Victory Parade

MS 1095. Literal transcription misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification TG.

John deWilde. Who was he and Why in Trenton.

Know all men by these presents that I John deWilde of Burlington in the province of West New Jersey, Potter, for and in consideration of ye sum of thirty one pounds & eight pence of current money within the province aforesaid to me in hand paid by Michael Newbold of the county of Burlington and province aforesaid, Yeoman, at or before the ensealing and delivering of these presents, wherewith I the said John deWilde do hereby confess to be fully satisfied, contented and paid, have bargained ^& sold and by these presents do fully, clearly and absolutely bargain ^& sell unto ye said Michael Newbold one eighth part or share of & interest ye good Briggantine called Ye Providence of Burlington, now riding before Burlington aforesaid, together with ye 8th part of the masts, sailes, cables, anchors, & c. & all other ye rigging material and appurtenances to the said Briggantine belonging or appertaining. To have and to hold ye said 8th part of the said Briggantine masts, sails, cables, anchors & Rigging materials and appurtenances to the said vessel belonging, unto the said Michael Newbold,his executors, administrators or assigns, to his and their proper use and Behoof forever, & I ye sqid John deWilde ye sale and grant of ye said 8th part of the said Briggantine, masts, sails, cables, anchors & c.,riggings materials and appurtenances unto the said Michael Newbold,his executors, administrators or assigns against all people shall and will warrant acquit and forever defend by these presents

In testimony whereof I the said John deWilde have to thise present bill of bargain a&d sale set my hand and seal at Burlington aforesaid this 16th day of February in the year of our Lord according to English account 1689.

Signed nealed and delivered in the presence of us.

Thos. Wright John deWilde

Nathaniel Wye

Tho. Revell

Vol. 21 of Archives pp. 462-469

Book B. 318 xxx 462-469.


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