter, bds 515 Chestnut av, Chamb'g

Scott Thomas M., foreman, h 64 Carroll

Scott Walter, laborer, h 14 Perrine av

Scott William, engineer, h 136 S Stockton

Scott William, carriage trimmer, bds 143 N Warren

Scott William S., clerk, h 872 Lamberton

Scudder Alfred, waiter, h 29 Taylor al

Scudder Amos B., salesman, h Butler n Prospect, Chamb'g

Scudder Edward W., justice supreme court, h 166 Greenwood

Scudder Enoch J., mason, h 57 Wall

SCUDDER GEORGE D., attorney at law, 107 E State, h 166 Greenwood av

SCUDDER HENDERSON G., dry goods, carpets and groceries, 13 N Greene, h 223 Academy

SCUDDER HENRY D., banker, broker, real estate and insurance, also city surveyor, 107 E State, h 312 Chestnut av, Chamb'g

Scudder Henry S., wheelwright and carriage builder, hd Warren and Greene, h 110 Brunswick av

Scudder Horace M., carpenter, h 221 Franklin, Chamb'g

SCUDDER JOHN H., surrogate, court house, h Scudder’s Falls

Scudder Mary, widow Jasper, h 154 W State

Scudder Sarah A., res 53 N Stockton

Scudder Theophilus, wheelwright, h Sherman av n Clinton, Millham

Scudder William B., carter, h 51 Bond

Sculer Frederick, iron worker, bds 122Dye, Chamb'g

Scullion Hugh, iron worker, h 177 Union

Scullion James, printer, bds 177 Union

Scullion James, laborer, h 133 Second

Scullion James, Jr., bottler, bds 133 Second

Scullion John, puddler, bds 177 Union

Scullion John, laborer, bds 133 Second

Scullion John C., carpenter, h 438 Ferry

Scullion Joseph, laborer, bds 133 Second

Scullion Maggie, weaver, res 390 Union

Scullion Michael, laborer, h 3 Grant

Scullion Nancy, widow, h 438 Ferry

Scullion Patrick, iron worker, bds 177 Union

Scullion Peter, laborer, bds 20 Steamboat

Scullion Rose, weaver, res 177 Union

Scullion Thomas, rougher, bds 177 Union

Scullion William, laborer, h 20 Steamboat

Scully Kate, res 409 Federal

Seabridge George J., potter, bds 217 Clinton av

Seabridge Harry M., kilnman, bds 218 Kossuth

Seabridge Joseph, potter, h 209 Kossuth

Seabridge Samuel, potter, h 122 Humboldt

Seabridge William, potter, h 130 Jefferson

Sealace Henry B., huckster, h 84 Belvidere

Seals John W., tinsmith, bds 129 Cooper

Seaman Charles H., sup't Agricultural Works, h 68 Carroll

Seaman Frank, shoemaker, 106 Perry, h 131 Montgomery

Seaman Thomas, shoemaker, 25 E State, h 70 Carroll

Search Caroline, widow Amos, h 27 Clark, Chamb'g

Searfoss Margaret, widow, res 122 Lamberton

Seary David, printer, bds Princeton av, city limits

Seary John, potter, h 25 Sheridan

Sebold Francis B., laborer, h 264 Kossuth

Sebring Edward H., stone cutter, bds 13 Division

Seckerson, John W., potter, h 29 Walnut, Chamb'g

Secor Charles, brick maker, h 41 Sweet's av

Secunde Henry, laborer, h 7 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Sedam Jacob, shoemaker, h 453 Princeton av

Sedam Harry C., salesman, bds 23 Walnut, Chamb'g

Seeds Charles, watchman state prison, h 122 Furman

Seeds Elias B., carpenter, h 226 Clinton

Seeds James, carpenter, h 161 Jefferson

Seeds John, blacksmith, h 82 Lamberton

Seeds John, blacksmith, h 192 Lamberton

Seeds John, oyster saloon, 306 Broad, h do

Seeds William, brakesman, bds 214 Clinton

Seeds Wilson A., payer, h-33 Grant av

Seeler Edward K, photographer, bds 17 W State

Seifert Sebastian shoemaker, bds 154 Broad

Seiger Frederick: huckster, h 495 Princeton av

Seiger William, trucker, bds 495 Princeton av

Seip John, laborer, h 9 Morris, Chamb'g

Seipert Fanny, widow, res Wilson n Calhoun

Seitz William, cooper, h 52 Perrine av

Seitz Frederick, musician, h 9 E State

Sekinger Frank, mason, h 144 Jefferson, Chamb'g

Selfridge Harry, foreman, bds 558 S Warren

Selling Alfred, laborer, bds 100 Clark, Chamb'g

Selling Katrina, widow Barney, h 100 Clark, Chamb'g

Semetke John, laborer, h 212 Second

Semmelmann John, car inspector, h Broad cor Jennie, Chamb'g

Semmelmann Josephine, shoe fitter, bds Broad cor Jennie, Chamb'g

Semon Lewis, baker, bds 204 Pennington av

Semon John, brick maker, bds 204 Pennington av

Semon Peter, brick burner, bds 204 Pennington av

Semon William, watchman, h 204 Pennington av

Semon William, Jr., tinsmith, bds 204 Pennington av

Senf Ernest, laborer, h 86 Spring

Senf Robert F., wire worker, h 11 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Senn George, laborer, h 388 Union

Serphos Solomon N. (Lowenstein & Serphos), bds State Street House

Seruby Alfred, kalsominer, h 52 Tucker

Seruby Caroline, widow, h 37 Bellevue av

Seruby Elizabeth, widow, h Frazier n Pottery

Seruby Jacob, laborer, h 32 Humboldt

Seruby James A., cook, bds 52 Tucker

Seruby James R. laborer h 6 Beaver

Seruby John, waiter, h 40 Fowler

Seruby Newell D., waiter, h 322 W Hanover

Seruby Robert, scavenger, h 405 Brunswick av

Seruby Scudder, laborer, h Frazier n Pottery

Seruby Walter, laborer, bds 322 W Hanover

Servis David N., salesman, h 57 Carroll

Servis David O., laborer, h 418 Ferry

Servis William H., bookkeeper, bds 143 N Warren

Senfert Sebastian S., shoemaker, bds 154 Broad

Severns Collins, deputy state prison, h 247 Centre

Severns Daniel, mason, h 304 Union

Severns John, clerk, bds 167 and 169 Broad

Severns Joshua, switch tender, h Emory n Chestnut, Chamb'g

Severns Noah, laborer, bds Emory n Chestnut, Chamb'g

Severns Susie, widow, bds 9 hart, Millham

Severns William, bds, 322 E State

Severs Addie, dressmaker, res 507 Market

Severs Alonzo, decorator, bds 257 Mercer

Severs Annie M., school teacher, res 507 Market

Severs Charles R., carpenter, h 507 Market

Severs George, shoemaker, 120 Bridge, h 316 do

Severs G. Harry, moulder, bds 316 Bridge

Severs George W., baggage master, h 48 Bayard, Chamb'g

Severs Harry, drug clerk, bds 37 Cooper

Severs James R., decorator, bds 257 Mercer

Severs Joel, flagman, h 213 N Montgomery

Severs John, shoemaker, 120 Bridge, h 316 do

Severs John J., pattern maker, h 257 Mercer

SEVERS ROBERT, butcher, also councilman, 52 Pennington av, h do

Severs Thomas, iron worker, b 106 Turpin

SEWARD GEORGE O., sup't Trenton Match Co., h 17 Clark, Chamb'g

Sexton Annie, widow Benjamin, h 38 Butler, Chamb'g

SEXTON CHARLES A, groceries and provisions, Hudson cor Mott, Chamb'g, h do

Sexton Howard, clerk, bds 38 Butler, Chamb'g

Sexton Joseph M., carpenter, Hudson cor Mott, Chambg, h do

Sexton William H., book binder, 147 Broad

Shafer Charles, blacksmith, h 138 Lamberton

Shafer Herman, peddler, bds 4 Washington, Chamb'g

Shafer Joseph M., cigar manufr, 461 Broad, h 138 Lamberton

Shaffer Granville, laborer, h Taylor, Millham

Shaffer Jacob, laborer, h 226 William n Clinton, Chamb'g

Shaffer John, agent h 54 Cooper

Shaffer Lizzie, twister, bds 610 S Warren

Shaffer Pemberton, farmer, h 338 Fair

Shamp William A., laborer, h Klagg av, Millham

Shandley Francis, gardener, h 389 Brunswick av

Shandley John, iron worker, h 393 Second

Shandley William, laborer, h E 8 Lamberton

Shannahan Maggie, domestic, 55 Clinton av

Shannahan Michael laborer h 20 Esher

Shannahan Thomas, iron worker, h 693 Lamberton

Shares James A., grocer, 6248 Warren, h do

Sharp Alfred, driver, bds 104 Union

Sharp Andrew, blacksmith, h 835 S Warren

Sharp Daniel, spinning boss, h 112 Market

Sharp Henry, blacksmith, h 835 S Warren

Sharp John, teamster, h 21 Passaic

Sharp John, messenger, bds 833 S Warren

Sharp Peter P., telegraph operator, h 218 W Hanover

Sharp Valentine, h 31 Passaic

Sharp William H., hatter, h 39 Lamberton

Sharp William H., Jr., painter, h 39 Lamberton

Sharp William M., ticket agent, h 31 Passaic

SHARP THE W. S. PRINTING CO. (C. Bechtel, pres’t and treas, William S. Sharp, sec’y and sup’t), 21 W State

Sharp William S. (The W. S. Sharp Printing Co.), h 205 W State

Shaw Albert, laborer, h Breunig av, Millham

Shaw C. W. (Bergen Bros.), 122 N Greene and 27 and 28 City Market, bds 9 S Greene

Shaw Clara, h 239 S Feeder

SHAW DAVID, carpets, wall paper, window shades, oil cloths, &c., 118 Warren, h 122 do

Shaw Eliza, widow, h 123 Brunswick av

Shaw George M., milk dealer, bds 117 Federal

Shaw Jacob, laborer, bds Broad n Wilson & Stokes’, Chamb'g

Shaw I. Albert, brick maker, h 133 Brunswick av

Shaw John, engineer, h 148 Lamberton

Shaw Rev. John F., pastor Fifth Presbyterian Church, h 469 Princeton av

Shaw Joseph B., student, bds 122 S Warren

Shaw Lot, chain maker, h 10 Asbury

Shaw Philip, laborer, bds Broad, n Wilson & Stoke8', Chamb'g

Shaw William, moulder, h 104 Fountain av

Shaw William, saw maker bds Broad n Wilson & Stokes', Chamb'g

Shea John, moulder, h 147 Fair

Shea Patrick, laborer, h 43 Bond

Shebbeard Elisha h 11 Barnes

Shebbeard George R., clerk h 119 Perry

Sheedy James, laborer, bds 314 Jennie, Chamb'g

Sheehan Bart, potter, h 156 N Montgomery

Sheehan John, iron worker, h 11 Grand

Sheely Frederick, time keeper, h 30 Bayard, Chamb'g

Sheenan Anthony, watchman; h 2 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Shelly Benjamin, potter, h 61 Tyrill av

Shelly William, plate printer, h 25 Assanpink

SHEPHERD CORNELIUS, physician, also city school superintendent, res 186 Broad

Shepherd Cyrenus W., harness maker, 341 N Warren, h Princeton av

Shepherd Jacob B., brakeman, h 90 Ewing

Shepherd Jeannette, dress maker, h 634 Perry

Shepherd Samuel F., huckster, h 313 W Hanover

Shepherd William H., stone cutter, h 634 Perry

Sheppard Harriet W., widow Ephraim, res 251 E Front

Sheppard Joseph, book keeper, h 20 Southard

Sheppard Joseph H., clerk, h 20 Southard

Sheridan Ann, widow James, h 695 Lamberton

Sheridan Bernard, baker, h 588 Centre

Sheridan Bernard, laborer, Wiley n Princeton av

Sheridan John J., presser, bds Wiley n Princeton

Sheridan Lawrence, baker, bds 695 Lamberton

Sheridan Matthew, potter, h Taylor, Millham

Sherman Anna, res 132 Perry

Sherman Frank, harness maker, h 11 Behm

Sherman Frederick, baker, bds 117 E Hanover

Sherman Sarah, res 132 Perry

Sherrard Maria M., school teacher, bds 583 Centre

Sherrard Oscar F., lock tender, bds 583 Centre

Sherrard Thomas A., carpenter, h 583 Centre

Sherratt Samuel, decorator, h 54 Carroll

Sherwood Gertie, bds 284 N Willow

Sherwood Frank, laborer, h 115 Cummings, Chamb'g

Shick Anson, tailor, h 20 W Front

Shick Charles, clerk, bds 20 W Front

Shick John, tailor, bds 20 W Front

Shick William H., boiler maker, bds 20 W Front

Shields Anthony, slipper maker; h 3 Centre

Shields John D., (Tantum & Shields), h 218 Mercer

Shields Mary B., widow, res 218 Mercer

Shields Michael, slipper maker, bds 3 Centre

Shindle Harry B., telegraph operator, bds 140 Mercer

Shindler John, laborer, h 521 Centre

Shindler Peter, iron worker, bds 614 Lamberton

Shinn Frank, h 24 W Front

Shinn G. Frank, ticket agent, bds 135 E Front

Shinn Harrison, potter, h Jefferson cor Howell, Chamb'g

Shinn Joseph, wire drawer, bds 544 Perry

Shinn Walter, wheelwright bds 34 Tyler Chamb'g

Shipley Francis, puddler, h 188 Lamberton

Shipley Rosanna, domestic, 127 W State

Shipe Miss E., 11 N Greene

Shipps John W., furniture finisher, h 106 Clinton, Chamb'g

Shock Rev. David H., presiding elder, h 26 Ogden

Shockley William, teamster, h 15 Annie, Chamb'g

Shol Jacob, laborer, bds 677 Broad, Chamb'g

Shol Philip, wire drawer, bds 677 Broad, Chamb'g

Shol William, saw maker, bds 677 Broad, Chamb'g

Shreve E. Mercer, counselor at law, 144 E State, h 39 Clinton av

Shreve Isaac A., clerk, h 15 Carroll

Shropshire Benjamin, retired, bds 33 Lincoln av

Shropshire Joseph A., retired, h 33 Lincoln av

Shultz August, wire drawer, h 123 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Shultz Henry, baker, bds 306 E State

Shuman Chritiana, widow John, h 239 William, Chamb'g

Shurts John O., bar tender, bds United States Hotel

Shuster Catharine, widow, h 235 N Warren

Sibbetts George, kilnman, bds 330 N Montgomery

SICKEL AMOS, sheriff Mercer county, h 123 S Warren

Sickel Samuel, jeweler, 11 E State, h 13 Ewing

Sickel Welling G., traveling agent, bds 123 S Warren

Sickel William D., bds 123 S Warren

Sickles Martin V., car inspector, h 21 Bellevue av

Sickles William B., ticket agent, h 215 Bridge

Siddall Amos, saw filer, bds 46 Wood

Siddall John, mason, bds 304 Broad

Siddall Joseph, carpet weaver, 304 Broad, h do

Siddall Lewis S., carpenter, bds 46 Wood

Siddall Priscilla, h 46 Wood

Siddall Thomas, plumber and gas fitter, 360 Broad, h do

Sidworth Job, chain maker, bds Anderson n Clinton, Chamb'g

Sieber Thomas, iron worker, h 100 Tucker

Sigler Frank, book binder, h 130 W Front

Sigley David, potter, h 47 Sheridan av

Sigley Frank, potter, h 107 Southard

Sigley Seth, potter, h 59 Lincoln av

Sigley William W., potter, bds 59 Lincoln av

Silar Charles, laborer, h r 53 Spring

Silvers Clara, dressmaker, res 37 Cooper

Silvers Enoch, machinist, bds 34 Tyler, Chamb'g

Silvers Herman, cigar maker, bds 243 Federal

Silvers Isaiah, rubber worker, h Clinton n Cass, Millham

Silvers James C., lock moulder, h 17 Sheridan

Silvers John, laborer, h Pennington av, Ewing twp

Si1vers John C., laborer, h 32 Hart, Millham

Silvers Samuel H., gate keeper Clinton street depot, h 126 Allen

Silvers William V., machinist, bds 37 Cooper

Silverstein Edward, clothing, &c., 45 E State, h 137 E Front

Silverstein Lewis, clothier, 3 S Greene, h 137 E Front

Silverstein Marks, h 137 E Front

Simon Leah, domestic, 19 Clinton av

Simmerman Charles, clerk labor statistics bureau, bds 227 N Warren

Simmons Charles clerk, bds 244 Perry

Simmons Edward H., laborer, h 122 Humboldt

Simmons Edward, rubber maker, h 116 Humboldt

Simmons Edwin, iron worker, bds 117 Fall

Simmons Frank, shoemaker, h 331 N Montgomery

Simmons George, tailor, h 64 Spring

Simmons Henry E., grocer, 405 Hudson, Chamb’g, h do

Simmons John, Jr., chain maker, bds 40 Bellevue av

Simmons John W., painter, bds 64 Spring

Simmons Joseph, paper maker, h 103 Fall

Simmons Susan, h 40 Bellevue av

SIMMONS WILLIAM H., grocer, 242 Perry, h 244 do

Simmons William J., clerk, bds 244 Perry

Simms Frederick, potter, bds 61 Clark, Chamb'g

Simms John P., clerk, h 61 Clark, Chamb'g

Simpson Abram R., teamster, h 49 Spring

Simpson Andrew, potter, h 22 ½ Seward av

Simpson John S., brick presser, h 501 Calhoun

Simpson Ralph, engineer, bds 5 E State

Simpson William, potter, bds 48 Perrine av

SINCLAIR, VANNEST & CO. (William D. Sinclair, William I. Vannest and Henry U. Coleman), clothiers and merchant tailors, 39 E State

Sinclair William C., watchman, h 248 Mercer

Sinclair William D. (Sinclair, Vannest & Co,), h 420 E State

Sines Charles D., painter, h 134 S Stockton

Sines John W., brakeman, h 1 Jefferson

SINGER MANUFACTURING CO. THE, C. E. Niblette, manager, 149 N Greene, Centennial Block

Singer William, laborer, h 300 Franklin, Chamb'g

Singleton George J., sawyer, bds 126 W Front

Sinnickson Robert, poet and author, bds 205 W State

Sisom Frank P., laborer, bds 43 Clark, Chamb'g

Sisom George, laborer, bds 43 Clark, Chamb'g

Sisom James, laborer, h 43 Clark, Chamb'g

Sisom Joseph L., laborer, h 61 Clark, Chamb'g

Sisson Daniel, junk dealer, h 45 Bellevue av

Sisters of St. Francis, h 541 Chestnut av, Chamb'g

Sisto Charles, laborer, h 57 Union

SKELLENGER EDWARD B., physician and druggist, Clinton cor Hamilton av, Chamb'g, h 213 Hamilton

Skelton Mary, widow, h 133 Brunswick av

Skillman Abram, hose maker, h 44 Sheridan

Skillman Edward V. D., traveling salesman, bds 211 Academy

Skillman George, rubber worker bds 316 Clinton

Skillman Jacob S., oysters, 118 N Greene, h 104 Union

Skillman John, hostler, h 45 Fowler

Skillman John B., mason, h 311 Calhoun

Skiliman John B., hackman, h 158 Monmouth

Skillman Lizzie A., widow, h 223 S Feeder

Skiliman Luther S., clerk, h 48 Ewing

Skillman Peter W., engineer, h 210 Perry

Skillman Ralph C., foreman, h 212 Centre

Skillman Samuel, teamster, bds 58 Bond

Skillman W. Frank, engraver, h Deutzville

Skin George, laborer, h 202 Lamberton

Skinn Thomas J., iron worker, h 416 Lamberton

Skinner Frank, civil engineer, bds 110 W State

Skirm Abram, retired, h 24 Model av

Skirm Anthony A., bookkeeper, h 218 Spring

Skirm Asa F. (Whittaker & Skirm), h 152 W State

Skirm Augustus, conductor, h 37 Hart

Skirm Benjamin, saw maker, bds 46 Cooper

SKIRM CHARLES H., Enterprise pottery, h 21 Clinton av

Skirm Edward, wire drawer, bds 11 New

Skirm Edward T., laborer, bds 108 Spring

Skirm Robert W., Trenton Fire Brick Co., bds 21 Clinton

Skirm William H., clerk, bds 21 Clinton av

Skirm William H. (D. P. Forst & Co.), h 124 E Hanover

Slack Alexander, h 213 Second

Slack Alonzo, engineer, h 46 W Front

Slack Alvin C., bartender, bds 201 S Warren

Slack Edgar, clerk, bds 165 Mercer

Slack Edward W., baggage master, h 1348 Stockton

Slack Emma A., music teacher, bds 107 S Warren

Slack George H., carpenter, h 46 Bayard, Chamb'g

Slack George W., carpenter, bds 46 Bayard, Chamb'g

Slack Gilbert B., clerk, h 165 Mercer

Slack Harry M., clerk, bds 320 N Warren

Slack John A., clerk, bds 213 Second

Slack Maria, widow, h 320 N Warren

Slack Robert M., decorator, bds 46 Bayard, Chamb'g

Slack William A., milkman, bds 250 Spring

Slack William, hostler, h Warner's ct

Slack William G., expressman, h 9 E Front

Slack William H., hosiery manufr, Second cor Bridge, h 104 Centre

Slade Frederick J., treas N J Steel & Iron Co., h 435 Bellevue av

Slater Seth W., engineer, h 20 Bond

Slattery James, saloon, Esher cor Southard, h do

Slayback Frank, agent, h 10 Southard

Slim Samuel W., carpenter, h 254 N Warren

Slingerland Barnet T., coal and wood, 358 Broad, h 354 do

Slingerland John, clerk, h 15 Taylor

Sloan Charles W. (Mercer Rubber Works), h 515 E State

Slover Elmer, laborer, bds Union av, Millham

Slover George, rubber worker, bds Clinton n Cass, Millham

Slover Jesse A., laborer, bds 118 Calhoun

Slover John, laborer, h Union av, Millham

Slover Pierson, rubber worker, bds Clinton n Cass, Millham

Slover Sarah W., widow Samuel res Clinton n Cass, Millham

Slover William B., tube maker, h 118 Calhoun

Slover William P., hose maker, h 134 Humboldt

Sluis Frederick, puddler, bds 2 Ferry

Smalley George, machinist, bds 233 Centre

Smalley Joseph, machinist, h 233 Centre

Smalley Joseph Jr., painter, bds 23 Centre

Smalley William, machinist, h 229 Centre

Smallwood Thomas, potter, h Fillmore, Millham

Smark William, puddler, h Hill’s al n R R

Smedley William, gardener, h 11 Maple, Millham

Smith Abijah S., carpenter, h 6 Belvidere

Smith Abraham, laborer, h 40 Belvidere

Smith Albert, barber, bds 224 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Smith Albert, printer, bds 273 N Willow

Smith Albert, carpet weaver, h 49 Decatur

SMITH ALBERT D., carriage and harness trimmings, 6 N Warren, h 236 do

Smith Alfred C., potter, bds 35 Sheridan

Smith Alice, teacher, bds 202 Academy

Smith Andrew, mason, h 110 Second

Smith Andrew James, attorney at law, 24 E State, bds 114 Second

Smith Annie B., teacher, h 515 Market

Smith Anthony, blacksmith, Clinton cor Girard, Millham

Smith Rev. Anthony, pastor St Mary's R C cathedral, h 155 N Warren

Smith Benjamin P., engineer, bds 323 Market

Smith Caroline widow, res Fall cor Union

Smith Catharine, widow Frank, bds Annie cor Woodland, Chamb'g

Smith Charles, fireman, h 1047 Clinton, Chamb'g

Smith Charles, clerk, bds 224 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Smith Charles, potter, h 43 Union

Smith Charles, laborer, h 197 Clinton, Millham

Smith Charles, carriage trimmer, bds Dolton's block

Smith Charles, retired, h 460 Lamberton

Smith Charles, lock tender, h 648 Lamberton

Smith Charles E., waiter, h 86 Quarry al

Smith Charles H., heater, bds 37 Maple, Millham

Smith Charles P., h 178 W State

Smith Clarence, clerk, h 49 Butler, Chamb'g

Smith Clinton, bds 9 W State

Smith David S., b 246 N Willow

Smith D. W., baggage master, h 233 Clay

Smith Edward, p otter, h 144 Cooper

Smith Edward J., clerk, h 25 Carroll

Smith Elias A., huckster, h 21 Spring

Smith Elias W., teamster, bds 207 E Front

Smith Ellen, widow, h 344 N Montgomery

Smith Elijah Y., milkman, h 41 Clark, Chamb’g

Smith Elmer E., tinsmith, bds 121 Chancery

Smith Evan, waiter, h 13 Beaver

Smith Ferdinand, engineer, h 49 Clark, Chamb'g

Smith Frank H., news agent, h 2 Cosey pl, Smith's av

Smith Franklin A., machinist, h 169 W Hanover

Smith Forman, varnisher, h 113 E Front

Smith Garret W., carpenter, h 515 Market

Smith George, potter, bds 245 Clay

Smith George, machinist, h 42 W Washington

Smith George, carter, h 109 Bellevue av

Smith George, baker, bds 156 N Greene

Smith George H., conductor, h 23 Spring

Smith George P., clerk P R R freight depot h 227 Fair

Smith George S., sexton St. Michael’s P. E. church, h 43 W Front

Smith George W., restaurant, &c., 417 Broad, h do

Smith George W., potter, h 34 Beaver

Smith George W., carpenter, h 226 N Warren

SMITH HAMLET, fine groceries and provisions, 566 Clinton, Chamb'g, h do

Smith H. Frank, printer, bds 158 S Stockton

Smith Henry, potter, h 13 Sheridan

SMITH HENRY F., cigars and tobacco, 3 E State, h 114 W Hanover

Smith Harvey G., machinist, bds 515 Market

Smith Horatio N., shoemaker, h Pennington av, Ewing twp

Smith Howard I. (West & Smith), h 43 Yard av

Smith Howard, carpenter, bds 245 Clay

Smith Howard, carpenter, bds 118 W Hanover

Smith Houck, laborer, bds 812 Centre

Smith Hugh E., painter, bds 108 W Hanover

Smith Isabella, dress maker, res 332 Fair

Smith Isaiah C., foreman Thorn's bakery, h 49 Union

Smith Jane, widow, h 208 Academy

Smith Jacob D., sawyer, h 117 N Montgomery

Smith James, saw filer, bds 566 S Warren

Smith James, iron worker, h 114 Bridge

Smith James, potter, bds 344 N Montgomery

Smith James, peddler, h 627 Co1eman, Chamb'g

Smith James, wire drawer, h 340 Centre

Smith James, chain maker, h Anderson n Rusling, Chamb'g

Smith James C., potter, bds 13 Sheridan

Smith James W., potter, h 106 Walnut, Chamb'g

Smith Jeanette, Widows' Home, 109 W Front

Smith Jeremiah W., carpenter, bds 62 Butler, Chamb'g

Smith John, conductor, h 226 Kossuth

Smith John, potter, bds 114 Bridge

Smith John, teamster, h 906 Broad, Chamb'g

Smith John, cracker baker, h 38 Union

Smith John, engineer, h 19 New York av, E Trenton

Smith John, laborer, h 106 Fountain av

Smith John, peddler, bds 87 Esher

Smith John, laborer, bds 54 Cooper

Smith John, potter, bds 110 Second

Smith John; iron worker, h 705 Lamberton

Smith John, laborer, bds 523 Perry

Smith John, laborer, h 521 Coleman, Chamb'g

Smith John A., barber, 830 Broad, h 826 do, Chamb'g

Smith John A., clerk, bds cor Reservoir and Wilson

Smith John, Jr., potter, bds 106 Fountain av

Smith John H., baker, h 229 Bridge

Smith John I., manufr of fertilizers, 344 Perry, h 126 W State

SMITH JOHN K., retired, h 13 S Warren

Smith John L., teamster, h 246 Elmer, Chamb'g

Smith John M., rubber maker, h 159 N Greene

Smith John P., machinist, h 106 Fall

Smith John W., heater, h 815 Broad, Chamb'g

Smith Jonas M., carpenter, h 61 Butler, Chamb'g

Smith Jonathan, cracker baker, h 38 Union

Smith Jonathan P., machinist, h 106 Fall

Smith Joseph, machinist, h 225 Centre

Smith Joseph M., carter, bds 1230 Broad, Chamb'g

Smith Joseph M., treas Trenton Lock and Hardware Co., h 211 Academy

Smith Lewis, laborer, h 12 Passaic

Smith Lewis, paper dealer, bds 151 Cooper

SMITH LEWIS D., blacksmith, 891 Mulberry, E Trenton, h Sherman av

Smith Lewis P., upholsterer, h 86 Lamberton

Smith Lois, widow Jesse, res 312 Brunswick av

Smith Maria, domestic, 79 Clinton

Smith Mary B., widow Henry, res 62 Butler, Chamb'g

Smith Matthew, laborer, h 610 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Smith Michael, wire worker, bds 460 Lamberton

Smith Michael, laborer, h 159 W Hanover

Smith Michael, potter, h 78 Perrine av

Smith Mrs. M., dressmaker, 113 E Front, h do

Smith Nathan M., expressman, bds 114 W Hanover

Smith Neri, nurseryman, h 552 Hudson, Chamb'g

Smith Nicholas, blacksmith, bds 339 S Warren

Smith Nicholas, wire worker, h 71 Lamberton

Smith Olive, dressmaker, res 227 Fair

Smith Philip, laborer, bds 19 Butler, Chamb'g

Smith Philip, h 812 Centre

Smith Peter, machinist, bds 194 Jefferson

Smith Peter J., potter, bds 110 Second

Smith Poller, potter, bds 35 Sheridan

Smith Rachel, h 101 Calhoun

Smith Rachel, widow Charles, h 85 Lamberton

Smith Rebecca, h 7 Centre ct

Smith Rebecca, widow, res 345 Second

Smith Richard, potter, h 45 Lincoln av

Smith Richard H., grocer, 29 Jefferson do

Smith Richard H., Jr., carpenter, bds 29 Jefferson

Smith Robert, stone cutter, h 125 Spring

Smith Robert, carpenter, bds 303 S Warren

Smith Samuel, laborer, h 22 Chapel

Smith Samuel, retired, bds Hudson cor Butler, Chamb'g

Smith Samuel B., teamster, bds 306 E State

Smith Samuel E., cigar maker, h 90 Mercer

Smith Samuel R., yeast agent, bds Dolton’s block

Smith Mrs. Samuel R., h 9 W State

Smith Sarah V., res 49 Union

Smith Theresa, widow John, h 525 Chestnut, Chamb'g

Smith Thomas, laborer, h 19 Butler, Chamb'g

Smith Thomas, iron worker, h 332 Fair

Smith Thomas, bartender, bds 207 E Front

Smith Thomas, teamster, h Maple, Millham

Smith Thomas, iron worker, bds 114 Bridge

Smith Thomas, student, bds 128 5 Stockton

Smith Thomas C., potter, bds 29 Jefferson

Smith & Walker (Annie Smith and Sallie H. Walker), millinery and fancy goods, 7 S Greene, h do

Smith William, retired, bds Delaware House

Smith William, laborer, bds 521 Coleman, Chamb'g

Smith Ward M., cigar manufr, 685 Broad, Chamb’g, h do

Smith William, laborer, h 35 Sheridan

Smith William, painter, h 27 Chapel

Smith William, decorator, bds 25 Carroll

Smith William, cabinet maker, h 273 N Willow

Smith William H., baker, bds 4 Barnes

SMITH WILLIAM H., news dealer, h 151 Cooper

Smith William, Jr., clerk, bds 273 N Willow

Smith William P., veterinary surgeon, h 121 Chancery

Smith William R., junk dealer, h 1230 Broad, Chamb'g

Smith William R., plater, h 232 Spring

Smith Winfield, painter, Front bet Greene and Warren

Smyth James, merchant tailor, 154 N Greene, h 42 Bank

Smyth Mrs. George W., widow, h 107 Perry

Snedeker Abram H., clerk, h 32 Wood

Snedeker Emma, widow, h 38 Wood

Snedeker Henry H., grocer, 290 N Willow, h 110 do

Snedeker Isaac J., clerk, bds 126 E Front

Snedeker John V., mason, h 126 E Front

Snedeker William W., clerk, bds 38 Wood

Snediker William E., sup't Trenton Vise and Tool Works, h 104 Jackson

Snider Austin, clerk Trenton Bank, h 121 Perry

SNIDER PETER, grocer, N E cor Lamberton and Bridge, h 142 E Front

SNOOK HENRY W., wholesale liquor dealer, 5 S Warren, h 23 Southard

Snook Randolph, clerk, h 152 N Greene

Snowden Charles F., machinist, h 242 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

Snowden Francis, clerk, h 60 Bayard, Chamb'g

Snowden Woodbury L., hose maker, h 46 Livingston

Snyder Charles, painter, bds 11 New

Snyder Charles B., carpenter, h 712 Centre

Snyder David P., rubber maker, h 243 Kossuth

Snyder Frank C., jeweler, bds 127 Calhoun

Snyder Fredoline, wire drawer, h 716 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Snyder Fritz, wheelwright, h .16 Spring

Snyder George, clerk, h 43 Livingston

Snyder Isaac M., bookkeeper, h 638 Perry

Snyder Jacob, tobacconist, 126 S Warren, h do

SNYDER J. ALBERT, grocer, 401 Centre, h 213 Second

Snyder James, cooper, bds 10 Grant av

Snyder Jennie, attendant Children's Home, 316 N Warren

Snyder John, wire worker, h 2 Margerum row

Snyder Joseph, bds 345 Centre

Snyder Levi W., sup't zinc works, h 345 Centre

Snyder Mary A., widow, h 127 Calhoun

Snyder Matthew, teamster, h 912 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Snyder Nicholas, cigar maker, h 73 Cass, Chamb'g

Snyder Peter Sr., shoemaker, 345 S Warren, h do

Snyder Peter, laborer, h 227 William, Chamb'g

Snyder Peter, Jr., laborer, bds 345 S Warren

Snyder Samuel, iron worker, h 43 Livingston

Snyder Thomas, lime burner, h 5 Centre ct

Snyder William I., polisher, h 459 Broad

Soden John, brakeman, h 15 Assanpink

Soden Tobias, potter, h 15 Assanpink

Sodman Louis, butcher, bds 512 Princeton av

Solan James J., potter, bds 143 W. Hanover

Solan John, teamster, h 143 W Hanover

Solan Thomas M., potter, bds 143 W Hanover

Solliday Harry R., clerk, bds 202 Academy

Somers Jacob, confectioner, h 333 Hamilton av

Sommer George, carpenter, h 84 Cass, Chamb'g

Sommers George, potter, bds 527 Chestnut, Chamb'g

Sommers John, brick maker, h 419 Princeton av

Sommers William H., white washer, h 62 Belvidere

Sononberg William, laborer, bds 539 Second

Sortor George D., nurseryman, Chestnut cor Cummings, Chamb'g, h do

Sost John baker, 579 Clinton, Chamb'g, h do

Sothen Frank J., rope maker, bds Chestnut cor Roebling, Chamb'g

Sothen John, rope maker, h Chestnut cor Roebling, Chamb'g

Souders Isaac M., iron moulder, h 30 Lamberton

Souder Peter, retired, h 132 S Stockton

Soulsby Hannah, widow, h 190 Jefferson

South Carrie C., dressmaker, bds 190 Brunswick av

South Henry, iron worker, bds 23 Cox's al

South John, laborer, h West n Cummings, Chamb’g

South John M., carpenter, h 190 Brunswick

South Steward D., carpenter, h 100 Dye, Chamb'g

South Vienna M., h 210 N Montgomery

Southard Abram H., res 137 E Hanover

Southard Anna L. H. H., widow, h 137 E Hanover

Southard Isaac, clerk, h 137 E Hanover

Southard Louisa, h 148 W State

Southard Sarah, h 148 W State

Southard Virginia, widow, h 238 W State

Southwick Abraham R., engineer, h 488 Calhoun

Southwick Anna, dressmaker, res 107 S Warren

Southwick Edward P., clerk, h 233 E Hanover

Southwick Elizabeth, h 107 S Warren

Southwick John, wiper, bds 233 E Hanover

Souville Matilda, widow Louis C., h 27 Assanpink

Souville William, fruit dealer, h 137 Pennington av

Spaeth Robert, laborer, bds 431 Broad

Spain Daniel, iron worker, h 606 Second

Spain James, kilnman, h 75 Esher

Spain John, beer saloon, Southard cor Esher, h do

Spain Michael, shoemaker, h Southard cor Esher

Sparks Amos, laborer, h 306 E Carroll

Sparks James L., carriage painter, bds 248 E Hanover

Sparks William J., carriage smith, bds 248 E Hanover

Sparmaker, John W., coach painter, h 213 Church

Specht Jacob, driver, bds 334 Broad

Speeler John F., decorator, bds 208 Clinton

Speeler Mary W., widow, h 208 Clinton

SPEELER WILLIAM F., tobacconist, 3 N Warren, bds American House

Speider William, laborer, h 19 Assanpink

Spellane Francis L., domestic, 21 Clinton av

Spencer Annie, widow, h 310 Ferry

Spencer Henry, hotel, 330 and 332 N Warren, h do

Spencer James K., butcher, h 30 W Front

Spencer John S. loom boss bds 310 Ferry

Spencer Joseph, bds 7 Barnes

Spencer Mary E., dressmaker, 308 Ferry, h do

Spencer Robert, plumber, bds 310 Ferry

Spencer William, blacksmith, h 703 Lamberton

Spencer William, painter, bds 95 Cooper

SPENCER ZACHARIAH Y., carpenter, h 15 Hart av, Millham

Sperling J. T., machinist, bds 34 Carroll

Spicer Asa F., drill conductor, h 334 Brunswick av

Spiegel Martin, tobacconist, 30 S Warren, h do

Spitz George, locksmith, bds Mechanic av, Millham

Spoering, Harry, potter, bds 842 Centre

Sponholtz Adolph, potter, h 237 Clinton, Millham

Spracklen George W., grocer, Bridge cor Ferry, h 620 S Warren

Spracklen John F., machinist, h 602 Princeton av

Spracklen Peter, dry goods, 620 S Warren, h do

Spracklen Peter A., cigar manufr, 356 Broad, h do

Sprague William L., school teacher, h 535 Clinton, Chamb'g

Springart Charles, blacksmith, h 316 Centre

Springart Charles, Jr., blacksmith, bds 316 Centre

Springart John P., cigar maker, bds 316 Centre

Springart Wendel, engineer, bds 316

Springfield Charles, tailor, 331 N Greene, h do

Sprolls William, butcher, h 1076 Broad, Chamb'g

Sproul James, porter, h 124 Chancery

Squibbs Maria H., Widows’ Home, 109 W Front

Staab George, boatman, h 15 Grant av

Staats Anna, dressmaker, bds Dolton's block

Stackhouse Cornelia, domestic, 528 E State

Stackhouse Isaac, laborer, h 7 Hewitt, Chamb'g

Stackhouse John, wool worker, h r 106 Perry

Stackhouse J. Townsend, foreman, h Grant av

Stackhouse Robert, saw maker, h 404 Centre

Stackhouse William, laborer, h 390 Third

Stackhouse William, watchman, h 47 Pennington av

Staed Thomas, hotel, 286 Clinton, h do

Staffenberg John, wire drawer, h 232 Fair

Stafford Samuel B., farmer, h 344 5 Warren

Stahl Christian, barber, h 513 S Warren

STAHL ERNEST C., publisher New Jersey Staats Journal and Trenton Herald; notary public and commissioner of deeds, h 24 Barnes

STAHUBER KORBIN, Montezuma House, 839 Broad, h do, Chamb'g

Staiger Charles, clerk, Trenton House, bds do

Staiger Michael, beer saloon, 320 N Greene, h do

Stainrook May, restaurant, 35 Market, h 37 do

Stait Joseph, wire drawer, h Ashmore n Division, Chamb'g

STAKEMAN CHARLES, watchmaker and jeweler, 23 E State, h 48 W State

Standard China Works (W. Kimble, prop), Prospect av

STANDARD FIRE INSURANCE CO. of New Jersey (William Dolton, pres’t, William M. Lindsay, sec’y), 11 W State (see adv)

Stanley Alfred, iron worker, bds 505 Market

Stanley Charles, kilnman, h 108 Bayard, Chamb'g

Stannard Mary E., dressmaker, h 58 W Washington

Stanton James J., wire drawer, h 218 Butler, Chamb'g

Stanton Patrick, potter, h 48 Bond

Stanton Thomas, potter, bds 142 Rose

Stanton Thomas, heater, h 14 Ferry

Stanton William E., potter, bds 14 Ferry

Stapler Harry (J. T. Stapler & Co.), bds 133 Academy

Stapler John T. (J. T. Stapler & Co.), h 133 Academy

STAPLER J. T & CO. (J. T. and Harry), grocers and manufacturers, Greene cor Hanover

Stapleton James, laborer, h 321 Ewing

Stapleton Thomas, laborer, h r 12 Camden

Star Coal and Kindling Wood Co., yard Southard cor E Carroll

STAR RUBBER CO. (Jonathan Steward, pres't, Philip P. Dunn, treas Thomas A. Bell, sec'y), Clinton av n creek, Millham

Starhlaff John, sinker, h 21 Clark, Chamb'g

Starin Ann J., widow, h 303 N Willow

Starin John, potter, h 27 Bond

Starin Frank E., baker, bds 303 N Willow

Starks Frederick, iron worker, h 541 Second

STATE GAZETTE, daily and weekly (John L. Murphy, pub and prop, William Cloke, editor), Green cor State

States Alexander, chain maker, h 124 Allen

States William A., chain maker, bds 124 Allen

STATE STREET HOUSE (Paul & Ale, props), State cor Chancery

Stead John W., grocer, 538 Centre, h 536 do

Stead Samuel, carder, h 912 Broad, Chamb'g

Steele Alfred, potter, h Union av, Millham

Steele Charles, decorator, h 40 Seward av

Steele Charles, Jr., decorator, h 630 Perry

Steele Frank, decorator, bds 40 Seward av

Steele George, butter dealer, h 209 Jackson

Steele William, designer, bds 31 Yard av

Steen David, Jr., clerk, h 50 Spring

Steen David, laborer, h 50 Spring

Steen Ellen, domestic, 307 W State

Steen John A., law student, bds 223 E State

Steen John C., foreman, also councilman, h 162 Brunswick av

Steen Robert, laborer, h 55 Spring

Steepy George, fireman, h 325 Elmer, Chamb'g

Steepy John, house painter, 342 S Warren, h do

Steepy John M., engineer, h 122 Roebling, Chamb'g

Steepy John W., painter, h 79 Lamberton

Steepy Mrs. S., groceries, 328 Bridge, h do

Steepy Samuel, teamster, h 326 Bridge

Steffenburg John, rougher, h 232 Fair

Stefferer Joseph, laborer, h 41 Gordon

Steifbold Charles, barber, 696 Broad, Chamb'g, h do

Steifbold Henry, heater, h 697 Broad, Chamb’g

Steifwold John, teamster, h Hamilton n Dey, Chamb'g

Steinberger Gottfried, trimmings, Hamilton cor Annie, Chamb'g h do

Steineit Charles, iron worker, h 392 S Warren

Steinmetz John, potter, bds 409 Ferry

Steinmetz William A., kiln placer, bds 11 Humboldt

Stelle George W., white washer, h 237 N Willow

Stelle William W., ass't cashier Mechanics National Bank, h 4 Clinton av

Stemhagen Christopher, laborer, h 221 William, Chamb'g

STEMHAGEN ELIZABETH, saloon, 233 William, Chamb'g, h do

Stemhagen John, laborer, h 838 Clinton, Chamb'g

Stemmle Valentine, mason, h Dickinson n Cass, Millham

Stephens Isaac, retired, h 224 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Stephens Jacob, draughtsman, h 19 Carroll

Stephens James P., treas Greenwood Pottery Co. h 230 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Stephens Jennie, dressmaker, h 10 Lodge al

Stephens Joseph, painter, h 37 Carroll

Stephens Sarah, res 136 E Hanover

Stephens William C., ladies' shoe store, 110 Perry, h do

Steriff Charles, professor of languages, bds 215 Academy

Steriff John, carpenter, h 63 Tyril av

Sterling Edward P., clerk, h Bellevue av cor Prospect

Sterling George, h 236 Mercer

STERLING JOSEPH. fancy goods, 18 N Greene, h do

Sterling Robert, potter, h 44 Grant av

Sterling Thomas C., carpenter, h 84 Spring

Stetler Frank, potter, h 129 Church

Stetler Joseph, potter, h 59 Rose

Stetler Margaret, widow, res 109 E Hanover

Stetler Martin, presser, h 51 Sweet's av

Stetler Mathias, potter, h Humboldt

Stevens Adolph, shoemaker, h 319 Federal

Stevens Daniel, teamster, bds 81 Summer

Stevens Edward, night watchman, bds 81 Summer

Stevens Edwin, iron worker, h 320 Bridge

Stevens Francis B., clerk, bds 197 W State

Stevens George, laborer, h 51 Asbury

Stevens George L., clerk, h 46 Decatur

Stevens Henry, waiter, bds 51 Bank

Stevens John O., chain maker, h Anderson n Clinton, Chamb'g

Stevens John G., civil engineer, h 197 W State

Stevens Richard F., expert accountant, h 106 W State

Stevens Robert G., warden court house, bds 323 Market

Stevens Theodosius F., clerk Trenton Banking Co., bds 106 W State

Stevens Thomas S., dentist, 107 E State, h do

Stevens William, laborer, h 81 Summer

Stevens William, hod carrier, h 51 Bank

Stevenson Charles, painter, h 38 Barnes

Stevenson Edward, laborer, bds 501 Market

Stevenson Edward F., carpenter, h 415 Hudson, Chamb'g

STEVENSON GEORGE H., planing mill and sash factory, Stockton cor Commerce, h 46 N Stockton

Stevenson Henry K., grocer, 202 and 204 Perry, h do

Stevenson Walter C., telegraph operator, bds 46 N Stockton

Stevenson Winfield S., mail weigher, h 35 N Stockton

Steves Oliver P., prin Model school, h 225 Academy

Steward Albert T., chain maker, bds 164 Lamberton

Steward Charles, rubber worker, h Mulberry, Millham

Steward Diana, widow, h 54 Tucker

Steward Edward, millwright, bds 164 Lamberton

Steward Edward E., millwright, h 164 Lamberton

Steward George, laborer, h 13 Assanpink

Steward Hansley, mason, h 94 Bellevue av

Steward James B., hostler, h 357 Brunswick av

Steward John, painter, bds 910 Broad Chamb'g

Steward John G. millwright, h 164 Lamberton

STEWARD JONATHAN, wholesale grocer, provisions and flour, State cor Stockton, h Clinton cor Monmouth

Steward Mary M., res 194 Broad

Steward Seldon S., painter bds 164 Lamberton

Steward William, laborer, h 6 Spring

STEWARD WILLIAM C., tobacconist and cigar manufr, S W cor Greene and Hanover, h 120 N Montgomery

Stewart Harry, rougher, bds 233 Centre

Stewart Henry, potter, bds 25 Lewis

Stewart James, iron worker, bds 207 Federal

STEWART JOHN H., counselor at law and judge of the court of common pleas, 14 E State, h 175 W State

Stewart Samuel B., engineer, h 25 Lewis

Stewart Samuel R., brakeman, bds 217 Jackson

Stewart Thomas J., professor of penmanship, h 152 Perry

Stewart William, laborer, bds 25 Lewis

Stewart William R., kilnman, h 553 Clinton, Chamb'g

St. George William T., patent roofer, bds 115 N Greene

Stieb Anton, carpenter, h 14 Behm

Stieb Anton, Jr., finisher, bds 14 Behm

Still Charles W., coachman, h 378 Reservoir

Still Emma, widow, h 235 Kossuth

Still George, laborer, h 239 Allen

Still George, laborer, h 237 N Willow

Still John, farmer, bds 127 Jefferson

Stillwell Charles, weaver, h 108 Fall

Stillwell Isaac, chain maker, bds 108 Fall

Stillwell Nicholas, machinist, h 108 Fall

Stillwell William S., teamster, bds 48 Perrine av

Stimond Anthony, potter, bds 179 Jefferson

Stimond John, potter, bds 179 Jefferson

Stinger John, laborer, h 8 Pennington av

Stinson Samuel, packer, h 28 Lincoln av

Stites James H., railroader, h 24 Lincoln av

Stocker Jacob, wire drawer, h 518 Grand, Chamb'g

Stockdale Edward, dyer, h 107 Bridge

STOCKTON BAYARD, counselor at law, 105 E State, h Princeton

Stockton Ella, milliner, bds 216 Broad

Stockton John P. (Stockton & Johnson), attorney general, bds Trenton House

STOCKTON & JOHNSON (John P. Stockton and William Y. Johnson), counselors at law, state house

Stockton Kate A., res 13 N Warren

Stockton Robert F., h 180 W State

Stockton William, mould maker, h 40 Wall

Stoddard Michael E., carpenter, h 17 Lincoln av

Stokes Alfred C. physician, bds 514 E State

Stokes Barclay L., bookkeeper, h 138 Jackson

Stokes Benjamin F., milkman, h 216 Academy

Stokes Catharine widow, res 64 Asbury

STOKES EDWARD H, h 539 S Warren (Woodlawn)

Stokes J. Oliver (Home Rubber Co.), bds 838 S Warren

Stokes Joseph, sup’t N J steel and iron works, h 838 S Warren

Stokes Mary, widow, res 113 Fall

Stokes Samuel, clerk, h 141 S Stockton

Stokes Rudolf, clerk, bds 216 Academy

Stokes Whitall, h 514 E State

Stokes William J. B. (Wilson & Stokes), h 189 Broad

Stolhandske Christina, domestic, 838 S Warren

Stoll Augustus F. (Brearley & Stoll), h 312 E State

STOLL & ARMSTRONG (R. P. Stoll and U. H. Armstrong), furniture and bedding, 107 N Greene

STOLL ROBERT P. (Stoll & Armstrong), manufrs of curled hair mattresses, bedding, and dealers in furniture, carpets, oilcloths, &c., 216 Clinton, h 528 E State

Stoll Thomas A., salesman, bds 528 E State

Stolte George A., shoemaker, 571 Centre, h do

Stonaker Charles D. (Stonaker & Hoff), h 127 Spring

STONAKER & HOFF (Charles D. Stonaker and Charles Hoff), flour, feed and grain, 339 N Greene

Stonaker William, laborer, h 68 Spring

Stone George, laborer, h 1050 Lamberton

Stone James W., huckster, h 611 Lamberton

Stone John, chain maker, h 104 N Willow

Stone Samuel, mason, h Woodland cor Washington, Chamb'g

Stone William, peddler, bds 184 Cooper

Stoneback Charles bds National Hotel

Stoop Harvey, blacksmith, h 212 Fair

Stoop Jonathan, blacksmith, h 208 Union

Stoos Wendell, bds 333 Fair

Storms Joseph, blacksmith, h 50 Belvidere

Storms William C., potter, bds 50 Belvidere

Stotz William, carpet weaver, 8 E Front, h do

Stout Annie D. M., teacher, bds State n Chambers, Chamb'g

Stout Baltes P., jeweler, bds 241 N Warren

Stout Benjamin F., barber, bds 10 E State

Stout Charles A., kilnman, h 117 Kossuth

Stout Charles A., engineer, h 73 Pennington av

Stout Charles F., machinist, bds 61 Union

Stout Edward, conductor h 27 Carroll

Stout Emma, teacher, h State n Chambers, Chamb'g

Stout Foreman, shoemaker, 248 Clay, h do

Stout Frank J., carter, h 521 Calhoun

Stout George W., salesman, h 204 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

Stout Harry W., clerk, bds 161 E Front

Stout James, laborer, h 111 Quarry al

STOUT JOHN G. (Cuckoo Hall), tobacconist, 199 Broad, h do

Stout John P., laborer, h 15 Grant av

Stout John W., salesman, h 622 S Warren

Stout Joseph, clerk, bds 128 Spring

Stout Mary, widow, res 204 Hamilton av Chamb'g

Stout Mary E., widow, h State n Chambers, Chamb'g

Stout Parker W., hostler, bds 117 Kossuth

Stout Samuel B., car inspector, h 7 William, Millham

Stout Sophia T., widow Alexander, h 161 E Front

Stout Titus H., clerk, h 15 Stockton

Stout William, tailor, h 28 Spring

Stout William L., hod carrier, h 241 S Feeder

Stover Edwin C., clerk, bds 41 W State

Stover Jacob A., bds 630 S Warren

Stover, John, carriage painter, bds 167 and 169 Broad

Stover J. Newton, grocer, 630 S Warren, h do

Stowell Ella, music teacher, res 582 Centre

STOWELL S. M., boots, shoes and trunks, 175 Broad, h 546 Centre

Stowell Willard, student, bds 582 Centre

Stradling Elwood L., clerk, h 119 Spring

Stradling George, engineer, h 704 Bridge

Stradling Joseph, engineer, h 251 N Willow

Stradling Joseph Y., machinist, 249 N Willow

STRADLING LAFAYETTE, lumber, cool and wood, 181 N Willow, h 116 W Hanover

Strand Thomas, galvanizer, h 9 Butler, Chamb'g

STRASSER JOHN J, scale manufr, h 108 Union

Strasser John J., Jr., druggist, bds 108 Union

Straub William J., presser, h 34 Pennington av

Strauer Jacob, laborer, h 447 Lamberton

Strauss Isaac, clerk, bds 144 E Front

Streeper Elizabeth, widow Henry, bds 15 Ewing

Streeper George, butcher, h 17 Lamberton

Street Samuel F., tinsmith, h 132 E Front

Stringer John, iron worker, h 215 Centre

Stroebel George, saloon, Hamilton cor Jennie, Chamb'g, h do

Stroebel George, Jr., cigar maker, h Anderson n Clinton, Chamb'g

Stroder Richard, coachman, h 34 Pike al

Struble James H., physician, h 1313 Clinton, Chamb'g

Struble James H., Sr., res 103 Second

STRUBLE UZAL H., grocery, dry goods, &c., Bridge cor Second, h 103 latter

Struble William M., clerk, bds 103 Second

Stryker B. Reuben, rubber worker, bds Clinton n Cass, Millham

Stryker Charles M., h 139 Spring

Stryker Francis, student, bds 79 Southard

Stryker Garret W., woolen worker, h 17 Chapel

Stryker James H., carpenter, h Filmore, Millham

Stryker John N., woolen worker, n 516 Princeton av

Stryker Margaretta, widow Henry, res 247 Jackson

Stryker Nellie, domestic, 19 Clinton av

Stryker Rose, widow Martin, h 451 Lamberton

Stryker Theodore C., traveling agent, h 79 Southard

STRYKER WILLIAM S, adjutant general state N. J., h 122 E Hanover

Stubenazy Charles, moulder, h 65 Cooper

STUBENAZY CHRISTIAN A., "Wacht Am Rhein" saloon, 323 Lamberton, cor Bridge, h do

Stubenazy Henry, bartender, bds 323 Lamberton

Stuckert Edward L. (Fitzgeorge & Stuckert), h 250 E Hanover

Stuckert Mrs. A. M., widow, res 142 Mercer

Stuckman Frederick, brick maker, h 349 Third

Studdiford Rev. Samuel M., pastor Third Presbyterian church, h 139 N Warren

Stull Abraham, engineer, bds 123 Academy

Stull Howell C. (F. S. Katzenbach & Co.), h 369 W State

Stull Jacob, h 120 W Hanover

Stull John C., veterinary Burgeon, 5 Chancery, h do

Stults George, clerk P R R freight depot, h 243 Clay

Stults Henry J., wheelwright, bds 213 Kossuth

Stults Joseph, laborer, h 42 Esher

Stults J. P., railroader, h 34 Tyrill av

Stults Randall, watchman, h Coalport, Millham

Stutter Frank, kilnman, h 129 Church

Stutter Joseph, jiggerman, h 59 Rose

Styles Charles, woolen worker, bds 54 Cooper

Sulger William S., lamps, oils, &c., 109 E Hanover, h do

Sullivan Daniel, iron worker, h 46 Asbury

Sullivan Helen, domestic, 104 W State

Sullivan James, laborer, h 23 Turpin

Sullivan John, laborer, h 18 Grand, Chamb'g

Sullivan Margaret, saloon, 169 Rose, h do

Sullivan William, carpenter, bds 233 N Warren

Summerfeld John, potter, h 106 W Rose

Summers Daniel, blacksmith, h 46 Spring

Summers Jeremiah, laborer, h 42 Esher

Summers Michael, laborer, h 309 W Hanover

Sunningshine James K., printer, bds 562 S Warren

Sunningshine John T., carpenter, h 60 Clark, Chamb'g

Sunningshine Matilda, widow Thomas, h 562 S Warren

Sutcliffe S. A., widow, h 208 Perry

Sutphen John R., instructor state prison, h 35 Cooper

Sutphin Edwin, h 105 Perry

Sutphin Eleanor, widow George, h 128 S Stockton

Sutphin John W., carriage maker, bds 217 N Warren

Sutphin Joseph V. D., carpenter, h 19 Chapel

Sutphin & La Rue (Richard Sutphin and Augustus La Rue), livery stable, 27 N Warren

SUTPHIN RICHARD (Sutphin & La Rue), also carriage builder, 27 N Warren, h 217 N Warren

Sutphin Thompson C., decorator, bds 17 N Warren

Sutterly Elizabeth, widow Joseph H., res 595 Centre

Sutterly George W., h 888 Lamberton

Sutterly John H., teamster, h 47 Turpin

Sutterly Mary B., widow Samuel, h 43 Southard

Sutterly Rudolph, carpenter, h 882 Lamberton

Sutterly Theodore, potter, bds 164 Fair

Sutterly William C., boatman, bds 595 Centre

Sutton Charles A., blacksmith; h 166 Pennington av

Sutton Edward, machinist, h Mulberry, E Trenton

Sutton Israel S., carpenter, h 416 Market

Sutton Joseph, kilnman, h 33 Woodland, Chamb'g

Sutton Lewis, iron worker bds 303 Union

Sutton Samuel, foreman fair grounds, bds 416 Market

Sutton Stafford B., blacksmith, h 322 N Greene

Sutton William H., driver, h 544 Perry

Sutts Hugh, laborer, h 5 Margerum row

Suydam Frank, instructor, bds 9 W Front

Swachenburg Moses, clothier, 16 E Hanover, h do

Swallow Martha R., dressmaker, 25 E State, h do

Swan Abraham, carpenter (F. Swan and W. H. Tatler), res Hamilton av cor Chestnut, Chamb'g

Swan Albert, time keeper, bds 305 Bridge

Swan Annie, widow John, h 130 N Warren

Swan Charles, retired, h 520 E State

Swan Charles H., draughtsman, bds 520 E State

Swan John, laborer, bds 305 Bridge

Swan William, express driver bds 22 Barnes

Swann Frederick (F. Swann, Tatler & Co.), h 211 Hudson, Chamb'g

Swann Mrs. A. A., dressmaker, res 57 Carroll

Swann, Tatler & Co., (F. Swann, F. W. H. Tatler), glass and china decorators, Rose cor N Feeder

Swangle Amos, laborer, h 615 Clinton, Chamb'g

Swank Nathanial M., printer, h 91 Cooper

SWAYZE HUGH M., marble and granite worker 216 B State, h 227 E Hanover

Swazey Israel, h 216 W State

SWEATMAN H. CLEMENT, City coal and ice depot, 223 N Warren, res 26 S Warren

Sweeney Alexander, laborer, h 136 Second

Sweeney Andrew, police sergeant, h 262 Spring

Sweeney Barney, laborer, h 613 Clinton, Chamb'g

Sweeney Charles, laborer, bds 613 Clinton, Chanib'g

Sweeney Edward, Shoemaker, 220 N Greene, h do

Sweeney Edward, brick maker, h 555 Centre

Sweeney Edward, laborer, bds 136 Second

Sweeney Edward, teamster, bds 584 Centre

Sweeney Edward C., railroader, h 6 Jefferson

Sweeney Edward H., clerk state house, bds 262 Spring

Sweeney Henry, teamster, h 108 Dye, Chamb'g

Sweeney James, laborer, h 569 Centre

Sweeney Jeremiah, clerk, h 463 Centre

Sweeney John, potter, bds 9 New York av, E Trenton

Sweeney John T., clerk, h 108 Washington, Chamb'g

Sweeney Joseph R., teller Mechanics’ National Bank, h 135 S Stockton

Sweeney Mary, widow Thomas, h 103 Anderson, Chamb'g

Sweeney Neil, kilnman, h 584 Centre

Sweeney Owen, laborer, h 459 Centre

Sweeney Owen, Jr., wire drawer, bds 459 Centre

Sweeney Patrick, laborer, h 47 Bank

Sweeney Rebecca M., school teacher, res 262 Spring

Sweeney Thomas, potter, bds 302 Clinton

Sweet Charles P., h 10 Barnes

Sweet Edward H., mason, bds 471 Princeton av

Sweet Erastus, Jr., potter, h 28 Sweet's av

Sweet Erastus P., watchman Trenton Bank, h 475 Princeton av

Sweet Henry, potter, h 16 Barnes

Sweet John C., Mason, bds 23 Centre

Sweet Joseph M., clerk, bds 475 Princeton av

Sweet Truman J., stone cutter, h 233 N Willow

Sweet William H., brakeman, h 228 N Feeder

Swem Asher, tobacconist, 18 Bank, h do

Swem & Bro. (Charles E. and William D), carpenters builders, Jennie cor Hamilton, Chamb'g

Swem Charles E. (Swem & Bro.), h 866 Lamberton

Swem Charles W., h 108 Walnut av, Chamb'g

Swem George B., clerk, bds 18 Bank

Swem Lewis J., telegraph operator, bds 18 Bank

Swem Mary, dressmaker, bds 18 Bank

Swem William D. (Swem & Bro.), h 50 Mott, Chamb'g

Swem William T., telegraph operator, h 42 Southard

Swenzel Harry, puddler, bds 44 Asburv

Swetnam Hannah, hotel, 575 Perry, h do

Swetnam John, potter, h 122 Kossuth

Swetnam Lawrence, potter, bds 506 Perry

SWETNAM THOMAS, hotel, "Old House at Home," 506 Perry, h do

Swick Dewitt C., engineer, h 220 Spring

Swick Martin W., laborer, bds 220 Spring

Swing Henry S., groceries and provisions, 30 Spring, h do

Swingle Amos, laborer, bds 619 Clinton, Chamb'g

Switley William, shoe fitter, bds 58 Model av

Sykes William, cooper, b 52 Perrine av

Szabo Rev. Avelin, Franciscan College, Chamb'g

Taber William H., butcher, h 400 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Tabram John C., furniture, &c., 144 Broad, h 115 S Warren

Tallon Anna, dressmaker, bds 45 W Front

Tallon Edward, laborer, h 45 W Front

TALLON JAMES H., groceries, provisions, flour, feed, notions &c., 247 Hamilton av, h 249 do, Chamb'g

Tallon John, retired, h 217 Elmer, Chamb'g

Tallon Philip, kilnman, bds 45 W Front

Tams Charles, Greenwood Pottery, h 612 Prospect, Chamb'g

Tams Edwin, grocer, Hudson cor Butler, Chamb'g, h do

Tams James, Greenwood Pottery, h 43 Chestnut av, Chamb'g

Tams Jane, widow William, h 453 Prospect, Chamb'g

Tams John, potter, h 612 Prospect, Chamb'g

Tams John potter, h 141 Second

Tams William H., potter, h 451 Prospect, Chamb'g

Tantum George, mason, bds 501 Market

Tantum Ira, mason, h 26 Bayard, Chamb'g

Tantum James L., physician, 408 Broad, h do

Tantum Jerome, h 750 Centre

Tantum Joseph K., carpenter, h 313 Hudson, Chamb'g

Tantum Samuel B., (Tantum & Shields), h 123 Jackson

TANTUM & SHIELDS (S. B. Tantum and J. D. Shields), gents’ furnishing goods, &c., 132 S Greene

Tantum William H., lumberman, h 123 Jackson

Tarangel Michael, laborer, h 57 Union

Tarnowski Anton, brick maker, h 816 Lamberton

Tarnowski Otto, iron worker, bds 816 Lamberton

Tarnowski Robert, iron worker, bds 816 Lamberton

Tartar David, miller, h 10 Lamberton

Tartar Josephine, dressmaker, 10 Lamberton, res do

Tartar Samuel, deputy state prison, bds 527 Broad

Tartar Thomas, decorator, h 32 Lincoln av

Tatler William H. (Swann, Tatler & Co.), h 205 Market

Tattersall John, spinner, h 208 S Warren

TAXIS JOHN S., practical watchmaker, 22 Perry, bds 123 do

Taylor Alice, dressmaker, res 81 Union

Taylor Andrew, potter, h 2 Cross

Taylor Caleb A., clerk, bds 115 Spring

Taylor Charles, flagman, bds 324 Perry

Taylor Edward R. (J. C. Taylor & Sons), h 334 Broad

Taylor Edward W., bookkeeper, h 33 Ewing

Taylor E1izabeth, h Conover's al

Taylor Emma, teacher, h 33 1Ewing

Taylor E. W., traveling salesman, bds 202 Academy

Taylor Frank, student, bds 25 Livingston

Taylor Frank H., ticket receiver P R R, h 13 Carroll

Taylor Franklin, puddler, bds 122 Ferry

Taylor Frederick, laborer, h Taylor, Millham

Taylor Frederick, salesman, h 260 Clay

Taylor Florence M., wool worker, res 81 Union

Taylor George h 119 W State

Taylor George, hostler, bds 128 S Warren

Taylor George M., machinist, h 27 Summer

Taylor Gilbert L., clerk, bds 41 W State

Taylor James, retired, h Clinton cor Tyler, Chamb'g

TAYLOR J. C. & SONS (James C., Jr., and Edward R.), undertakers, 334 Broad

Taylor James C., Jr. (J. C. Taylor & Sons), h 210 Clinton

Taylor James C. (J. C. Taylor & Sons), h 334 Broad

Taylor James W., painter, bds 107 S Feeder

Taylor Jane, widow, res 110 Fall

TAYLOR JOHN, pork packer and dealer in live stock, Perrine av, also state senator, h 305 E State

Taylor John C., teamster, h 40 Wood

Taylor John, wire drawer, h 829 Clinton, Chamb'g

Taylor John F., potter, h 230 Clinton, Millham

Taylor John S., carpenter, h 165 Brunswick av

Taylor Joseph H., baggage master, h 99 Spring

Taylor Martha, wool worker, res 81 Union

Taylor Martin, potter, h 20 Grant av

Taylor Mary A., widow, h 122 Spring

Taylor Mary A., weaver, res 81 Union

Taylor Mary, domestic, 319 Market

Taylor Richard W., laborer, h 579 Centre

Taylor Samuel, state gardener, h 115 Spring

Taylor Sylvester, gents' furnishing, 21 E State, h 110 Spring

Taylor T. Frank, potter, bds 110 Fall

Taylor Thomas, blacksmith, bds 211 Hudson

Taylor Thomas B., (Cole & Taylor), h 149 E Front

Taylor Thompson, puddler, h 122 Ferry

Taylor William, spinner, h 81 Union

Taylor William, retired, h 240 E Front

Taylor William, mould maker, h 45 Tyrill av

Taylor William H., fish, Washington Market, h 128 S Warren

Tay1or William H., shipping clerk, h 210 Jackson

TAYLOR W. SCOTT, druggist, Perry cor Southard, h do

Taylor Zachariah, machinist, h 454 Broad

Teabough Isaac A., laborer, h 228 Allen

Teahl Lawrence, shoemaker, h 35 Tucker

Teirnen Mary, h 133 Pennington av

Teisseira Louisa widow, res 203 Market

TELEPHONE LIVERY STABLES, THE (Rheese Budd, prop), 15 S Montgomery

Telephone Co., The Trenton (F. H. Duncan, manager), 3 E State

Temple Charles, chair caner, h Gordon al r 27 Humboldt

Temple Charles H., salesman, h 128 Mercer

Temple Charles W., druggist, bds 128 Mercer

Temple Charles W., laborer, bds 55 Lamberton

Temple Daniel, justice of the peace, 16 W State, h 116 do

Temple George R., meat dealer, Union av, h Clinton, Millham

Temple John T., lawyer, 16 W State, bds 116 do

Temple William, boots and shoes, 8 E State, h 44 Yard av

Temple William H., brick maker, h 20 Camden

Tennant Alvin, h Dolton's block

Terradell Frank W., engineer, h 319 Academy

Terradell Joseph F., shoemaker, h 134 Monmouth

Terradell Thomas, coal and wood, E Canal, h 32 do

Terradell William F., engineer, h 319 Academy

Terrell Benjamin, cigar maker, h Beaver n Monmouth

Terry David, kilnman, h 318 Pennington av

Terry Francis A., potter, bds 252 Allen

Terry George, kilnman, bds 28 Ogden

Terry Joseph, potter, h 337 W Hanover

Terry Joshua V., ship carpenter, h 252 Allen

Terry Mary L., widow, res 308 Bridge

Terry Mary, widow Robert, h 28 Ogden

Terry Robert S., kilnman, bds 28 Ogden

Terry Robert V., carpenter, bds 252 Allen

Terry Samuel B., carpenter, h 89 Lamberton

Terry William, notions, &c., 510 S Warren, h do

Terry William K., clerk, bds 252 Allen

Tessing Ernest, (Tessing & Wenzel), h Centre cor Ferry

Tessing Ernest, farmer, h W of Broad S of Coleman, Chamb'g

Tessing Louis, laborer, bds W of Broad S of Coleman, Chamb'g

Tessing Richard, laborer, bds W of Broad S of Coleman, Chamb'g

Tessing & Wenzel (Ernest Tessing and George Wenzel), grocers, Centre cor Ferry

Thaler John, wire drawer, h 829 Clinton, Chamb'g

Thatcher Charles, painter, h 213 Brunswick av

Thatcher John, brakeman, h 213 Brunswick av

Thatcher Lewis, carpenter, bds 11 Hart, Millham

Theberge Louis, French dyer, 24 Perry, h do

THELE JOHN J., hotel, wine and beer saloon, 451 Broad, h do

Thines Anna M., widow, h 113 Academy

Thines John, carpenter, bds 113 Academy

THINES WILLIAM B., architect, True American building, bds 113 Academy

Thoene August H., dyer, bds 118 N Warren

Thoene Henry, steam dyer, 118 N Warren, h do

Thomas Albert R., bookkeeper First Nat Bank, h 110 E Hanover

Thomas Arthur, laborer, bds 3 Hart, Millham

Thomas Charles, laborer, bds 848 Centre

Thomas Enoch, potter h 121 Calhoun

Thomas George, carriage builder, bds 123 E Front

Thomas George, potter, bds 121 Calhoun

Thomas Hannah, widow, res 164 Fair

Thomas Henry, musician, h 332 N Montgomery

Thomas James C., glass, crockery, &c., 22 E State, h 146 Academy

Thomas, James M., presser, h 54 Bond

Thomas James R., druggist, 12 E Hanover, h 118 W State

Thomas John J., moulder, bds 509 S Warren

Thomas John W., h 214 S Warren

Thomas Mary, widow, h 118 W State

Thomas Mary A., widow Joseph, bds 35 Yard av

Thomas Mary A., glassware and crockery, 214 S Warren, h do

Thomas Menrad, mould maker, bds 121 Calhoun

Thomas Richard, retire4, h 214 E Front

Thomas Richard, Jr., physician, bds 214 E Front

Thompson Ada, laborer, h 26 Passaic

Thompson Albert W., operator, bds 16 E Front

Thompson Albert, janitor, h 112 S Warren

Thompson Andrew (A. Thompson & Co.), h 20 Cooper

THOMPSON ANDREW & CO. (Andrew Thompson and A. Rogers), flour, feed and grain, City Mills, 219 and 221 S Warren

Thompson Amos, laborer, bds 239 S Feeder

Thompson Charles H., bds 227 W Hanover

THOMPSON CHRISTOPHER, hotel, 320 Clinton, h do

Thompson Daniel S., h Union cor Fall

Thompson Edward, herbs, h 227 W Hanover

Thompson Eli, potter, h St. Joseph's av, Millham

Thompson Eliza, school teacher, res 112 S Warren

Thompson Emma, h 68 W Washington

Thompson Frank, teacher, bds 112 S Warren

Thompson George (G. & N. Thompson), h 343 N Warren

Thompson G & N. (George and Nelson), flour and feed, 343 N Warren

Thompson George, plate maker, h Grant cor Seward av

Thompson George B., mason, bds 109 Cooper

Thompson George W., gardener, res 137 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Thompson James, railroader, h 389 S Warren

Thompson John, line man, h 1316 Clinton, Chamb'g

Thompson John F., (Alpaugh & Thompson), bds State Street House

Thompson John F., miller, h 316 Ferry

Thompson John F. L., book keeper, h 61 Ewing

Thompson John L., clerk, bds Market cor Jackson

Thompson John M., iron worker, bds 866 Lamberton

Thompson Joseph O., engineer, h 61 Carroll

Thompson Lizzie L., widow, res 109 S Montgomery

Thompson Maria, h 122 W State

Thompson Mary, widow, h Girard av, Millham

Thompson Nelson (G & N Thompson), h Plainsboro

Thompson Philip, potter, h 125 Jefferson

Thompson Sarah, widow, h 226 Perry

Thompson Thomas, potter, h 214 Clinton, Millham

Thompson Thomas S., miller, h 101 W Front

Thompson Wesley, laborer, h 414 Market

Thompson William, potter, bds 22 ½ Seward av

Thompson William, potter, h 308 E Carroll

Thomson Alexander F., pattern maker, h 826 Clinton, Chamb'g

Thomson Edgar machinist, h 128 Roebling, Chamb'g

Thomson Frank D., printer, bds 826 Clinton, Chamb'g

Thorn Albert L., druggist, bds 260 Jackson

Thorn Asher, machinist, h 223 Fall

Thorn Azariah, cracker baker, h 135 Jackson

THORN & BRO. (Joseph S. and William C.), cracker manufy, Factory cor Cooper

Thorn Charles, constable, h 23 E Washington

Thorn Charles F., flagman, h 34 Sheridan

Thorn Edwin M., agent, bds 260 Jackson

Thorn Jesse, printer, h 52 W Hanover

Thorn John, blacksmith, h 156 Fair

Thorn John D., carpenter, h 66 Wall

Thorn John N., tool maker, h 156 Fair

Thorn Joseph H., deputy state prison, h 260 Jackson

Thorn Joseph S. (Thorn & Bro.), h 140 Jackson

Thorn Mary E., school teacher, res 260 Jackson

Thorn Mary S., widow, h 213 E State

Thorn Mrs. D. M., res 217 Jackson

Thorn Susan L., dressmaker, h 213 E State

Thorn Urial, cloth finisher, h 423 Princeton av

Thorn Wilburt, painter, h 117 William, Chamb'g

Thorn William C. (Thorn & Bro.), h 152 E Front

Thornhill Jacob, coachman, h 114 Quarry al

Thornley Bella, weaver, res 15 Cooper

Thornley Emma E., cloth measurer, res 3 Cosey pl, Smith’s av

Thornley Frank, printer, h 50 W Washington

Thornley Frederick, harness maker, bds 151 Cooper

Thornley George W., proof reader, h 196 W State

Thornley Jesse, sign and ornamental painter, h 15 Cooper

Thornton Thomas, laborer, h 41 Gordon

Thorp John, wool carder, bds 35 Decatur

Thorp Susan widow, res 35 Decatur

Thorp W. S., bds National hotel

THROPP JOHN E., machine shop and iron foundry, ft Lewis, h 16 Lewis

Thropp John E., clerk, bds 16 Lewis

Thropp William, machinist, h 19 Lewis

Tibbetts Enoch, chain maker, h Adeline n Columbia, Chamb'g

Tice Caroline, widow Stephen, h 703 S Warren

Tickle Charles, kilnman, h 219 Southard

Tidd Harry, drug clerk, bds 200 W State

Tidd Milton, druggist, 694 Broad, Chamb'g, h do

Tierney John, iron worker, h 175 Lamberton

Tierney Michael, laborer, h 417 Federal

Tierney Owen, laborer, bds 417 Federal

Tierney Patrick, laborer, h 498 Calhoun

Tierney Patrick, laborer, h 30 Belvidere

Tighe Catherine, widow, res 33 Asbury

Tighe Ellen, confectionery, 247 Clinton, h do

Tighe James, iron worker, bds 374 Union

Tighe Patrick, iron worker, h 374 Union

Tighe Thomas, heater, h 35 Asbury

Till Mathias, laborer, h 9 William, Chamb'g

Till J. J., saloon, 451 Broad, h do

Tillman Joseph, helper, bds 435 Lamberton

Tillman Lydia, widow, h 12 Bellevue av

Tilton Abram, laborer, h 1 Dillon’s al

Tilton Albert, wood turner, bds 50 Lamberton

Tilton Miss C. L., h 134 E Hanover

Tilton Charles, shoemaker, bds 229 Second

Tilton Ephriam, laborer, h 11 Dillon’s al

Tilton George, teamster, bds 579 Perry

Tilton Jacob, deputy state prison, h 1213 Chestnut av, Chamb'g

Tilton John, iron worker, h 507 Second

Tilton John H., potter, bds 501 Second

Tilton John H., teamster, h 501 Second

Tilton Matilda, weaver, res 501 Second

Tilton Peter B., clerk, bds 584 Perry

Tilton William H., iron worker, bds 501 Second

Timmons Thomas, iron worker, h Second cor Federal

Timpson Anna A., widow John, res 522 Market

Timpson Julia, box maker, res 522 Market

Timpson Salina, widow, res 520 Lamberton

Tindall Aaron, brick layer, h 387 S Warren

Tindall Alfred, laborer, h Furman ab Turpin

Tindall Amos, mason, bds 89 Clark, Chamb'g

Tindall Cynthia, res 218 Perry

Tindall David, mason, bds 89 Clark, Chamb'g

Tindall Edward, potter, bds 192 Lamberton

Tindall Edward, mason, h 218 N Greene

Tindall George H. (Baumgartner & Tindall), bds 17 E Front

Tindall James, teamster, bds 211 Hamilton av., Chamb'g, h do

Tindall Jane, domestic, 34 Tyler, Chamb'g

Tindall John B., laborer, bds 147 E State

Tindall Margaret, widow, res 17 E Front

Tindall Richard, mason, h 120 Furman

Tindall Robert, toolmaker, bds 120 Furman

Tindall Sarah H., matron Widows’ Home, 109 and 111 W Front

Tindall Thomas, potter, h 217 Spring

Tindall William, laborer, h Pike al

Tindall William H., wire drawer, h 89 Clark, Chamb'g

Tindall William R., grocer, 1014 Clinton, Chamb'g, h do

Tiney Michael, laborer, h 561 Lamberton

Tingel Charles, laborer, lids 136 Federal

Tipper Thomas, grocer, Clinton cor Butler, Chamb'g, h do

Tissian Albert, laborer, h Grand n Adeline, Chamb'g

Titus Albert C., cloth manufacturer, h 19 Yard av

Titus Benjamin, express messenger, h 312 E State

TITUS & CONRAD (F. Titus and R. M. Conrad), carpenters and builders, Wood bet Montgomery and Stockton

Titus Elias, iron worker, bds 304 Union

Titus Elizabeth, widow Benjamin W., h 38 W State

Titus Elizabeth, res 323 Market

Titus Emma J., bds 34 Carroll

Titus Frederick (Titus & Conrad), h 209 Academy

Titus F. Augustus F., bookkeeper, h 516 E State

Titus Harmon H., miller, h 105 S Warren

Titus Harry W., clerk, bds 209 Academy

Titus Howard S., woolen mill, h 246 W State

Titus Jane, widow, res 216 N Warren

Titus John C., carpenter, lids 323 Market

Titus John W., wool manufr, bds 38 W State

Titus L. D., brick grist mill, h 219 S Warren

Titus Mary, widow, h 42 W Front

Titus Matilda, widow, h 43 W State

Titus Penelope, boarding house, 323 Market, h do

Titus William, rubber worker, h 4 Prince, Millham

Tobin William, wire drawer, h 810 Lamberton

Tobish Bernard, gents' furnishing goods, 155 Broad, h do

Tobish Joseph, clerk, bds 155 Broad

Todd Charles R., blacksmith, h ft Union bel Cass

Todd John, printer, bds 324 Perry

Todey Frederika, res 708 Second

Toft Lewis, potter, h 30 Tyrill av

Toker James, iron worker, bds 136 Cass

Toman Gottleib, potter, bds Chestnut and Roebling av, Chamb'g

Toman Jeremiah, wire drawer, bds Chestnut and Roebling Chamb'g

Tomlinson Aaron S., cooper, h 36l Fair

Tomlinson Cooper, butcher, h 138 Ferry

Tomlinson Edward, sinker, h 53 Clark, Chamb'g

Tomlinson Emily, wire weaver, bds 53 Clark, Chamb'g

Tomlinson James, carpenter, bds 101 Walnut, Chamb'g

Tomlinson John, potter, bds Fall cor Union

Tomlinson Mary J., widow, res Fall cor Union

Tomlinson M. H. (J. W. Cornell & Co.), h 14 N Warren

Tomlinson Prudence, widow Abner B., h 246 E Hanover

Tomlinson Samuel, rubber worker, h Clinton n Webster, Millham

Tomlinson William, sinker, bds 53 Clark, Chamb'g

Tomlinson William cooper, h 19 Second

Tompkins George H., potter, h 20 Perry

Tompkins Jane E., widow, res 244 Mercer

Tompkins Walter H., telegraph messenger, bds 244 Mercer

Toms Harriett, widow Runyon, h 47 Carroll

Toms Theodore R., salesman, h 47 Carroll

Tonkins J. Willis, salesman, h 327 Hewitt, Chamb'g

Tonne Henry F., saloon, 231 Clinton, Millham, h do

Tooill Mary, widow John, res 208 Jackson

Toolson William H., laborer, h 90 Quarry al

Toomey Daniel, laborer, h 118 Sweet's av

Toomey Michael, laborer, bds 353 Reservoir

Tootell Robert E., moulder, bds 114 Furman

Tootell Thomas, cracker baker, h 114 Furman

Totten James W., weigh clerk, h 225 Mercer

Totten Wellington, messenger, bds 225 Mercer

Totten William, oar inspector, h 336 Clinton

Towers Frank J., saw maker, bds 342 Centre

Towers Richard C., saw maker, h 209 Hudson, Chamb'g

Towers William, file cutter, h 342 Centre

Townsend Anna, widow, bds 242 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

Townsend Eli, peddler, h 77 Bellevue av

Townsend John, potter, bds 17 Behm

Tracey John, potter, h 13 Franklin

Tracey Patrick, puddler, h 421 Cass

Tracey Thomas, laborer, h 17 Behm

Trainor John, laborer, h 113 Adeline, Chamb'g

Trainor John, h 356 W State

Trainor John Jr., laborer, bds 113 Adeline, Chamb'g

Trainor Patrick, laborer, h 177 Brunswick av

Transom Reuben, laborer, h 27 Taylor al

Trapp Thomas, watchmaker, h 19 Perry

Trauger Samuel, brakeman, h 123 Chancery

Trauger William, brakeman, h 123 Chancery

Traver Clayton L, clerk, bds 127 E Front

TRAVER L. MORRIS, auctioneer, furniture, books, etc., 108 S Greene, h 127 E Front

Travers Catharine, widow, h 44 Tyrill av

Travers Catharine, widow, h 238 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Travers Charles, pipe maker, h 575 Second

Travers James, laborer, h 36 Esher

Travers James F., bar tender, bds 457 Broad

Travers John, laborer, h 62 Asbury

Travers John, iron worker, bds 514 Second

Travers Thomas, laborer, h 514 Second

Travers William, iron worker, bds 328 Union

Travis Anna, domestic, 46 W State

TREMONT HOUSE (R. Westcoat, prop), E State cor Canal

Tremple Edward, potter, h 50 Fountain av

Trenham Annie, widow Henry, res 10 E Washington

Trenham Joseph H., wool worker, h 10 E Washington

Trent John, laborer, bds 417 Market

Trent Joseph, hose maker, bds 417 Market

Trent William, hose maker, h Mulberry, Millham

TRENTON AGRICULTURAL WORKS (B. Gill & Son), 10 and 12 Carroll

TRENTON BANKING CO. (Joseph H. Bruere, pres't; A. J. Whittaker, cashier), S Warren n State

TRENTON CHINA CO. (Thomas Bell, pres't; Charles Cadwallader, sec'y; James Clark, treas), Third bel state prison

Trenton Cracker Co., J. T. Stapler, prop, manufrs of Trenton crackers, 15 and 17 ½ S Stockton

Trenton Falls woolen mills, E and W side Peace, S water power

Trenton Fire Brick Co., New York av, E Trenton

TRENTON GAS LIGHT CO. (Barker Gummere, pres’t; John S. Chambers, gen’l manager), office 365 S Warren

TRENTON HOUSE (Peter Katzenbach, prop), Warren cor Hanover

TRENTON IRON CO. (Abram S. Hewitt, pres’t; William Hewitt, vice pres’t; James Hall, treas; E. Hanson, sec’y; James Withington foreman of works), Hamilton av n Canal

TRENTON LOCK AND HARDWARE CO., Railroad av n Clinton

TRENTON MATCH CO. (George F. Wilson, prop; George O. Seward, supt), manufrs of parlor and sulphur matches, 118 Hamilton av n Canal, Chamb'g

TRENTON POTTERY WORKS (Isaac Davis, prop), Taylor bet Clay and Jackson

TRENTON RUBBER WORKS, rubber manufrs, on line P R R, opp Fashion Stud farm

TRENTON SAVINGS FUND SOCIETY (Caleb S. Green, pres't; Lewis Parker, treas), 123 E State

TENTON SLATE MANTEL WORKS (P. S. Outcalt), 100 Clinton, Chamb'g

TRENTON STATE LUNATIC ASYLUM, location two miles ab city, Ewing twp

TRENTON TERRA COTTA CO., (Joseph McPherson, pres't; O.O. Bowman, treas; George W. McPherson, sec'y), Third bel state prison

TRENTON VISE AND TOOL WORKS (Herman Boker & Co., props; W. W. Snedeker, supt), 90 Union

TRENTON WATER WORKS (John B. Quigley, sup't; John J. Sager, treas), office 209 E State

TRENTON WOOLEN CO. (I. Weatherby, pres’t; John R. Hunt, sec'y and treas; James B. Hunt, sup't), Cass cor Union

Treptow Godfrey, laborer, h 136 Humboldt

Tresal Charles, wine and liquors, 103 S Warren, h 717 Clinton, Chamb'g

Trier Joseph, carpenter, h 57 Pennington av

Trimble Edward, painter, h 492 Calhoun

Trimble Margaret, h 212 Clinton

Trimmer Newton G., brakeman, bds 203 Southard

Trimmer Sarah, dressmaker, h 210 Broad

Trimmer Theodore, clerk, h 210 Broad

Trinkley John, potter, h 52 Rose

Trinkley John, laborer, h 54 Rose

Tropp Thomas, watch maker, bds 19 Perry

Troth Alfred, retired, h 289 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

Trout David, sawyer, bds 29 Decatur

Trout Elizabeth, widow, res 27 Decatur

Trout Hamilton, iron worker, bds 29 Decatur

Trout Lizzie, wool burler, res 29 Decatur

Trout Margaret, res 29 Decatur

Trout Sarah, weaver, res 27 Decatur

Troutman Frank, notion store, 71 Bellevue av, h do

Truckenbrod George J., iron worker, h 421 Federal

TRUE AMERICAN, THE, daily and weekly (Naar, Day & Naar, publishers; Moses D. Naar, editor), S E cor State and Greene

True Isaac, basket maker, bds 56 Quarry al

Truman John, machinist, h 66 Asbury

Truman William, machinist, h 162 Fair

TRUEX & BRO. (M.W. & E. T. Truex), groceries and provisions, 251 Centre cor Furman

Truex Edgar T. (Truex & Bro.), bds Centre cor Furman

Truex Marcus W. (Truex & Bro.), h Centre cor Furman

Trupp John, barber, 514 Princeton av, h 55 Rose

Trupp John, barber, bds 55 Rose

Trupp Louisa domestic, 42 W State

Tucker Charles, puddler; h 115 Ferry

Tucker David, cook, State Street House

Tucker Ellsworth, roller, bds 115 Ferry

Tucker Eliza, widow, h 237 N Warren

Tucker Henry, brick maker, h Taylor, Millham

Tucker James W., clerk, h 291 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

Tucker John, engineer, h 113 Ferry

Tucker Joseph, laborer, h 384 Reservoir

Tucker Louisa L., bds 221 N Warren

Tuesday Sheffield, potter, h 23 Bayard, Chamb'g

Tuller Chauncey E., salesman, h 39 Model av

Tuller Jeannette E., widow Rufus, h 39 Model av

Tully Bridget, widow, res 68 Fair

Tully James, rubber worker, bds 151 Broad

Tully Thomas J., hose maker, h 353 S Warren

Tulley William J., moulder, bds 68 Fair

Tunis Stephen W., h 266 Jackson

Tunstall Aaron, potter, h 236 Jackson

Tunstall Christopher B., decorator, h 73 Union

Tunstall Edward, sagger maker, h 7 Barbara

Turnbull William, h 13 Second

Turner Benjamin, engraver, h 45 Rose

Turner Benjamin, laborer, bds 691 Broad, Chamb'g

Turner John, laborer, h 691 Broad, Chamb'g

TURNER JOSEPH P., physician, 113 E State, h Pine Grove ft Centre

Turner Robert, spinner, h 478 Centre

Turner Thomas, kilnman, h 23 New Rose

Turner William, life insurance agent, h 378 Clinton

Turpin John, h 251 Clay

Turpin Lydia, dressmaker, res 251 Clay

Tuttle Charles, finisher, bds 25 W State

Twining Henry W., sausage manufr, h 59 Model av

Twiss Robert, machinist, h 42 Mott, Chamb'g

Twist John P., moulder, h 314 Centre

Tye Amos, wool sorter, h 27 Union

Tye Charles, wool sorter, h 35 Union

Tye Joseph H., wool sorter, h 10 Cooper

Tyler Cornelius, engraver, bds 632 Second

Tyler Rosabel M., widow B. O., h 209 N Montgomery

Tyler Solomon, engineer, h 632 Second

Tynan Mary, domestic, 455 W State

Tynan Patrick M., laborer, h 18 Behm

Tynan Thomas, laborer, h 314 N Greene

Tynan Thomas, Jr., butcher, bds 314 N Greene

Tynan Thomas, potter, bds 18 Behm

Tynie John, butcher, bds 184 Brunswick av

Tyre John (Weston & Tyre), h 149 S Stockton

Tyrrell Francis, teamster, h Potts al

Tyrrell Francis, iron worker, bds 5 Ferry

Tyrrell George, kilnman, h 60 Esher

Tyrrell James, laborer, h Sheridan av, Millham

Tyrrell James, carriage painter, h Princeton av n alms house

Tyrrell John, laborer, h 16 Cross

Tyrrell John, h 557 S Warren

Tyrrell Joseph, wire drawer, bds 801 S Warren

Tyrrell Thomas, iron worker, h 5 Ferry

Tyrrell Thomas, painter, bds 557 S Warren

Tyrrell William, potter, bds 16 Cross

Tyrrell William, blacksmith, h 801 S Warren

Tyrrell William, iron worker, bds 5 Ferry

Tyson Peter, carpenter, bds 17 N Willow

ULRICH CHALES F., china and glass decorator, Dickinson, Millham, bds 303 N Warren

Umpleby Frank M., potter, bds 155 Brunswick av

Umpleby Joseph, potter, h 106 N Willow

Umpleby Mary A., widow, h 155 Brunswick av

Umpleby Mary Jane, tailoress, res 155 Brunswick av

Umpleby Thomas, potter, h 23 N Willow

Umpleby William, potter, h 20 Seward av

Ungerleider Morris Rev., rabbi, h 214 Perry

Unheider Theodore, laborer, h Columbia, Chamb'g

UNION CARRIAGE FACTORY (Fitzgibbon & Crisp), Bank n Warren

UNITED STATES HOTEL, Austin M. Walton, prop, 17 and 19 N Warren

Unver Lewis, lock maker, h 17 Herman

UPDEGROVE EDWARD G., sample room and billiard parlor, 25 N Warren, bds American House

Updike Andrew, teamster, bds 260 Allen

Updike Charles, clerk, bds 123 E Front

Updike George laborer, bds 260 Allen

Updike Mulford, laborer, h 13 Annie, Chamb'g

Updike Richard, laborer, bds 312 Clinton

Updite Isaac, sea captain, res Union av, Millham

Updyke Anna, domestic, 240 W State

Updyke Charles H., miller, h 207 E Front

Updyke George, ice cream maker, bds 117 E Hanover

Updyke William, laborer, h 123 E Front

Updyke William C., res Centre cor Landing

Upton Mary A., widow, bds 303 E State

Vagus Henry, potter, h 392 Third

Valdorf Simon, potter, h Clinton cor Cass, Millham

Valentine Jacob S., blacksmith, head Warren and Greene, h 463 Princeton av

Valentine Frederick, bds 140 W State

Valentine Mary E., widow, h 140 W State

Vallance Caroline, widow, h 59 Summer

Vanatta Levi D., bookkeeper, bds 521 S Warren

Vanatta George W., bookkeeper, h 521 S Warren

Van Camp Charles W., express messenger, bds 428 E State

Van Camp Oliver B., clerk, bds 222 N Warren

Van Camp Watson F. (Van Camp & Worthington), h 428 E State

VAN CAMP & WORTHINGTON (Watson F. Van Camp and Albanus L. Worthington), insurance and real estate, 103 E State

Van Camp William, laborer, h 330 S Warren

Van Cleef C. D., conductor P R R, h 216 Mercer

Van Cleef De Witt, messenger, bds 216 Mercer

VAN CLEVE BENJAMIN, real estate agent, 8 E State, h 36 Model av

Van Cleve & Connor (W. G. Van Cleve and Fraincis H. Connor), expressmen, 3 N Warren

Van Cleve Ella, widow Aaron, res 23 Wall

Van Cleve Henry J., clerk, h 110 W Hanover

VAN CLEVE JAMES G., undertaker and embalmer, 15 S Warren, h 24 Model av

Van Cleve John S., receiving clerk, h 235 Perry

Van Cleve Martha A., widow, h 110 W Hanover

Van Cleve William G., (Van Cleve & Connor), h 81 Spring

Vandegrift Margaret, res 409 Market

Vanderbeck George, painter, h 15 Donnelly’s al

Vanderbeck Rostine L., waiter, h 11 Beaver

Vanderight John, rubber worker, h 109 S Feeder

Vanderight Robert, rubber worker, h 129 S Feeder

Vanderveer Cornelius C., instructor state prison, h 64 Pennington

Vanderveer Daniel, laborer, h 1114 Lamberton

Vanderveer Henry jeweler, h 692 Centre

Vanderveer Joseph B., butcher, h 1146 Lamberton

Vandeveer Pierson A., engineer, h 315 Bridge

Vandeventer William, brakeman, h 22 Tucker

Vandewater Robert S., clerk, h 98 Spring

Vandewater William L., bakery, 364 Broad, h do

Van Doren Addison, agent, h 33 Butler, Chamb'g

Vandoren Anna, widow John, res 558 S Warren

Vandoren Andrew J., laborer, h 8 Donnelly's al

Vandoren Harry, tobacco and cigars, 558 S Warren, h do

Van Doren Joseph, saw maker, h 60 Clark, Chamb'g

Vandresser Frank, chain maker, h 452 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Van Duyn Levi S., clerk, h 188 Brunswick av

Van Duyn William B., physician, h 310 Clinton

Van Duyn William J., jeweler, bds 188 Brunswick av

Vandyke Robert, laborer, h 139 Pennington

Vandyke Reoloff, lumber dealer, h 88 Spring

Vandyke Samuel, blacksmith, bds 139 Pennington av

Vanegan Frederick, carpenter, h 26 Sweet's av

Van Fleet Augustus, miller, h 40 W Washington

Van Fleet John V., teamster, b 548 Clinton, Chamb'g

Van Fleet Peter N., carter, bds 321 Elmer, Chamb'g

Vanhart D. Smith, teamster, h 14 E Washington

Vanhart Jacob S., butcher, bds 104 Spring

Vanhart Jonathan C., tailor, 142 N Greene, h do

Vanhart Kate B., domestic, 125 W State

Vanhart William, butcher, h 104 Spring

Vanhise Abraham A., wheelwright, h 114 Pennington av

Vanhise Alfred, pipe maker, bds 572 Second

Vanhise Charles, brick maker, h 118 Maple av

Vanhise Eli R., carpenter, h 614 Second

Vanhise Eliza, widow, res 580 Second

Vanhise Frank, brick maker, bds 114 Pennington av

Vanhise George, teamster, h 580 Second

Vanhise Isaac, h Second cor Lalor

Vanhise James, laborer, h 514 Federal

Vanhise James W., baker, bds 572 Second

Vanhise Jonathan P., huckster, h Second cor Lalor

Vanhise Joseph, laborer, h 41 Passaic

Vanhise Mary, widow, res 572 Second

Vanhise Mary H., dressmaker, h 155 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

Vanhise Morgan, laborer, bds Klagg av, Millham

Vanhise Stephen, engineer, h Klagg av, Millham

Vanhise William, wire worker, h 419 Lamberton

Vanhorn Albert J., potter, h 232 N Warren

Vanhorn Charles, machinist, h 181 Cooper

Vanhorn Charles, music teacher, h 181 Cooper

Vanhorn C. G., grocer, 139 Broad, h do

Vanhorn Elizabeth, widow, res 328 Ferry

Vanhorn Frank B., chain maker, bds 324 W State

Vanhorn George W., tool grinder, h 89 Union

Vanhorn Henry, baggage master, h 106 Bayard, Chamb'g

Vanhorn James T., potter, h 212 Fall

Vanhorn John, h Cooper n Factory

Vanhorn John H., policeman, h 9 Taylor

Vanhorn Joseph, engineer, h 537 Centre

VANHORN LEWIS H plasterer, h 548 Perry

Vanhorn Martha, music teacher, res 181 Cooper

Vanhorn Morris M., teamster, h 66 Spring

Vanhorn Richard F., telegraph operator, bds 137 Mercer

Vanhorn Samuel, clerk, bds 13 Cooper

Vanhorn Samuel, engineer, h 227 Bridge

Vanhorn Thomas F., butcher, h 137 Mercer

Vanhorn Thomas S., supervisor D & R Canal Co., h 324 W State

Vanhorn Virginia, widow David C., res 13 Cooper

Vanhorn William, cigar maker, bds 13 Cooper

Van Houghten Jacob D., deputy state prison, h 504 Market

Vankirk George W., ass’t sup’t, h 219 N Warren

Vankirk Humphrey, clerk, bds 29 Carroll

Vankirk Ralph, clerk, h 29 Carroll

Vankirk William K., printer, bds 144 W State

Vanlieu Jacob, florist, h 35 Summer

Vanlieu Kate, dressmaker, bds 9 Ogden

Van Lieu William H., bookkeeper, h 9 Ogden

Vanluppen Girard, saloon, 70 Cass, h do, Chamb'g

Vanmarter John, laborer, bds 22 Belvidere

Vanmarter Joseph, conductor, h 212 Spring

Vanmarter Lydia, widow, h Washington n Howell, Chamb'g

Vanmarter Theodore, foreman, bds 34 Tyler, Chamb'g

Vanmarter William, brakeman, h Vanderveer's ct Princeton av

Vannest Henry, carpenter, h 1086 Broad, Chamb'g

Vannest Voorhees, retired, bds 51 N Stockton

Vannest William I. (Sinclair, Vannest & Co.), h 240 Clay

Vannorman John B., mason, bds 22 Belvidere

Van Nostran John, deputy state prison, bds 228 Broad

Vannoy Sarah S., h 110 W Front

Van Pelt Andrew F., cooper, bds 135 W Hanover

Vansant Annie, widow Israel, h 96 Lamberton

Vansant Charles C., printer, bds 20 Spring

VANSANT CHARLES T., manufr and dealer in tobacco, cigars, &c., 8 S Greene, h 128 Brunswick av

Vansant Cornelius, retired merchant, h 113 Pennington av

Vansant Elizabeth S., widow, h Hamilton bet Chestnut and Division, Chamb'g

Vansant George C., carpenter, h 22 Barnes

Vansant Isaiah, shoemaker, h 20 Spring

Vansant J. Leslie, printer, bds 105 E Hanover

Vansant Richard R., potter, bds 20 Spring

Vansant Stephen, mason, bds 96 Lamberton

Vansant Thomas, wire worker, bds Hamilton n chestnut, Chamb'g

Vansant William, carpenter, bds 96 Lamberton

Vansant William C., lumber merchant, h 13 Livingston

VANSICKIILL CALEB C., upholsterer, h 19 N Willow

Vansickell Sylvester, Sr., h 234 Perry

VAN SICKELL SYLVESTER, Jr., White House hotel and restaurant, 6 S Warren, h 234 Perry

Van Sickell William M., railroad employee, bds 34 Carroll

Van Syckel Bennet, justice supreme court, h 125 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Van Syckel Charles S., student, bds 125 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Vansyckle Charles, waiter, h 74 Quarry al

Vansyckle George, white washer, h 88 Quarry al

Vansyckel George, jeweler, h 126 Mercer

Vansyckle William, laborer, h 56 Quarry al

Van Syckel William S., law student, bds 125 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Vanzant Garrett, laborer, h 117 Woodland, Chamb'g

Van Zandt Garrett, h 27 E Front

Vanzandt Mary W., saloon, 228 Elmer, Chamb'g, h do

Van Zandt, Myers, h 108 Walnut, Chamb'g

Vare Thomas W., blacksmith, Fair opp Factory, h 159 Cooper

Varner Sarah, widow, res 29 Union

Varner William, junk dealer, 29 Union, h 33 do

Varnum George H., laborer, h 13 Chapel

Vaughn Anna, h 304 Clinton

Vaughn Clark D., clerk, bds Clinton cor Elmer, Chamb'g

Vaughn Henry, street commissioner, h 919 Broad, Chamb'g

Vaughn John H., potter, h Girard av, Millham

Vaughn Thomas W., butcher, bds 710 S Warren

Vaughn William, laborer, h 206 Hamilton Chamb'g

Vaules Harry T., stenographer, h 238 W State

Veidt William, lock fitter, h 67 Tyrill av

Veitch John, watchman Gazette office, h 224 Mercer

Veldorf Samuel, potter, h Klagg av, Millham

Velka Jacob, laborer, h 3 Ferry

Velliger Joseph, h 444 Centre

Velliger Joseph, Jr., iron worker, bds 444 Centre

Vernon Laura widow, h 104 W State

Vescelius William A., watchmaker and jeweler, 18 E State, h do

Vickers William H., potter, h 212 Southard

Vincent Diana, widow, h 418 Reservoir

Vincent Isaac, waiter, bds 29 W Hanover

Vincent William, barber, 7 Chancery

Viot John C., retired, h 244 E Front

Voelske Julius, laborer, h 19 Fountain av

Vogler Henry, cigar manufr, bds 19 Decatur

Vogler January, driver, h 19 Decatur

Volger John, confectioner, h 10 N Willow

Vogt Frederick, baker, h 319 W Hanover

Vold Thomas, kilnman, bds 67 Tyrill av

Volk Emma, widow, res Clinton cor Jennie, Chamb'g

VOLK ERNEST, beer saloon, Clinton cor Jennie, Chamb'g, h do

Volk Frederick, baker, h 307 W Hanover

Volk John, laborer, h Breunig av, Millham

Volk John L., carpenter, h 224 N Willow

Volk Robert N., printer, h 114 Spring

Vollmann Andrew, engineer, h 245 Second

VOLLMER EBERHARD, hotel, 232 Clinton, h do

VolImer John, laborer, h 245 Second

Vollmer William H., potter, h Filmore, Millham

Von Felder Henry, laborer, h 87 Paul av

VOORHEES ABRAHAM, restaurant, 206 N Greene, h do

Voorhees Elmer E., tinsmith, bds 312 N Montgomery

VOORHEES GEORGE D., stoves, ranges, &c., also tip smith, 102 and 104 Perry cor Greene, h 181 Pennington av

Voorhees Gilbert, laborer, h 58 Sweet's av

Voorhees James G., carpenter, h 312 N Montgomery

Voorhees John S., laborer, h 232 ½ Clinton, Millham

Voorhees Mary A., widow, h 346 Broad

Voorhees Mahlon, iron moulder, h 217 N Montgomery

Voorhees Mary M., hair dresser, bds 206 N Greene

Voorhees Samuel E., brick maker, bds 425 Princeton av

Voorhees Susan, widow, h 13 Bellevue av

Voorhees William, hod carrier, bds r 14 Fowler

Voorhis George H., principal Centennial public school, Chamb'g, h 240 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

Votta Pascal, harpist, h 1208 Broad, Chamb'g

Vought Charles E., wire drawer, h 131 Anderson, Chamb'g

Vreeland John J., carpenter, h 200 Hudson, Chamb'g

Vroom Aaron, waiter, h 120 Pennington av

VROOM GARRET D. W., counselor at law, law reporter, also mayor, 24 E State, h 159 W State

Vroom James, warder, bds 138 W Front

Vroom Jane, widow, h 138 W Front

Wade James, laborer, bds 206 Clinton

Wadsworth Matthew, engineer, h 14 Tyrill av

Wagner Charles, teamster, h 56 Wilson

Wagner Constantine, butcher, h 445 N Montgomery

Wagner Frank, potter, h 618 Chestnut, Chamb'g

Wagner Franz, butcher, 410 Hudson, Chamb'g, h do

Wagner Gustave, butcher, h 11 Centre ct

Wagner Laura, saleslady, res Front cor Warren

Wagner Louis, boots and shoes, Warren cor Front, h 4 E Front

Wagner Nicholas, blacksmith, h 332 Centre

Wagner Nicholas H., bookkeeper, bds 332 Centre

Wagner Otto, laborer, h 27 Fountain av

Wagner Peter, laborer, h 310 Lamberton

Wagner Wendle, laborer; bds 4 Front

Wagg John, potter, h Mulberry, Millham

Wah Sam, Chinese laundry, 316 Broad, bds 205 N Greene

Wahrman Henry, grocer, 405 and 407 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Wain Christopher, tailor, h 49 Grant av

Wain James B., timekeeper, h 37 Turpin

Wainwright George, florist, h 627 Princeton av

Wainwright George E., bds 627 Princeton av

Wainwright John H., bds 627 Princeton av

Waite Warren L, telegraph operator, h 239 Mercer

Walcot William, engineer State street lock, h 1124 Lamberton

Wald Christine, widow Nicholas, h 417 Lamberton

Wald Philip, barber, 227 Centre, h do

Waldridge Alfred, potter, h 17 Taylor

Waldron Cornelius, blacksmith, h 725 S Warren

Waldron Freeman rubber worker, h 25 Beatty, Chamb'g

Waldron James, blacksmith, bds 513 S Warren

WALDRON JAMES, hotel, Bridge cor Lamberton, h do

Waldron John, blacksmith, h 71 Lamberton

Waldron Thomas, retail liquors, 268 Clinton, h do

Walk David C., waiter, h 110 W State

WALKER ABSALOM J., merchant tailor, Broad cor Factory, h 515 S Warren

Walker Arthur, potter, h 418 Princeton av

Walker Augustine M., butcher, h 232 Mercer

Walker C. F., tobacco and segars, 509 Perry, h do

Walker Charles H., real estate, 31 S Greene 2d floor

Walker Edward, law student, bds 9 W Front

Walker Frank, engineer, h 259 Clinton, Millham

Walker George, potter, bds 219 Clinton

Walker George, potter, h 503 Perry

Walker Henry, laborer, bds 13 Division

Walker Henry, decorator, h 31 Hart

Walker James M., brick maker, bds 54 Summer

Walker Jeremiah, carpenter, bds Second n Furman

Walker John, ale and beer, Breunig av, Millham, h do

Walker John W., rubber worker, h 15 Dickinson, Millham

Walker John G., saloon, 21 N Willow, h do

Walker John M., mason, h 28 Dickinson, Millham

Walker Mary A., widow, h 2 Spring

Walker Mary A., teacher, res 255 N Greene

Walker Martin, teamster, h 61 Rose

Walker Mrs. H. P., widow Joseph M., bds 209 E Front

Walker Michael, h 201 Lamberton

Walker Samuel, Jr., law student, also school trustee, res 566 N Greene

WALKER SAMUEL, clothier and notions, 255 N Greene, h do

Walker Thomas, salesman, h 39 Summer

Walker Thomas, laborer, bds 6 Landing

Walker William, potter, h 27 Walnut, Chamb'g

Walker William, potter, bds 28 Dickinson, Millham

Walker William R., potter, bds 61 Rose

Walker Zachariah, iron worker, h Emory av n Chestnut, Chamb'g

Walklett Amelia, liquor saloon, Clinton cor Elmer, Chamb'g, h do

Wall Hugh, iron worker, h 213 Fair

Wall James, h 420 Federal

Wall William, machinist, bds 837 S Warren

Wallace Hudson, deputy State prison, h 134 Bayard, Chamb'g

Wallace James J., laborer, bds 39 Jefferson

Wallace James M., chain maker, bds 30 Barnes

Wallace John, baker, h 43 Turpin

Wallace Joseph H., car inspector, h 38 Wall

Wallace Sarah, widow R. W., h 126 N Montgomery

Wallace Thomas, laborer, h 39 Jefferson

Wallace William A., clerk, bds 38 Wall

Wallbank Joseph, potter, bds 25 Sheridan

Walley Henry R., Sr., china decorator, h 463 Broad

Walley Henry R., Jr., china decorator bds 463 Broad

Walley Kate, decorator, bds 463 Broad

Walley Samuel, iron worker, h 139 Second

Walling Elizabeth H., widow William K., h Klagg av, Millham

Wallington George, Tinsmith, h 283 N Willow

Wallington Mrs. George E., res 40 Lamberton

Wallington Taylor T. bookbinder, h 138 Kossuth

Wallis Louis F., musician, h 145 E Hanover

Wallis Mrs. Josephine, fancy goods, 7 N Greene, h 145 E Hanover

Walmsley George, potter, h Filmore, Millham

Walmsley Richard, potter, h Filmore, Millham

Waln Eliza, widow, h 126 Chancery

Walsh John E., hotel, Greene and Pennington, h 111 Brunswick av

Walsh Maria, domestic, 455 W State

Walsh Patrick, laborer, bds 560 Second

Walsh Peter, laborer, h 560 Second

Walsh Thomas, iron worker, h 113 Turpin

Walt Christina, widow, res 417 Lamberton

WALTER FREDERICK, grocer, Clinton cor Perry, h 640 Perry

Walter Sylvester, moulder, h 21 Cass, Chamb'g

Walters George, laborer, h 610 Clinton, Chamb'g

Walters Jacob, wire drawer, h 8 Decatur

Walters Jennie, school teacher, h 4 Southard

Walters John, potter, bds 610 Clinton, Chamb'g

Walters John H., miller, h 175 Cooper

Walters Mary, domestic, h 219 N Warren

Walters Michael, laborer, bds 50 Union

Walters Nicholas, wire drawer, h 535 Centre

Walters Sebastian, iron worker, h 21 Cass, Chamb'g

Walters William, florist, h 18 Park

Walton Alfred, painter, h 94 Lamberton

WALTON AUSTIN M., prop United States Hotel, 17 and 19 N Warren, h do

Walton Benjamin, Jr., mason, bds 109 Cooper

Walton Benjamin, iron worker, bds 478 Centre

Walton Benjamin F., contractor, also coal yard, Lamberton n Market, h 109 Cooper

Walton Charles, carpenter, bds 109 Cooper

Walton Charles, painter, bds 489 Broad

Walton Charles (C. Walton & Son), h 555 S Warren

WALTON CHARLES & SON (William), merchant millers, 113 Fair

Walton John, mason, bds 489 Broad

Walton John H., janitor, h 46 Wilson

Walton Hiram, clerk, h 204 Spring

Walton Joseph, laborer, h 368 Reservoir

Walton Lewis N., car p enter, h 117 Lamberton

Walton Mrs., widow, bds 136 N Warren

Walton & Scott (Austin M. Wa1ton and Jerome C. Scott), miners and shippers of building stone, 164 W Hanover

Walton William (C. Walton & Son), h 525 S Warren

Walton William W., blacksmith, h 632 Perry

Walton Jacob, laborer, h 721 Clinton, Chamb'g

Wambold Andrew, laborer, h 118 Roebling, Chamb'g

Wambold George, laborer, bds 118 Roebling, Chamb'g

Wambold John, harness maker, h 115 S Feeder

Wambold Solomon, watchman, h 151 Fair

Wanderlick Bernard, tailor, bds 228 Broad

Warburton Benjamin, Jr., clerk, h Hill's al n Bridge

Warburton Benjamin, salesman, h Hill's al n Bridge

Ward John, teamster, h 328 Southard

Ward John, potter, h 126 Roebling, Chamb'g

Ward John W., laborer, h 78 Esher

WARD LUTHER, marble and granite yard, 313 and 315 E State, h 311 do

Ward Luther, Jr., marble cutter, bds 249 Mercer

Ward Peter, laborer, h 326 Southard

Ward Sarah, widow, res 133 Pennington av

Ward Thomas, kilnman, bds 67 Tyrill av

Ward William A. J., whitewasher, h 227 S Feeder

Warden Lizzie, widow, h 333 N Montgomery

Wardell Charles H., h 248 E Hanover

Wardell Charles H., Jr., teacher, bds 248 E Hanover

Ware Samuel, clerk, h 230 E State

Wareham Horatio, potter, h Klagg av, Millham

Wareham William H., potter, h 51 Sheridan av

WARMAN DAVID, physician, 132 N Warren, h do

Warman Thomas, book agent, bds 224 E Front

Warner Archie D., teamster, h 19 Humboldt

Warner Asa B., potter, h 219 Spring

Warner Charles, laborer, h r 835 S Warren

Warner David, expressman, h 203 Fair

Warner Edward H., potter, h 6 Pennington av

Warner Elias D., bds 112 Spring

Warner Frank A., clerk, bds 862 Broad

Warner Jacob, stone mason, bds Dolton's blk

Warner James M., blacksmith, h 97 Carroll

Warner Jane, widow, res 417 Market

Warner John, laborer, bds 6 Pennington av

Warner Myra, 522 S Warren

Warner Ralph L., dentist, h 30 E Front

Warner William, engineer, h 312 Lamberton

Warner William, expressman, h 203 Fair

Warner William, saw maker, h 711 Broad, Chamb'g

Warren Edward, crate maker, bds Breunig av, Millham

Warren George T., foreman, h 133 Turpin

Warren Parmelee M. (Hall & Warren), bds 16 E Front

Wasburn Ephraim F., variety store, 110 N Warren, h Dolton's blk

Washburn George E., clerk, bds Dolton's blk

Washburn Charlotte, washing, Chauncey

Washington John, laborer, h 39 New Rose

Wasoski John, brick maker, h 720 Second

Watchorn Joseph, iron worker, h 558 Chestnut, Chamb'g

Waterhouse Elizabeth, bds 212 N Greene

Waters Amos F., clerk, h 5 Pennington av

Waters Charles D., bookkeeper, bds 116 W State

Waters John, laborer, h 554 Clinton, Chamb'g

Waters William, wire drawer, bds 554 Clinton, Chamb'g

Watkin Henry, potter, h 241 Elmer, Chamb’g

Watkin Richard, dish maker, h 16 Grant av

Watkin Thomas, plate maker, h, Dickinson n Cass, Millham

Watkins Charles, kindling wood, h 406 Reservoir

Watkins Samuel, teamster, h Klagg av, Millham

Watkinson Rev. William E., h 54 Wall

Watson Earl M., grinder, bds 450 Broad

Watson Elsworth, machinist, bds 6 Lamberton

Watson Hannah, widow, res 138 Mercer

Watson John, machine shop, Fair, h 6 Lamberton

Watson John, Central market, Jackson cor Market, h 34 Wall

Watson Louisa, dressmaker, res 31 E Washington

Watson Moses, laborer, 112 Jersey av, Chamb'g

Watson Noble, machinist, bds 6 Lamberton

Watson Samuel, wool worker, bds 214 S Warren

Watson William, moulder, h 29 Cooper

Watson William H., tobacconist, 130 S Greene, h 29 Cooper

Watson William J., teamster, h 112 Jersey av, Chamb'g

Watson William N., boots and shoes, 17 Spring, h 65 do

Watts Charles, laborer, bds 234 Elmer, Chamb'g

Watts H., waiter, h 9 Bellevue av

Watts Walter C., engineer, h 201 Calhoun

Watts William, slater, h 234 Elmer, Chamb'g

Wayman Henry P., produce dealer, 114 S Greene, h 220 Jackson

WAYMAN JOHN T., livery, sale and exchange stables, 413 Broad, h 216 Jackson

Weart Maggie H., widow John A., res 30 W State

Weart Rebecca, widow, res 30 W State

Weatherby Isaac, pres't Trenton Woolen Co., h 185 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Weaver Anthony, hod carrier, h 56 Passaic

Weaver John, laborer, h 258 Kossuth

Weaver Jordan T., carpenter, h 261 Clay

Weaver Maggie P., widow, bds State Street House

Weaver Michael, mason, h 36 Passaic

Weaver William, splicer, bds 35 Clark, Chamb'g

Webb James, potter, bds 41 Bond

Webb James laborer, h 24 Rose

Webb John, coachman, 65 Clinton av

Webb John, potter, bds 30 Bond

Webb John, farmer, bds Pennington av, Ewing twp

Webb John T., potter, h 28 Bond

Webb Joseph, laborer, h 30 Bond

Webb Margaret, widow, h 41 Bond

Webb Thomas W., kilnman, bds 30 Bond

Weber Alexander T., waiter, h 9 Camden

Weber Charles S., salesman, h 125 Academy

Weber Frank, chain maker, h 157 W Washington

Weber George, machinist, h Lamberton n Cass

Weber Gustav, potter, h 19 Behm

Weber Henry, mason, h 29 New Rose

Weber Henry F., decorator, bds Southard n Perry

Weber Henry T., book keeper, h 44 Ewing

Weber Jacob A., butcher, h 1016 Clinton, Chamb'g

Weber John, gardener, h 258 Kossuth

Weber John L., live stock dealer, h 125 Brunswick av

Weber Joseph, carter, h 29 Chapel

Weber Mary, domestic, h 227 Allen

Weber Peter, machinist, h 495 Centre

Weber Philip, barber, Clinton n Webster, Millham, h do

Webster Frances, teacher, bds 204 Academy

Weckerle Aloise, laborer, h 700 Adeline, Chamb'g

Weeden Claude P. (Weeden & Bro.), h 318 Pennington av

Weeden William & Bro. (Claude P.), carriage painters, head of Warren and Greene

Weeden William C., (Weeden & Bro.), h 322 Princeton av

Weedging Gustav, mining engineer, bds 362 Broad

Weeding Charles, charcoal sinker, h 235 Elmer, Chamb'g

Weeks Charles, potter, h 312 N Greene

Weeks Kate, school teacher, res 134 Second

WEEKS HENRY M., physician, 121 W State, h do

Weeks William, h 134 Second

Weelans Charles, potter, bds 698 Clinton, Chamb'g

Weelans John, potter, h 23 High, Chamb'g

Weelans Robert, potter, bds 411 Hudson, Chamb'g

Weelans Robert, potter, h 698 Clinton, Chamb'g

Weid Wilbert U., gilder, h 171 Brunswick av

Weideman Martin, blacksmith h 585 Clinton, Chamb'g

Weigand Charles, blacksmith, h 121 Ferry

Weigand Theodore, heater, h 520 Lamberton

Weigand Theodore, policeman, h 221 Ferry

Weil Kate, widow George, h 65 Cass, Chamb'g

Weir Christian, laborer, h 15 Hewitt, Chamb'g

Weir Henry A., engineer, h 467 Calhoun

Weirman Theodore, candy maker, h 6 Johnson's pl

Weiss Adam, iron worker, bds 852 Lamberton

Weiss Ferdinand, finisher, h 331 Fair

Weiss Joseph, laborer, h 918 Clinton, Chamb'g

Weiss Martin, iron worker, bds 852 Lamberton

Weist Harry J., tinsmith, h 118 N Willow

Weithert Oswald, carpenter, h 46 Cooper

Welch Martin, laborer, h Breunig av, Millham

Welch John, tailor, bds 19 Green's al

Welch Theodore, waiter, h 55 Quarry al

Welcher Garret, puddler, h 394 Fair

Welcher Jesse, puddler, h 412 Fair

Weld Joseph D., bookkeeper, h 216 N Warren

Weldon John, roller, bds 52 Asbury

Weldon Matthew, kindling wood factory, 52 Asbury, h do

Weldon Matthew, Jr., laborer, bds 52 Asbury

Weldon Michael, roller, bds 52 Asbury

Weldy Emil, wire bundler, h r 516 Clinton, Chamb'g

Welger Joseph, iron worker, h 444 Centre

Weller Frank M., bds 450 Brunswick av

Weller George H., bds 450 Brunswick av

Weller Harry H. (Hiram Weller's Sons), h 450 Brunswick av

Weller Hiram Sons (Harry H. and William E.), ship carpenters 450 Brunswick av

Weller William E. (Hiram Weller's Sons), bds 450 Brunswick av

Welling Alden, student, bds 18 Tyler, Chamb'g

Welling Charles, lawyer, h 66 Clinton av

Welling E. H., auctioneer, h 18 Tyler, Chamb'g

Welling Isaac H., coal agent, h Rutherford n Bellevue av

Welling Joseph T., h 439 Bellevue av

Welling Mrs. H. J., res 439 Bellevue av

Welling Lewis, clerk, h 66 Clinton

Wellington A. H. (Morrisville Manuf'g Co.), bds Trenton House

Wells Matilda, widow, h 16 Delaware

Wells Walter, clerk, h 16 De1aware

Wells William A., clerk, h 92 Spring

Welsh Ann, domestic, 321 Market

Welsh Curtis, potter, bds 219 Clinton

Welsh Ellen, res 34 Decatur

Welsh Henry, potter, bds 1 Prince, Millham

Welsh James, potter, h 1 Prince, Millham

Welsh John, potter, bds 1 Prince, Millham

Welsh John, potter, h 609 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

Welsh John H., engineer, Ingham av n Princeton av

Welsh John, canal stable boss, h N Feeder, n Rose

Welsh Leonard, waiter, h 201 Pennington av

Welsh Margaret, res 34 Decatur

Welsh Nicholas, peddler, bds 458 Lamberton

Welsh Peter, roller, bds 458 Lamberton

Welsh Richard, laborer, h 45 Grand, Chamb'g

Welsh Thomas, potter, bds 509 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

Welsh William, laborer, h 504 Lamberton

Welty Albert, laborer, bds 516 Clinton, Chamb'g

Wendling John, grocer, 59 Lamberton, h do

Wengart Joseph, notions, &c., 144 Rose, h do

Wengert Anthony, barber, 15 E Front, h do

Wennerstrom John, heater, h 341 Centre

Went August, laborer, h 814 Clinton, Chamb'g

Wentworth James F., machinist, h 257 Clay

Wentz Augustus, laborer, h 814 Clinton, Chamb'g

Wentz Christopher, real estate, h 429 E State

WENTZ PHILIP H., groceries and dry goods, Broad cor Market, res 309 Market

Wenzel Albert, iron worker, h 144 Turpin

Wenzel Frederick, Jr., potter, bds 46 Sweet's av

Wenzel Frederick, laborer, h 46 Sweet's av

Wenzel George (Tessing & Wenzel), h Centre cor Ferry

Wenzel Kressler, butcher, h 80 Perrine av

Wenzel Louis, roller, h 122 New Rose

Wenzell S. S., agent, 266 Clay

Werkheiser John N., engineer, h 120 Lamberton

Werkheiser Luther B., cigar maker, bds 120 Lamberton

Werkheiser Morris C., saw maker, bds 120 Lamberton

Werneke Frederick W., carpenter, h 26 Sweet's av

WESBY JOHN R., bookbinder, 45 E State, h 11 N Stockton

Wesley Hannah, widow, h 74 Quarry al

West A. Lincoln, machinist, bds 241 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

WEST, CLARK & CASE (William West, A. E. Clark, H. C. Case), wholesale grocers, Stockton cor Merchant

West Charles H., blacksmith, bds 241 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

West Charles W. (Leinbach, Wolle & Co.), bds Trenton House

West Frank, bookbinder, bds 4 Johnson’s row

West George, clerk, bds 40 Southard

West George N., huckster, bds 38 Bank

West George R., laborer, bds 330 N Warren

West James, tobacconist, 422 Ferry, h do

West James T., mason, h 241 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

West Job, restaurant, 334 N Greene, h do

West John, carter, h 704 Clinton, Chamb'g

West John R. (West & Smith), h 40 Southard

West John T., wire drawer, bds 704 Clinton, Chamb'g

West Lewis, fish dealer, h 128 Pennington av

West Mary A., millinery, 104 E Hanover, h do

West Mary L., widow, h Ashley pl, 508 E State

West Theodore, huckster, bds 38 Bank

West M. Theresa, widow, h 94 Spring

West Samuel, baker, h 449 Prospect, Chamb'g

West Sarah, widow, res 296 Fall

WEST & SMITH (John R. West and Howard I. Smith), flour and feed, Commerce n Stockton

West Stephen, huckster, h 26 Bayard, Chamb'g

West Thomas J., restaurant, 32 E. Front, h do

West William, clerk, bds 32 E Front

West William (West, Clark & Case), h 107 W State

West William D., h 207 Perry

West William M., drug clerk, h 330 Broad

West William T (Prior & West), h 508 E State

West Zimri, cracker bakery, Coleman n Broad, h Orange, N J

Westbrook Abraham D., agent, h 527 E State

WESTCOATT RICHARD, prop Tremont House, 330 E State

Westenburger Anthony, carpenter, h 36 Rose

Westenburger Anna, domestic, 222 W State

Westenburger John, chain maker, bds 36 Rose

WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH (Francis H. Duncan, manager), office N E cor State and Warren

Weston George (Weston & Tyre), h 149 S Stockton

WESTON & TYRE (George Weston & John Tyre) marble sculptors, 28 S Stockton

Weston Wardell, carpenter, h 83 Clark, Chamb'g

Westwood Rev. John R., pastor Central M E Church, h 319 Market

Whalen Abigail, widow John, h 126 Humboldt

Whalen Ann, widow Dennis, h ft Division

Whalen Charles, iron worker, h 332 Union

Whalen John, potter, bds 18 E Canal

Whalen Michael, potter, h St. Joseph av, Millham

Whalen Patrick, shoemaker, h 18 E Canal

Whalen Walter, shoe fitter, h 103 S Warren

Wharton Charles W., telegraph lineman, h 51 Butler

Wharton Edward F., potter, h 314 Jennie, Chamb'g

Wharton Henry, potter, Jennie cor Hamilton, Chamb'g

Wharton Lucinda, domestic, 698 Centre

Wharton Mary A., shirt maker, h 17 S Warren

Wharton Sarah, shirt maker, 17 S Warren

Wharton Timothy, traveling salesman, h 6 W State

Wharton William K., telegrapher, h 11 Carroll

Whayland Wesley A., watchman, h 52 Clark, Chamb'g

Wheatley Mary E., dressmaker, bds 616 Clinton, Chamb'g

Wheatley Patrick, laborer, h 616 Clinton, Chamb'g

Wheaton Deborrah, widow, res 162 Lamberton

Whee1er Edgar M., bookkeeper, h 27 N Stockton

WHEELER FRANK A., chief of police, 618 Clinton, Chamb'g, h do

Wheeler Philander S., clerk, h 178 Pennington av

Wheeling Adeline (Johnson & Wheeling), h 152 N Greene

Whelan Ann, widow Dennis, h 117 Grand

Whelan Edward, kiln placer, h 369 Brunswick av

Whelan John, puddler, bds 44 Asbury

Whelan William, puddler, h 44 Asbury

Whidden George W., foreman h 113 Centre

Whildey Alonzo, cigar maker, h 209 Clay

Whildey Clet R., policeman, h 582 Centre

Whildey George, moulder, h 209 Clay

Whildey John, blacksmith, h 35 Butler, Chamb'g

Whildey Lewis A., brakeman, h 162 Anderson, Chamb'g

Whildey William, kilnman, h 209 Clay

White Albert, h 216 Hamilton, Chamb'g

White Alfred, iron worker, bds 227 Second

White Benjamin R., h 59 Ewing

White Bridget, widow, res 44 Decatur

White Caleb R., carpenter, h 97 Clark cor Elmer, Chamb'g

White Charles T., laborer, bds 126 W Front

White Edgar A., carpenter, h 223 Clay

White Edmund C., wire drawer, bds 115 Centre

White Edward F., iron worker, h Centre n Federal

White Edmund S., tinsmith, bds 37 W Front

White George C., machinist, h 308 Union

White Henry T. (Craft & White), h 8 Lewis

White John B., harness maker, bds 113 W Hanover

White John H., h 11 Decatur

White Nathan, tinsmith, h 507 Market

White Phoebe A., widow John W., h 37 W Front

White Samuel C., engineer, bds 702 Second

White Sarah, widow, res 702 Second

White T. M., prin Centre St. School, h Pine Grove, ft Centre

White William, painter, h 558 S Warren

White William B., expressman, h 11 Decatur

WHITE WILLIAM H., stoves and tinware, 118 N Greene h 266 Spring

Whitehead Bros.' Rubber Mfg Co., Assanpink creek, E Trenton

Whitehead Charles, cashier First National Bank, h 167 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Whitehead Edgar (Hamilton Rubber Co.), bds 247 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Whitehead Edward, loom boss, h 203 S Warren

Whitehead Frederick (Hamilton Rubber Co.), bds 247 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Whitehead George H. (Whitehead Rubber Co.), bds 237 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Whitehead James R. (Whitehead Rubber Co.), h 237 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Whitehead Joseph (Hamilton Rubber Co.), h 247 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Whitehead C. Louis, clerk, bds 167 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Whitehead Richard M., h 340 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

Whitehead Richard R, Jr. (Whitehead Rubber Co.), bds 237 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Whitehead Thomas (Franklin Pottery), h Clinton cor Sherman, Millham

Whitehead William R. (Swann, Tatler & Co.), h 218 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Whitehouse Samuel, blacksmith, 827 Ferry, h 645 Second

Whitlock Abram, laborer, h 224 Allen

Whitlock Jacob, huckster, h 258 Allen

Whitley Elizabeth, widow, Lalor n Deutzville

Whitney Elizabeth M., trimmings, &c., 151 N Greene, h do

Whittenborn David T., engineer, bds 703 Broad, Chamb'g

Whittenborn Frederick T., dry goods and groceries, 703 Broad, Chamb'g, h do

Whittenborn John, laborer, h 820 Clinton, Chamb'g

Whittenborn John T., clerk, bds 703 Broad Chamb'g

Whitaker William (Whitaker & Skirm), h 231 E State

Whitaker & Skirm (William Whitaker and Asa F. Skirm), chain works, W Hanover ab Willow

Whittaker Albert J., cashier Trenton Bank, h 207 Broad

Whittaker Caroline, res 603 Centre

Whittaker George, engineer, bds 246 N Feeder

Whittaker George R., bookkeeper, h 324 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

Whittaker George W., engineer, h 123 Jefferson

Whittaker Helen, teacher, res 603 Centre

Whittaker James W., painter, h 8 Spring

Whittaker John, laborer, bds 13 Emory, Chamb'g

WHITTAKER JOHN H., architect, 4 N Greene, h 105 E Hanover

Whittaker Sarah, widow Richard, bds Chestnut cor Clinton, Chamb'g

Whittaker Thomas A., carpenter, h 246 N Feeder

Whittaker Wesley E., real estate agent, 226 Broad, h 145 Jackson

Whittaker William, potter, bds 13 Emory, Chamb'g

Whittaker William J., wire drawer, h 13 Emory, Chamb'g

Whittick Minnie, saleslady, bds 215 Academy

Whittle Hannah, trimmings and notions, 570 S Warren, h do

Whittle John, spinner, h 570 S Warren

Whomsley William, foreman, h 149 Cooper

Wickoff Mary, h 143 Perry

Widmann Charles, decorator, bds 115 Market

Widman Henry, moulder, bds 63 Union

Wier Lena, domestic, bds 900 Clinton, Chamb'g

Wiere Michael, laborer, h 537 Lamberton

Wiesner Jacob, watchmaker and jeweler, 159 Broad, h do

Wietzel Henry, iron worker, h 21 Brown, Chamb'g

Wiggins Hannah, school teacher, bds Dolton's block

Wiggins Howard, clerk, bds 35 Clark

Wigley John, decorator, h 88 Ewing

Wikoff Augustus, grocer, 497 Princeton av, h do

Wikoff Charles C., carpenter, h 55 N Stockton

Wikoff James W., sewing machine agent, bds 245 Centre

Wilbur Mary A., bds 423 Bridge

Wildblood Frederick, potter, h 42 Grant av

Wildblood Jacob, potter, h 241 Mercer

Wildblood John, potter, bds 241 Mercer

Wildblood William, laborer, bds 11 Mott, Chamb'g

Wildey John, blacksmith, h 35 Butler, Chamb’g

Wiley Frank, rubber maker, h 13 Mott Chamb’g

Wiley Gerardus W., saddlery, trunks, &c., 7 S Warren

Wiley Isaac W., h 7 S Warren

Wilkes Aaron, machinist, bds 204 Second

Wilkes Annie E., school teacher, res 21 New

Wilkes Harry, machinist, h 3 Dillon's al

Wilkes Joseph, machinist, h 21 New

Wilkes Josie B., clerk, res 21 New

WILKES MOSES, groceries and provisions, 202 Second cor Furman, h 204 do

Wilkes Peter (MacKenzie & Wilkes), h 414 Broad

Wilkes Sarah, widow, res 240 Second

Wilkes William H., plumber, bds 21 New

Wilkin Christopher, laborer, h 7 Cummings, Chamb'g

Wilkin William, laborer, bds 54 Lamberton

Wilking Jacob, wine and beer saloon, 108 and 110 N Greene

Wilkins Edward, iron worker, h 801 Lamberton

Wilkinson Andrew J., saloon, 326 S Warren, bds 15 Lamberton

Wilkinson Mrs. C D., widow, h 209 E State

Wilkinson Frederick R., res 209 E State

Wilkinson Harry C., agent, bds 209 E State

Wilkinson Herbert, potter, h 36 Seward av

Wilkinson John, saw maker, h 459 Lamberton

Wilkinson Joseph, switchman, h Washington n Kent, Chamb'g

Wilkinson Sarah, widow Ogden, h 209 E State

Willard Mary, teacher State Normal school, res Normal hall

Willes George D., bds Trenton House

Willets Daniel (Willets Manufg Co.), res New York

Willlets Edmund R. (Willets Manufg Co.), h 203 E Hanover

Willets Joseph (Willets Manufg Co.), h 203 E Hanover

WILLETS MANUFG CO. (Joseph Willets, pres't; Daniel Willets, sec'y; Edmund R. Willets, treas), pottery, Brunswick av

Willets Thomas, chain maker, h Anderson n Rusling, Chamb'g

Willets William, engineer, bds 306 Lamberton

Willever John C., rubber maker, h 56 Union

Willever Joseph, rubber maker, h 76 Union

Williams Achsah, dressmaker, res 31 Chapel

WILLIAMS ALBERT F., manfg jeweler, Centre cor Federal, h 126 Second

WILLIAMS ANTHONY T., boots and shoes, 139 N Greene, h 224 Spring

Williams Charles, carpenter, bds 260 Mercer

Williams Charles H., jeweler, h 416 Third

Williams Charles, iron worker bds 595 Centre

Williams Curles T. (Withington & Williams), h 154 N Greene

Williams Daniel, saw maker, bds 18 Decatur

Williams David, potter, bds 21 William, Chamb'g

Williams Emma, h 323 W Hanover

Williams Frank H., physician, h, 6 Southard

Williams Frederick, porter P R R, h 183 W Hanover

Williams George, laborer7 h 70 Scudder's al

Williams George, carpenter, h New n Warren

Williams Ida, domestic, 125 E Hanover

Williams Isaac R, coachman, h 32 Chancery

Williams James, lock maker, h 69 Cass, Chamb'g

Williams James N., cabinet maker, h 328 Centre

Williams Joel C., rubber maker, h 145 Academy

Williams John, potter, bds 64 Perrine av

Williams John, laborer, h 155 Pennington av

Williams John, laborer, bds 241 S Feeder

Williams John, roller, h 67 Union

Williams John P., plumber, h 117 Calhoun

Williams Joseph, butcher, 426 Lamberton, h do

Williams Joseph, laborer, h 1050 Lamberton

Williams Joseph, potter, bds 117 S Feeder

Williams Joseph, waiter, bds 29 W Hanover

Williams Louis R., jeweler, h 130 Second

Williams Margaret, attendant Children's Home, 316 N Warren

Williams Mary, widow, h 18 Decatur

Williams Mattie, bds 284 N Willow

Williams Nehemiah, chain maker, h 1060 Broad, Chamb'g

Williams Richard, painter, h 117 Calhoun

Williams Richard, potter, h Division cor Rusling, Chamb'g

Williams Robert, laborer, bds 418 Reservoir

Williams Sarah, widow, h 117 S Feeder

Williams Sarah A., h 139 N Greene

Williams Wesley P., laborer, h 31 Chapel

Williams William, carpenter, h 767 Chambers, Chamb'g

Williams William, potter, bds 167 and 169 Broad

Williams William, fireman, bds 440 Broad

Williams William, shingler, h Ferry cor Union

Williams William, Jr., roller, bds 154 Ferry

Williams William, Jr., iron worker, bds Ferry cor Union

Williams William, tobacconist, Ferry cor Union, h do

Williams William E., grocer, Centre cor Federal, h 346 Centre

Williams William H., jeweler, bds 346 Centre

Williams Rev. William H., h 326 N Montgomery

Williamson George, clerk, bds 126 N Montgomery

Williamson George W., brakeman, h 113 Brunswick av

Williamson James, kilnman, bds 11 New York av, E Trenton

Williamson James, laborer, bds 218 N Willow

Williamson John D., clerk, h 110 Clinton, Chamb'g

Williamson Martha, widow, h 218 N Willow

Williamson Nicholas, salesman, bds 136 N Warren

Willis George W., clerk, h 47 W State

Willis Sarah, millinery, 27 E State, h 30 W State

Willis William, engineer, bds 306 Lamberton

Willis William, Sr. (C. B. Bennett & Co.), h 30 W State

Willis William T., rubber worker, h 108 Allen

Wilner Edward E., lather, h 12 Fowler

WILSON AHAB, Eureka livery and boarding stables, 5, 7, 9 and 11 W Washington, h 114 Centre

Wilson Albert C. D. (J. H. Wilson & Co.), h 109 Perry

Wilson Alfred, bookkeeper, bds 697 Centre

Wilson Alonzo, carpenter, h 56 Bellevue av

Wilson Augustus, carpenter, h 79 Spring

Wilson, Charles, laborer, h 321 Elmer, Chamb'g

Wilson Charles, mattress maker, bds 19 N Stockton

Wilson Charles, jeweler, h 698 Centre

Wilson Clark, laborer, h 9 Camden

Wilson Clifford E., salesman, bds 42 Clinton av

Wilson Courtland, engineer, h 43 Passaic

Wilson Cornelia A., widow William, res 49 N Stockton

Wilson Edward, blacksmith, bds 143 N Warren

Wilson Frank H., clerk, bds 109 Perry

Wilson Franklin, waiter, bds 9 Camden

Wilson George, moulder, bds 1089 Clinton, Chamb'g

Wilson George, wire drawer, bds 234 Mercer

Wilson George, rubber worker, Clinton n Girard, Millham

Wilson George, kilnman, h 31 Hart, Millham

Wilson George F. (George F. Wilson & Co.), h 22 Clinton

WILSON GEORGE F. & CO. (H. F. Baker), druggists, State cor Stockton

Wilson George H., carpenter, h 21 Butler, Chamb'g

Wilson George M., engineer, h 41 Carroll

Wilson George W., saw maker, h 558 Centre

Wilson Harry W. H., paper hanger, bds 109 Perry

Wilson Henry C., New York and Trenton Tea Co., 175 Broad, h 125 S Greene

Wilson Isaac, carpenter, h 221 Elmer, Chamb'g

WILSON ISAAC R., counselor at law, 103 E State, bds Dolton’s block

WILSON JAMES, counselor at law, 132 E State, h do

Wilson James, carpenter, h 128 Second

Wilson James H. (J. H Wilson & Co.), h 109 Perry

WILSON JAMES H. & CO. (A. C. D. Wilson), wall paper, &c., 20 E State

Wilson James J., salesman, bds 177 Broad

Wilson John, moulder, h 1089 Clinton, Chamb'g

Wilson John, gardener, bds 526 Perry

Wilson John, teamster, bds 234 Mercer

Wilson John A., captain, h 697 Centre

Wilson John B., stair builder h 222 Fair

Wilson John D., salesman, bds 109 Perry

Wilson John D., agent D & R canal, h 321 Academy

WILSON J. F. & CO. (L Holdridge), photographers, 4 S Greene

Wilson J. F. (J. F. Wilson & Co.), bds 16 Front

Wilson Joseph K., laborer, h 407 Bridge

Wilson Kendrick R., lock fitter, bds 321 Elmer, Chamb'g

Warburton George, bartender, bds 119 S Greene

Wilson Lawrence F., fruit and confectionery, 6 W State, h 508 S Warren

Wilson Mrs. L. H., music teacher, bds 105 E Hanover

Wilson Moses, cracker baker, h 338 Centre

Wilson Phoebe, widow, h 543 Broad

Wilson Reuben C., linesman, bds 234 Mercer

Wilson Richard, dyer, h 487 Broad

Wilson Richard P. (Wilson & Stokes), h 202 Broad

Wilson Robert, fruits, &c., 6 S Greene, h 177 Broad

Wilson Robert, carpenter, h 306 N Greene

Wilson Robert, hotel steward, h 37 Bellevue av

WILSON SAMUEL K, woolen mills, Fair n Mill and Factory n Warren, h 212 Greenwood av, Chamb'g

Wilson Samuel R., harness, &c., 243 E Hanover, h Dolton's Block

WILSON & STOKES (Richard P. Wilson and William J. B. Stokes), coal dealers, Broad n P R R Station, Chamb’g

Wilson Sylvester H., h 582 Brunswick av

Wilson Thomas, carpenter, bds 221 Elmer, Chamb'g

Wilson Thomas, clock repairer, bds 23 W State

Wilson Van, chain maker, h 365 Fair

WILSON WESLEY E., carpets, 20 E State, h 42 Clinton av

Wilson William, butcher, 341 Broad, h 313 do

Wilson William, carpenter, h Hamilton, Chamb'g

Wilson William, cabinet maker, bds 244 E Hanover

Wilson William laborer, bds 334 Ewing

Wilson William, laborer, h 18 Maple, Millham

Wilson William E., marble cutter, bds 227 E Hanover

Wilson William P., agent John A. Roebling's Sons Co., h 473 W State

Wilson William P., engineer, h 698 Broad, Chamb'g

Wimer Peter R., machinist, h 221 Fall

Winans Thomas, clerk, h 39 W State

Winant Elwood, kilnman, bds 5 Barbara

Winder A., millinery and trimmings, 434 Broad, h do

Winder Charles, pattern maker, h 61 Decatur

Winder James, cigar manufr, 17 New, h do

Winder Theodore, selecter, bds 484 Broad

Winder Warren, wire drawer, h 245 Elmer, Chamb'g

Winder William B., machinist, h 560 S Warren

Winkle George, potter, bds 74 Wall

Winkler Albert, leader Winkler's Band, h 18 W Front

Winkler Emil, musician, h 54 ½ Lamberton

Winkler Gottwald, toys, &c., 112 N Greene, h do

Winkler Gustav, piano manufr, 141 N Warren, h do

Winkler William G., musician, bds 112 N Greene

Winn Henry, puddler, h ft Union bel Cass

Winner Charles, potter, bds 25 Walnut, Chamb'g

Winner Elias H., shoemaker, h 252 N Feeder

Winner William H., rubber worker, h 210 Brunswick av

WINTER JOHN, Grand Central Hotel and Garden, 123 S Greene, h do

Winters James, potter, bds 318 Clinton

Winters Peter, laborer, bds 3 Hart av, Millham

Wirth John, blacksmith, h 68 Clark, Chamb'g

Wishert Matthew, tobacconist, 331 Second, h do

Wishert Peter, painter, h 327 Second

Wismer W. Edward, baker, h 105 S Feeder

Witeleh Jacob, cabinet maker, h 215 Kossuth

Witham George E., sup't fire alarm, h 26 W Washington

Witham George H., pressman bds 26 W Washington

Witham Samuel, potter, bds 26 W Washington

Witham Susan, widow, h 26 W Washington

Witherup Emeline B., widow David, h 49 N Stockton

Withington Hiram R. (Withington & Williams), Titusville, N J

Withington James, sup't Trenton Iron Co., also mayor Chamb'g, h 218 Hamilton av, Chamb'g

WITHINGTON & WILLIAMS (Hiram R. Withington and Curles T. Williams), auctioneers and general managers of public and private sales, 102 and 104 N Warren, cor Hanover

Witter Henry R., tinsmith, h 72 Spring

Woerner Charles J., leather and findings, 149 Broad, h 644 Broad, Chamb'g

Wohlfahrter Anthony, bricklayer, bds 10 Pennington av

Wohlfahrter Wilhemina, widow, h 10 Pennington av

Wolcott Amanda, widow Aaron, res 117 E Hanover

Wolcott Augustus N., marble yard, Lamberton cor Factory, h 9 Market

Wolcott William, kilnman, h 55 Pennington av

Wolf Charles, machinist, h 213 Union

Wolf Charles, h 326 N Greene

Wolf Herman, laborer, bds 23 Jennie, Chamb'g

Wolf John M., Jr., grocer, bds 23 Jennie, Chamb'g

Wolf John M., laborer, h 23 Jennie, Chamb'g

Wolf Mary, widow, h 1315 Clinton, Chamb'g

Wombough John H., potter, bds 129 S Feeder

Wombough John L., harness maker, h 129 S Feeder

WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION ROOMS (Mrs. Louisa E. Allen, pres't; Miss Annie T. Bailey, sec'y), rooms 20 and 22 E State, 2d floor

Wood Alfred clerk h 73 Carr

Wood Albert, painter, h 125 Lamberton

Wood Ann, widow, h 42 Wood

Wood Charles, junk man, h 12 Conover al

Wood Charles, potter, h E Trenton av, Millham

Wood Charles B., kilnman, h 59 Sweet's av

Wood Charles B., conductor P R R, h 113 Southard

Wood Charles H., carpenter, bds American House

Wood Daniel H., teamster, h 1314 Clinton, Chamb'g

Wood Edgar M., wire drawer, h 310 Bridge

Wood Edith E., h 284 N Willow

Wood Edmund (Wood & Son), bds 143 Mercer

Wood Edward S., student, bds 138 E State

Wood Eliza E., confectionery, 322 E State, h do

Wood Mrs. Elizabeth, res 510 S Warren

Wood Emeline P., widow, h 95 Spring

Wood George, clerk, h 135 E Hanover

Wood George W, potter, h 209 S Feeder

Wood George W., marble cutter, h 25 Cooper

WOOD HENRY, iron, steel and wood work, 15 N Warren, h 143 Mercer

Wood Hester, widow, res 13 Market

WOOD IRA W., attorney at law, 140 E State, bds 138 do

Wood Isaac, h 138 E State

WOOD ISAAC T., attorney at law, 140 E State, bds 138 do

Wood James, kilnman, bds 340 N Montgomery

Wood James, locksmith, h 64 Wall

Wood James, foreman, h 701 Lamberton

Wood John, mould maker, h Union av Millham

Wood John, decorator, bds 328 Perry

Wood John H., treasurer Delaware Coal and Ice Co., h 215 N Warren

Wood Oscar F., carriage trimmer, h 288 N Willow

Wood Philip, stocking maker, bds 701 Lamberton

Wood Robert J., rubber maker, h 2 ½ Humboldt

Wood Samuel, potter, h 100 Washington, Chamb'g

Wood Sarah, widow George, res Sherman av, Millham

WOOD SUSANNA C. & SON (William J.), props Wood's Soothing Syrup, 237 E Front

Wood Thomas, mason, h 116 Turpin

Wood Thomas H., potter, h 102 Washington, Chamb'g

Wood William, wire drawer, h 729 S Warren

Wood William, h 115 E State

Wood William H., kilnman, h 28 Passaic

Wood William J. (S. C. Wood & Son), h 237 E Front

Wood William J., kilnman, h 555 Clinton, Chamb'g

Wood William P., student, bds 138 E State

Woodbridge Miss S. A., 19 Clinton av

Woodhead Thomas, potter, h 155 Jefferson

Woodhouse John, iron worker, h 415 Ferry

Woodison John, laborer, h 221 S Feeder

Woodlin Lucretia, widow, h 311 N Montgomery

Woodruff Charles S., rubber worker, h 63 Spring

Woodruff Charles R., blacksmith, h 63 Spring

WOODRUFF EDWIN F., insurance agent, also deputy receiver of taxes, city hall, h 111 Cooper

Woodruff Isaac P., clerk P O, h State n Chambers, Chamb'g

Woodruff Joseph R., bank messenger, h 93 Jackson

WOODRUFF ROBERT S., Jr., counselor at law and District Court judge, 144 E State, h 228 E Hanover

Woodruff Robert S., Sr., retired, bds 228 E Hanover

Woodruff William D., clerk, h 17 Yard av

Woods Michael, potter, h Mulberry, Millham

Woodward Abner, physician and surgeon, h 25 Ewing

WOODWARD GEORGE W., druggist, 161 Hamilton ,av, Chamb'g, h do

Woodward John, carpenter, h 33 Jefferson

Woodward John W., brakeman, bds 33 Jefferson

Woodward Tenadore, printer, bds 225 E Hanover

Woodward William, engineer, h 553 Broad

Woodward Martha, matron Children's Home, 316 N Warren

Wooley Albert B. clerk, bds 719 Centre

Wooley Alfred, clerk, bds 689 Centre

Wooley Charles, coachman, h 113 Bellevue av

Wooley Charles, chain maker, h 207 Federal

Wooley Charles M., grocer, 717 Centre, h 719 do

Wooley Christopher, chain maker, h 512 Lamberton

Wooley Edgar, machinist, bds 719 Centre

Wooley Edmund A., jeweler, bds 1030 Lamberton

Wooley Edward, crate maker, h St. Joseph av, Millham

Wooley Ellen, widow, res 1030 Lamberton

Wooley Francis, bds 126 Centre

Wooley Henry, jeweler, bds 1080 Lamberton

Wooley James R., captain, h 126 Centre

Wooley James S., laborer, bds 925 Broad, Chamb'g

Wooley Joseph, potter, h 528 S Warren

Wooley Lewis C., principal Academy st school, h 136 E Front

Wooley Samuel, jeweler, h 704 Second

Wooley Wesley, butcher, h 550 Second

Wooley William C., section boss, bds 702 Second

Woolman Sarah L., widow, res 517 Market

Woolston Edgar, bookkeeper, bds 216 Academy

Woolston Michael, ship carpenter, h 222 Mercer

Woolston Michael, blacksmith, h 103 Ferry

Woolston William A., bds 222 Mercer

Woolverton Charles, laborer, h 205 ½ Clinton, Millham

Woolverton Edward V. C., bds 413 E State

Woolverton Gabriel, harness maker, h 420 Ferry

Woolverton George, rubber worker, bds 243 Clinton, Millham

Woolverton George W., laborer, h 20 E Canal

Woolverton Henry, harness maker, bds 54 Cooper

Woolverton Harry, finisher, bds 420 Ferry

WOOLVERTON JOHN, physician, 413 E State, h do

Woolverton Samuel, dentist, 123 N Stockton, h do

Woolverton Tobias, teamster, h 19 Division

Woolverton William, lamplighter, h Maple, Millham

Wooton Levi, potter printer, h 55 Fountain av

Worthington Albanus L. (Van Camp & Worthington), h 214 E Hanover

WORTHINGTON ANTHONY H, physician, office 219 E State, h do

Worthington Thomas R., clerk, bds 105 E Hanover

Worthley John, mason, h 1216 Broad, Chamb’g

Worthley Joseph S., laborer, bds Clinton and Webster, Millham

Worts William H., carpenter, h 119 Lamberton

Wrick Thomas J., foreman P R R, h 137 Academy

Wright Aaron S., h 24 Southard

Wright Alfred, blacksmith, h 923 Broad, Chamb'g

Wright Benjamin, tailor, h 4 Barnes

Wright Charles, clerk, bds 95 Spring

Wright Charles W. (C. W. Wright & Co.), h Dolton’s block

Wright C. W. & Co. (N. W. Peck), sign painter, &c., 6 E Hanover

Wright David, waiter, h 58 Quarry al

Wright Eliza C., widow, bds State n Chambers, Chamb'g

Wright Elizabeth, toys and confectionery, 618 S Warren, h do

Wright Elmer locksmith, bds 32 Sweet's av

Wright Emma, decorator, bds 24 Southard

WRIGHT GEORGE M., state treasurer, h Bordentown

Wright James A., waiter, h 275 N Willow

Wright Jeannette, teacher, bds 221 N Warren

Wright John, tailor, h 200 W State

Wright John, stone mason, h 32 Sweet's av

Wright John, h 51 Southard

Wright John J., printer, bds 10 S Willow

Wright John W., clerk, h 34 W Front

Wright Joseph B. (Wright & Son), h 335 Bellevue av

Wright Joseph H. (Wright & Son), h 333 Bellevue av

WRIGHT JOSEPH B. & SON (Joseph H.), mangers Germania Fire Insurance Co., 113 E State

Wright Lemuel, cashier P R R, h 318 E State

Wright Lucius R., diamond broker, 6 E Hanover, h 136 Broad

Wright Marcia, teacher, bds 221 N Warren

Wright Mary A., widow, res 341 Fair

Wright Richard, bds 34 W Front

Wright Samuel C., moulder, h 51 Pennington av

Wright Theodore, whitewasher, bds 225 S Feeder

Wright Thompson, laborer, h 226 Allen

Wright Warren W., ice cream dealer, bds 341 Fair

Wright William C., h 58 Bellevue av

Wurfflein Andrew, laborer, h 5 Livingston

Wyckoff Anna, teacher, h 119 Hudson, Chamb'g

Wyckoff Frederick switchman, h 494 Calhoun

Wyckoff Horace, h Wilson n Calhoun

Wyckoff James H., barber, 82 Bellevue av, h do

Wyckoff Peter J., rubber worker, h 119 Hudson, Chamb’g

Wyckoff Mrs. Richard, boarding house, 34 Tyler, Chamb'g

Wyckoff Richard, wheelwright, h 34 Tyler, Chamb'g

WYCKOFF WILLIAM W., physician, 32 S Greene, h do

Wyckoff Zepheniah S., grocer, also carpenter, 202 S Warren, h do

Wylie Alfred J., tin roofer, 23 S Warren, h do

Wylie Esther A., widow, h 239 Perry

Wyman Amelia, widow Isaac, res 29 Ewing

Wyman Jacob, professor of dancing, h 119 N Greene

Wynkopp Stephen, bds 216 Broad

Yager Anton, machinist, h 80 Cass, Chamb'g

Yager Edward, harness maker, h 86 Union n Bridge

Yager Peter, beer saloon, 204 Hamilton, Chamb'g, h do

Yammer Crissey, dressmaker, res 146 Jefferson, Chamb'g

Yammer George, laborer, h 146 Jefferson, Chamb'g

Yammer George, cigar maker, bds 146 Jefferson, Chamb'g

Yammer Peter, laborer, bds 146 Jefferson, Chamb'g

YARD ALEXANDER C., conveyancer, real estate and insurance, 123 E State, h 519 do

Yard Ann C., widow George L., res 21 Yard av

YARD CHARLES B., receiver of taxes, city hall, h 123 Perry

Yard Charles C., carriage painter, h 6 Barnes

Yard Edmund S., tinsmith, bds 450 Broad

Yard Edward M., h 247 W State

Yard Emory N., deputy warden county jail, h do

Yard Frederick, clerk, bds 127 Academy

Yard George B., civil engineer, bds 132 E Hanover

Yard George H., blacksmith, h 115 Cooper

Yard Isaac M., letter carrier, h 46 Wall

Yard J. Herbert (J. C. Pettie & Co.), h 17 Grant av

Yard John A., moulder, h 61 Tucker

Yard John S., decorator, bds 123 Perry

YARD JOSPEH B., iron railing manufr, 114 S Greene, h 438 E State

Yard Lenna H., dressmaker, bds 21Yard av

Yard Matilda, widow William B., h 212 N Feeder

Yard Mrs. M. M., trimming store, 6 N Greene, h 127 Academy

Yard Mrs. N. B., h 48Yard av

Yard Nahor B., bookkeeper, h 247 Clay

Yard Pierson, medical student, bds 400 S Warren

Yard Priscilla, res 61 Tucker

Yard Sarah, widow Archibald, h 400 S Warren

Yard William A., bds 212 N Feeder

Yard William F., bookkeeper, bds 21Yard av

YARD WILLIAM S., judge Court Common Pleas, h 132 E Hanover

Yates Frank, potter, h 111 Butler, Chamb'g

Yates Isaac, presser, h 221 Hudson, Chamb'g

Yates James, h 240 Academy

Yates Joseph, potter, bds Breunig av, Millham

Yates Joseph H., huckster, h 114 Humboldt

Yates Roland F., clerk, bds 206 Spring

Yates William B., laborer, h 206 Spring

Yates William H., fish dealer, City Market, bds 128 S Warren

Yelland James, potter, h 48 Sheridan

Yellinger Joseph, potter, bds 25 Decatur

Yerkes Alfred, cooper, h 174 Pennington av

Yerkes Alfred, Jr., clerk, bds 174 Pennington av

Yetter & Brother (John and Henry), carriage factory, 24 and 26 E Washington

Yetter Charles, iron worker, bds 316 Jennie, Chamb'g

Yetter Charles, laborer, h 316 Jennie, Chamb'g

Yetter Chrissie, domestic 508 E State

Yetter Henry (Yetter & Brother), h 318 N Greene

Yetter John (Yetter & Brother), bds Hamilton cor Jennie, Chamb'g

Yetter John, h 102 Centre

Yetter Susan, widow John, h Butler n Clinton, Chamb'g

Yetter William, laborer, bds, 316 Jennie, Chamb'g

Yopp Margaret, widow, res 609 Lamberton

Youman Carrie, res 47 Wall

Youman M. J., clerk, h 859 Broad, Chamb'g

Youman Mrs. M. J., grocer, 859 Broad, Chamb’g, h do

Youmans Charles H., clerk, h 23 Clark, Chamb'g

Youmans William B., potter, bds 23 Clark, Chamb'g

Young Adam, candy maker, h 9 Barbara

Young Andrew A., iron worker, h 517 Lamberton

Young Alexander K., foreman Willets', h 198 Brunswick av

Young Charles H., bds 606 Perry

Young Daniel, clerk, bds 517 Lamberton

Young David L., brakeman, h 48 W Hanover

Young Edward, retired, bds 231 N Greene

Young Edward, rubber maker, bds 35 Wilson

Young Eliza, widow, h 405 Centre

Young Everett S., clerk, bds 105 W State

Young Isaac, stone cutter, bds 217 Perry

Young Jacob, milkman, h 235 Butler, Chamb'g

Young Jacob, carpet weaver, 452 Lamberton, h do

Young James K., student, bds 606 Perry

Young Joseph, iron worker, bds 105 Fall

Young Kate, dressmaker, res 240 Perry

Young Ladies' Institute (Misses S. M. Riley and A. Bullman, principals), S Stockton

Young Lawrence, heater, h 410 Centre

Young Lawrence D., clerk, bds 105 W State

Young Mary B., widow Wm. C., res 145 Academy


Young Richard, painter, h 416 Centre

Young Robert, roller, h 817 Lamberton

Young Theodore, lineman, h 4 Quintin av

Young Theodore W., agent Potts' coal yard, 257 N Willow, h 105 W State

Young William, retired, h 606 Perry

Young William, painter, bds 416 Centre

Yuncker Adolph, clock maker, h r 326 N Greene

Youncker Edgar H., polisher, bds 23 Spring

Yunk Peter, laborer, bds 812 Centre

Yunk Philip, laborer, bds 812 Centre

Zane Andrew, carpenter, bds 25 Wall

Zauner John, laborer, bds 144 Turpin

Zeh Charles, machinist, bds 235 Bridge

Zehner Charles, brick maker, bds 331 N Warren

Zehner John, Jr., shipping clerk, h 431 Princeton av

Zehner John, baker, h 331 N Warren

Zehner Joseph A., brick maker, h 4 Humboldt

Zehner William S., ass't yard master P R R, h 142 Monmouth

Zeigler Catherine, widow Conrad, res 521 Centre

Zeliph Cornelius, laborer, h 128 Hamilton, Chamb'g

Zelley James R., butcher, h 40 Livingston

Zenker Anna, domestic, 36 W State

Zenker John, clerk, h 220 Mercer

Zenter Jacob, h 1021 Broad, Chamb'g

Zentner Rev. Jacob, pastor German Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Church, h 323 Broad

Zerman Weistling, special officer P R R, h 7 N Stockton

Zerman William O., saw maker, h 187 Cooper

Zickuhr Frederick, brick maker bds 45 Sweet's av

Zickuhr William Jr., presser, bds 53 Sweet's av

Zickuhr William, presser, h 53 Sweet's av

Zickwolf Charles, saloon, 563 Broad, h do

Zickwolf Christina, widow, res 59 Union

ZICKWOLF RAGINA, beer saloon, 1023 Broad, Chamb'g, h do

Zigenfuss Elias (S. Zigenfuss & Co.), bds 344 S Warren

Zigenfuss Henry S. (S. Zigenfuss & Co.), h 13 N Willow

ZIGENFUSS S. & CO. (Samuel, Henry S. and Elias Zigenfuss), flour mills, Warren cor Factory

Zigenfuss Samuel (S. Zigenfuss & Co.), h 976 Broad, Chamb'g

Zimmer George A., blacksmith, h 323 Second

Zimmerfelt John, laborer, h 106 New Rose

Zimmerman Albert, agent, bds Fall cor Union

Zimmerman Nicholas, h 411 Ferry

Zimmerman Nicholas, machinist, bds 411 Ferry

Zinker Annie, widow John, h 333 Clinton

Zinker Theodore, teamster, bds 333 Clinton

Zinger John, laborer, bds 1065 Broad, Chamb'g

Zisgen John B., bakery, 243 Second h do

Zisgen Peter, watchman, h 74 Lamberton

© Jim Humphrey 2000

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