Victory Parade

MS 18. Literal transcription misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification. Please note that the letter e is sometimes replaced with the letter o and that in most cases of double s, (example: assimilate = afsimilate) the first s is replaced with an f. TG.

This Indenture made this Sixtoonth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and thirty nine Between James Chambers of Trenton in the County of Hunterdon and province of New Jersey Cooper of the one part and Andrew Reed of the Town County and provinces aforesaid Merchant of the Other part Witnefseth that the Said James Chambers for and in Consideration of the Sum of five Shillings Current Money of New Jersey to him in hand paid by the Said Andrew Reed the Receipt Whereof is hereby Acknowledged hath Granted Bargained and Sold and by these presents doth Grant Bargain and Sell Unto the Said Andrew Reed all that Dwelling house and Lott of Ground Situate in Trenton aforesaid and butted and bounded as followeth to wit, Beginning at a Stone Stands Near the Bridge in King Street on the East Side of Said Street and by William Plasketts Corner and runs along the Said Street North thirteen degrees East one hundred and Twenty Two foot to a Stone for a Corner Thence upon a Square Eastward by one hundred and Ten foot Thence to Make a Square Southwardly Sixty feet to William Plasketts Line In or near a run of Water Thence along the Said line to the first Mentioned Stone Standing by the Said Street and all other buildings Orchards Gardens Lands Meddows Commons Pastures Seedings woods Ways paths Waters Easements Profits Commodities Advantages Emoluments and Hereditaments Whatsoever to the Said house Lott of Land and premises belonging or in any wise Appertaining or which now are or formerly have been Accepted reputed taken known Used Occupied Demised or Enjoyed to or with the Same or as part parcel or Member thereof or of Any part thereof and Also the reversion and reversions remainder and Remainders Rents Ifsues and proffitts of all and Singular the Said Premises above mentioned and Every part and parcel thereof To have and To hold the Said house and Lott of Land and all and Singular the Said Premises above Granted and every part & parcel thereof Unto the Said Andrew Reed his Execrs Admrs (Executors, Administrators) and Afsignes from the day of the date of thefe Presents for and during and Until the full End and Term of one whole year from thence Next Ensuing and fully to be Completed and Ended Yielding and paying therefore Unto him the Said James Chambers one peper Corn at the End of the Said Term if the Same Shall be Demanded To the Intent that by Virtue of these presents and by force of the Statute for transferring of uses into pofsefsion the Said Andrew Reed may be in the Actual pofsefsion of the Said house or Tract of Land all and al Singular the Said promises (premises) Above Mentioned with the appurtenances and thereby be Enabled to Accept and take a grant and release of the reversion and Inheritance thereof to him his heires and afsignes for Ever to the only proper use and behoof of him the Said Andrew Reed his heires and Afsignes for Ever In Witnefs Whereof the partys to these presents have hereunto Interchangeably, Set their hands and Seales the day and year first above written-

Ribbon Signed: James Wax Seal Chambers Ribbon

Verso: Sealed & Delivered in the presence of }

Signed: Jno Coxe (Jno is abbreviation for John)

Signed: John Smith

Title: Lease

James Chambers


Andrew Reed

for one Year

In pencil: 16 May 1739



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