Victory Parade

MS 11.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Note also that in many cases the letter “e” has been replaced by “o”, as was the custom – TG.

                                                            In pencil:  $1.00

The twonty first day of Fobruary anno Dom Ono Thousand Sovon hundred and thrity Ono I Joshua Quicksoll do Acknowledge to have re’d of Tho’s Potts Jun’r the Sum of Six pounds proclation monoy being the Consideraion money in full for [a Certain] (crossed through) my half of a Certain Lott of moadow Land lately Roferved & Laid out to mo and Tho’s Potts Esq’r in our right of a Certain four acro Lott called hard Land in the Swamp Originally Survey’d to John Snowdon Lyoing on the North West Side of Croswicks Crook and is part of that Land Lattorly Called the Square xxx (Pond?  Field?) in tho Township of Nottingham, and which Said Whole Lott as tho Samo is now Laid out Containing about four Acros be’g Samo moro or Lofs, Tho Ono Moioty or Equall half part thoroof with all tho Appurtonancos, profits & advantages to tho said half part bolonging, I do horoby acknowledgo to havo Sold, Convoy’d & Confirmod, to hold, to him tho Said Tho’s Potts Jun’r. and to his hoirs & Afsigns forovor, And I do horoby furthor Covonant for my Solf my Ex’rs & Adm’s to & with tho Said Tho’s Potts Jun’r & his hoirs &  Afsigns that I am Lawfully Soised in my own right as of foo of the said moioty or half part of tho said wholo Lott of Land & havo in my Self full power & Abfoluto Authority to Soll & Difpose of the Samo in manor as abovosaid, And furthor I do promiso & Obligo my Solf my hoirs Ex’rs & Adminit’rs whom thereunto required at the Cort & Chargo of tho said Tho’s Potts Jun’r to make do & Executo such furthor & othor Convoyance & afsuranco of the premifsos horoby intended to bo granted as Shall bo reofonablo & Lawfull for tho holding tho Somo against xxx and all mannor of porfons Claiming undor and According to tho truo Intont & meaning of thofe profonts In witnefs- whoroof I havo horounto Sett my hand & Seal tho day & Year abovo said

Sealed & Deliv’d]                                    Signed: Joshua Quicksall  Wax Seal

In prefence of]

Signed: Owen Robbins

Robert Langford

            In pencil: Crosswicks Creek.  Township of Nottingham NJ

                                                Burlington County

            17 Feb 1731                Thos Potts Jr

Title: Jos’a Quickfall to Tho’s Potts Jun’r

            Salo of two across meadow Land-


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