Victory Parade

MS 19.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification – TG.

            To the Commifsioners or Surveyors for Laying out high Roads for the County of Hunterdon

The Petition of Us The Underwritten Freeholders and Inhabitants of Hopewell and other Townships within the County of Hunterdon aforesaid

Humbly Shiweth

                        Whereas the high chief or Middle Road that leads from Trenton to Amwell hath not as We can find been Yet laid out Returned & Recorded in the Records of our Said County And as it is now Ufed (Used) it is very inconvenient in Severall Respects And might be made much more Convenient and Easy much Shorter and with lefs Damage to the pofsefsors of Sundry Tracts of Land and Plantations it now runs Through And with much lefs costs in clearing and Maintaining the Same By xxx it in many plows And be much for the benefit and Eafe of Travellers, Carriages Horfe and foot And make your Petitioners the Inhabitants & the aforesaid Brethren (best guess) the Lighter (best guess)

Therefore Your Petitioners Humbly pray that you would View the Said Road And lay out and Regulate the Same According it shall be made Appear to be plain unto You And Your Petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray &c (etcetera)

October 5th 1741                                        Edw’d Hart

Stephen Baldwin

Thomas Combes

Nathaniel Moore

Ralph Hunt

Henry Woolley

Elizer Margum

Jos Moore

Joseph Gray

Jeremiah Smith

William Cornell

Jonathan Wators

Samuel F Furman

Ralph Smith

Verso:  receipt of old Papers


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