Victory Parade

William Balderston
Alexander B. School
D. C.

Morrisville, Nov 19th, 1842

Dear Brother,
I acknowledge the receipt of thyn of the 7th on the 10th instant which was very exceptable and have neglected answering it on account as I supposed that thee would hear from home through Zephaniah at thy request I give him notice and directed, last first day, and supposed he had complied but to day he called on me and wished me to send it for him, which I will do but shall rather reluctantly have to mak my letter shorter than I could wish as my time is limited. I suppose thee has heard nothing from home since thee left, and is quite anxious to hear some tidings but I am afraid my communication will be insipid and uninteresting but I will scribe a few short sentences, and, inform thee that Mother is well and all the rest of thee family and Zephaniah and George, and David. Brother Jamel had been indisposed for several weeks, but is better. George has buried his youngest child (buried last first day) is was not ill but about 24 hours. My health has been very good this fall I suppose thee has not been very sick or thee would of mentioned it in thy letter. James Longshore left for school last second day week he had a party the fourth day previous, I was up and we had a very pleasant time. I was also at one last fourth day evening where I enjoyed myself very much, at the same time I suppose thee was devoting thy time to some useful study, which it is probable would have been more advantage to me, ther is nothing very new that I can tell thee except there is quite a marrying time about Makefield and several in this neighbourhood, John Allcut, Charles Neal, Wm. Lloyde, has married. Charles Twining is to be in about two weeks, there has been several in this vicinity and is to be several more one of which I expect to have to attend. I am sorry thee cannot accomplish what thee wished to while there at school for thee will find a greater difficulty in returning at a future time, but thee knows I exprefs my doubts before thee went wether it would turnout satisfactorily, the will please excuse my abrupt manner of writing and errors and last but not least the penmanship please write when conveienent for I shall be glad to hear at any time from thee. I shall put this letter in Trenton Post office as it is to late for our mail to day and there is none from here to morrow (first day) concluding with
Thy Brother in great respect
J. W. Balderston

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