Victory Parade

MS 129.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Please note that in some instances, the letter “s” may have been replaced with the letter “f,” as was the custom at that time – TG.

Title Page:


Stacy Potts


William Rippon




In pencil:

10th March 1785

Trenton NJ


This Indenture Made the tenth Day of March in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty five by and between Stacy Potts of Trenton in the County of Hunterdon and the State of New Jerfey of the one part and William Rippon of Trenton aforefaid of the other part Witnefseth that the said Stacy Potts for and in consideration of the yearly sum of Ten Pounds current Gold or Silver Money at the rate and value of seven Shillings and six Pence for one Spanifh Milled Dollar to be paid by the said William Rippon his Heirs or Afsigns on the tenth Day of March yearly and every year unto him the said Stacy Potts his Heirs or Afsigns Hath Granted Barganed and Sold and by thefe prefents doth fully freely clear and Abfolutely Grant Bargan Sell Enfeof Releafe Convey and confirm unto him the said William Rippon his Heirs and Afsigns forever a certain Lott of Land situate in Trenton aforesaid bounded as followeth Begining at a Stone on the West side of Kings Street in Trenton and runs along the said Street Southwardly ninety feet to another Lott then at right Angles Westwardly along the said other Lott one hundred and forty feet to other Lands of said Stacy Potts then Northwardly at right Angles ninety feet to another Lott of the said Stacy Potts then Eastwardly along the same to the place of begining at the Street aforesaid containing forty six Perch and seventy six feet of Land be the same more or lefts together with all and singularly the Mines Minerals Ways Waters Fencings Buildings Improvements Rights Liberties Previledges Hereditraments and Appurtenances whatsoever To Have & to Hold the above described Lott of Land with it’s Appurtenances unto him the said William Rippon to the only proper ufe benefit and behoof of him the said William Rippon his Heirs and Afsigns forever Provided neverthelefs that the said William Rippon his Heirs or Afsigns shall make default in the payment of the aforesaid sum of Ten Pounds money aforesaid yearly and every year on or before the day above mentioned for the payment thereof then it shall and may be Lawful for the said Stacy Potts his Heirs or Afsigns to enter upon and take pofsefsion of the said Lott of Land with all and every of the Buildings which may be erected thereon with all and every of the Appurtenances and the same to convert & Apply to his or their own proper Ufe benefit and Advantage with the Rents Ifsues and Proffits thereof any thing herein contained to the contrary notwithftanding  But if the said William Rippon his Heirs or Afsigns at any time hereafter shall pay or caufe to be paid unto the said Stacy Potts his Heirs or Afsigns such Principle sum in like money aforefaid the Lawful Interest whereof at the time of payment shall amount to the said sum of Ten Pounds  a year then and forever after the payment thereof the above provifo shall cease detormine and become abfolutely void and of none effect  And the said William Rippon his Heirs and Afsigns by virtue of thefe prefents forever after the payment of the Principle money aforefaid shall have a clear full and Abfolute Title to the aforefaid Lott of Land with all and every of the Appurtenances as a good sure and Indefeaseable Estate in fee simple free and clear of and from all manner of Incumberances whatsoever In Witnefs whereof they the parties aforesaid hath to thefe Prefents Interchangeably set their Hands and Seals the Day and year above written. 1785-

Sealed & Delivered}

In the Prefence of}                               Signed: William Rippon Seal

Signed: John Potts

            David Hutchinson


March 10th 1786 Rec’d 1 years ground rent      Pounds symbol 10.0.0

March 10th 1787 Rec’d 1 ditto                                         10.0.0

March 10th 1788 Rec’d 1 ditto                                         10.0.0

March 10th 1789 Rec’d ---------------------------------------------------

Rec’d July 14th 1796 his Note for the Bal’s}

            Due to March 10th 1796…}                                              58.0.10

1802 March 10 To 6 years Interest & 6 years Rent                    84.7.6             142.8.4

            To the Balance now due….                                      29.12.1

1806 March 10 To 4 years Interest thereon & Rent             48.5.9


1801 Jan’y 30 By sundrys &c John Potts…..                          77.10.10

Rec’d of Wm. Rippon Aug’t 1801 one Stocking frame

At 60 Dollars &c Dollar for cafing it up                                22.17.6

1802 March 19 By Sundrys paid John Potts                         12.7.11


1804 Dec’r 31 By mending 3 locks & c. Catch & Cafh since  1.8.7                   112.16.3

                                                                                                            Bal            29.12.1


1806 Jan’r 15th By Cafh rec’d of him                                       40.10.0

            May 26 By John Potts rec’d                                        17.0.10

                                    Bal’s now due                                               18.18.5




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