Victory Parade

MS 1103.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Please note that in some instances, the letter “s” may have been replaced with the letter “f,” as was the custom at that time – TG.

Bloomsbury, Sept. 27th 1779

Dear Sir

                                    Your friendly sympathizing favor of the 17th Inst. Overtook me at Morris, where I halted a day or two as well to xxx (possibly recruit) my debilitated fframe, as to forward the inquiry into the conduct of Mefs’r Abxxx Lewis &c, which, from the multiplicity of witnefses that each party had to produce in support of the Charges exhibited, will be a very lengthy affair, & in my Opinion, not add greatly to the Reputation of either as I feartheir prejudices will carry them both beyond the bounds of discretion-

            It was but a few hours after I left you before I was attacked most violently with what the Doctors call a Lumbago, accompanied with a Head ach & ffever, which detained me two Days at Mr Ellisons & was my constant companion during the whole Journey, which was the most tedious & disagreeable that I ever experienced in my whole life, it being but a few Days since I reached home, and tho I have been well nursed since my Arrival I am very far from being well yet- have neverthelefs been able to give the necefsary directions for procuring the Boards ordered to be deposited near the Scotch Plains, which Mr. Furman says shall be Affected with all pofsible dispatch & xxx

            I have ordered Stabling for 150 Horses to be immediately provided at Burlington, & I think about one hundred coud be well accomodated at Bristol, there being sheds there sufficient for that number of the Horsefs that coud be conveyed woud, in no shape interfere with either Philadelphia or this Port-  Mr. Furman informs me tht he shall be able to furnish a very considerable quantity of Hay in the vicinity of the Scotch Plains & woud procure larger supplys of grain if he had the Cash to buy it with but without it he will not be able to provide any considerable quantity & that his present prospect of a supply of Cash is but dull as it is not in Mr. Pxxx power to furnish the sum wanted-

            The moment I am able I shall pay Philadelphia a visit, from whom after consulting Col. Pxxx I shall write you fully xxx the xxx, not being able at present to say more to you on that subject than what pafsed at Camp-

            Rest afsured as xxx shall be but in forwarding the settlement of our Accounts if xxx are to be had for xxx which I trust is the Case tho probably it may like a good xxx ax ax to draw full suit as we woud wish to have in our employ, which we must submit to-

            Immediately on my Return from Philad’a I intend paying xxx a visit & shall not fail when in my power of furnish you with a State of Our affairs as well in the xxx as xxx way, which I am at present almost as Ignorant of as yourself, xxx flatter myself they will turn out not the wish of our Enemy-

            ON my Arrival I found my man David very Ill of a Nervous ffever, of which he Died a Day or two ago- as He was my Gardner, Butcher, & indeed almost every thing Else in & about the ffamily. The lofs is very great-  Mr Cos & the xxx Ladies xxx xxx & I xxx xxx but Compliments to you & Mr Green whom you write to whom you will please pass out xxx & xxx not to be sincere

                                                            Esteem & Rigard.

                                                            Your xxx & very

                                                            Hble Servant

                                                            John Cox


            The Xxx Minister was not at Trenton by xxx xxx Mr. Pxxx before my Return who xxx showing xxx an hour in Town xxx to Philad’a – I heartily xxx xxx xxx the News xxx in the xxx Paper – Mr. Lowry says his friend in N. York has xxx the xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx …

My most respectful Compliments wait on xxx xxx & the xxx of your ffamily

                                                The Hon’l

                                                            Major General Green

                                                            Quart’r Mast Gen’l

                                    From Col’l Cox – private

                                    27th Sept’r 1779



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