Victory Parade

MS 13. Literal transcription misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification TG.

This Indenture Made the Sixteenth Day of January In the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred Thirty five and in the Ninth Year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord Geo the Second King of Great Britain &c. Between Isaac Harrow of Trenton within the County of Hunterdon and Province of New Jersey Black Smith of the one part, and George Ely Junr of Trenton within the County and Province aforesd, Cordwainer of the Other part, Witnefseth that whereas Mahlon Stacy Late of the Province of New Jersey Decd (Deceased) in His Life time had Surveyed a Certain Tract of Land Situate on the North Side of xxx xxx (Assunpink?) Within the Province of New Jersey Who did afterward depart this Life Whereby the Same Devolved unto and became right in Law of his Son Mahlon Stacy , Who being thereof So Seifed Did Convey a part thereof unto William Trent and the Said William Trent Died Inteftate whereby James Trent became Invefed (Invested?) unto the property of the father as heir at Law, who did by Indenture bearing date the fifteenth Day of April Anno (1737) convey a part of the Same unto ye (? Best guess) Sd Isaac Harrow which xxx xxx plainly appear by Sd Deed xxx being thereunto had, xxx This Indenture further Witnefseth that the Said Isaac Harrow for the Consideration of the Sum of Twelve Pounds lawful money of the province aforesd to him in hand paid by the Sd George Ely at or before the Sealing and Delivery of these presents the receipt whereof the Sd Isaac Harrow doth hereby Acknowledge and thereof and of every part thereof doth hereby Clearly Acquit release and difcharge the Sd George Ely his heirs Exes and every of them forever by these presents, hath granted bargained Sold aliened Enfeoffed released Conveyed and Confirmed, and by these presents doth fully Clearly and Absolutely grant bargain Sell alien Enfeoffe release Convey and Confirm unto the Sd George Ely his heirs and afsigns forever, the Quantity of one Quarter of an xxx (acre?) and Six xxx (parcels, perches, pieces?) of ground being a part of the above mentioned Land which is Situate on the North Side of Pettits run in Trenton and begins at a stone for a Cornr on the North Side of Sd xxx xxx on the East Side of the road thence along the Same North four degs East one Chains forty four Links To a Stone, thence North Eighty Degs East two Chains and Twenty Eight xxx (links?) by Sd Harrows Land to a Stone by an old Stump thence South fourteen degs East one Chaine by Sd Harrow, to the aforesd xxx of Water then South Seventy one degs xxx xxx West Two chas xxx Seventy three links to the Sd road or place of Beginning Containing one Quarter of an acre and Six (parcels, perches, pieces?) of ground, Together with all the Ways pafsages water water courfes and Streams With free liberty to xxx or Carrie (? Best guess) the Course or Streams of water xxx or through any part of the Sd Granted lott of Land, So that it be not obstructed from xxx xxx Into (?)Sd Harrows Mill Pond, With all the fences and xxx on the Same and all the Mines Minerals Quarries, and all and Singular xxx the royalties profits xxx xx and hereditaments to the premifses or to any part of them belonging or appertaining to and all the Estate right Title Intrest property pofsefsion Claime and Demd of him the Sd Isaac Harrow and his heirs both in Law and Equity of in or to the Granted premifdes & of and every part thereof and the reverfions and remainders thereof With all the rents Ifsues & profits thereof, To Have and To Hold the Sd Lott of Land and other the Granted premifses and every part thereof with their appurtenances whatfoever Unto the Sd George Ely his heirs and afsigns To the only proper ufe and behoof of the Sd George Ely his heirs and afsigns forever And the Said Isaac Harrow for him Selfe his heirs Exrs doth Covenant promife Agree to and with the Sd George Ely his heirs and afsigns by these presents in manner following that is to Say the they the Said Isaac Harrow at the Time of the Ensealing and Delivery of these presents, is and Standeth Lawfully Seifed of and in the Sd Lott of Land and all and Singular the premifses in these presents granted with their appurtenances, of a good Sure Lawfull abfolute and Indefeifible Eftate of Inheritance xxx xxx and that he now hath good right full Power Lawfull and abfolute authority in him Selfe to grant bargain Sell release and Confirm the Sd premifses and every part thereof unto the Sd George Ely his heirs & afsigns forever, According to the purpofe xxx xx and meaning of these presents And that the Sd George Ely his heirs and afsigns and every of them Shall and may by force & virtue of these presents, from xxx xxx xxx xxx To xxx xxx xxx forever xxx xxx Lawfull xxx xxx xxx Eviction Ejection or any other xxx of the Sd Isaac Harrow his heirs and afsigns xxx xxx any other perfon whatfoever Lawfully Claiming any part thereof and that the Said premifses xxx and xxx from Time to Time and at xxx Time forever Shall be xxx & xxx free and Clear and freely and Clearly Acquitted Exonerated and Difcharged of and from all and all manner of former and other gifts grants bargains Sales Leafes Mortgages xxx Indentures Dowers Extents (? Best guess) Judgments Ufes Intails (? Best guess) xxx and xxx to and of and from all other Titles Troubles Charges and xxx Whatfoever, the Quit (Quiet?) xxx thereout Ifsuing Only xxx (Executed?) To our Sovereign Lord the King his heirs & Succefsors with the xxx thereof if any be, And it is Concluded and agreed by and between the Said parties that the Said Isaac Harrow his heirs and afsigns Shall have free Liberty raise Such a Pond or head of water as is Sufficient for the ufe of Said Harrows Mill Standing xxx Sd Stream without any hindrance or Interruption of the Sd George Ely his heirs or afsigns, And the Said Isaac Harrow for him Selfe and his heirs Execs doth Covenant and agree to and with the Said George Ely his heirs and afsigns that the Said Lott of Land and other the premifses With the Liberties and appurtenances above Sd unto the Sd George Ely his heirs and afsigns forever against him the Sd Isaac Harrow and against all and every perfon and perfons whatfoever Lawfully Claiming any part or parcel thereof Shall and will Warrant & forever Defend by these presents, And the Said Isaac Harrow his heirs and all and every other perfon & perfons Claiming under him or them Shall and will from time to time and at all times hereafter upon the request and at xxx Cost and Charge in the Law of the Sd George Ely his heirs or afsigns Make do Suffer Execute and Acknowledge or cause to be made Done Suffered and Executed and Acknowledged, all & every Such further Lawfull xxx xxx and xxx Conveyances and afsurances in xxx Law whatfoever for the further better and more perfect afsurance True Intent and meaning of These presents as by xxx Sd George Ely his heirs or afsigns or his or their Council Learned in the Law Shall be reafonable devifed advifed or required In Witnefs whereof the Said Isaac Harrow hath to this present Indenture Sett his hand and Seal the day and Year above Written Anno Domini 1738.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered}

In the prefence of.}

Signed: Henry Carter Signed: Isaac Harrow

Signed: James Bell

Signed: Josh DeCou

Verso: Recd the Day of the Date Within Written of the Within named George Ely the Sum of Twelve Pounds- being the Confideration money Within Mentioned I Say recd By me Signed: Isaac Harrow


Signed: James Bell

Signed: Josh DeCou

Xxx and Deed

Isaac Harrow to Geo Ely dated 16th Janry 1735 xxx to Maylon Stacy- Maylon Stacy heir at Law to his Father Maylon Stacy Convey to Wm. Trent-Wm. Trent to Son James Trent-James Trent to Isaac Harrow- Isaac Harrow to Geo Ely- George Ely to Saml Johnson S. Johnfon To Jos Clayton Jos Clayton to Samuel Mead Samuel Mead To Wm. Mead Wm Mead to Jos DeCou


That full and Peaceable Pofsefsion and xxx (Seifed) was given and Delivered by the Within Named Isaac Harrow of the Lott of Land Within mentioned unto George Ely his heirs and afsignes according to the True Intent and Meaning of the Said Indenture in the prefence of

Signed: Jas DeCou

Signed: Henry Carter

Signed: James Bell


Isaac Harrow]


Joseph Clayton} (crossed out) for

George Ely-

Xxx Yard Lot

In pencil: 16th January 1735


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