Victory Parade


Mrs. Samuel R. Gummere

Care of Henry L. Butler

Stone & Starr’s

31 Pine Street

New York

Trenton, April 12th, 1850

Dear Mother,

            I write by Father’s request, to give you the particulars with regard to the carpet.  I am very sorry it has not been attended to before, but Father went twice to Andre Titus’, and they did not seem to know any thing about it.  Last evening he authorized me to see about it, and this morning bright and early I went to Andrew’s.  He said he did not think Mrs. Vroom had ever bought a carpet there, so I went to Wesley Titus, and found what I suppose is a piece like Abby’s carpet; but unfortunately there is but five yards and a half of it.  It is like Mrs. Vroom’s; but I do not recollect the figure of Abby’s well enough to be positive about it.  The colours are precisely the same; but the red stripes in this, are not more than half a yard apart, and you say they are a yard apart in what you have.  If we could be perfectly certain about it, Mr. Titus thinks perhaps he could match it in Philadelphia, the first of next week.  Please write and let me know what I shall do.  If you will make one your agent, I will promise to attend to it immediately, and not keep you in suspense for a week.

Father desired me to write as he has neuralgia in his hand.  He seems to be perfectly well in other respects.  Ellen has been in twice to day, she has no school, as the school house is being painted.  Carry has been up, and staid a night with her this week.  Barker had a business letter from Joel this week in which he says “Maria is much better and we think will soon be well.”

I hope you will soon be fixed – do not fatigue yourself too much.  Give a great deal of love to Abby, and Mary Butler.  Mother received Mary’s letter last evening.  Did Abby’s girl leave hers.

It is almost impossible for me to write, as I have a child each side of me trying to see what I am doing.  Mary keeps inquiring whether I am writing Mary Gunning.

With much love to all, I am,

                                                            Your affectionate daughter

                                                            Elizabeth T. Gummere

I do not know John Redmond’s number so direct my letter to Henry’s care.


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