Victory Parade

MS 21.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification – TG.

Title: DEED

M. Kirkbride}


N. Beakes}            for xxx Exam’d

29 ½ acres


Total 73 ½ “

January 17, 1744

This Indenture Made the Seventeenth day of January in the Year of Our lord One thousand Seven Hundred and forty four Between Mahlon Kirkbride of the County of Bucks in the Province of Pennsylvania Yeoman of the One part And Nathan Beakes of Trenton in the County of Hunterdon and Province of New Jersey xxx (possibly Ferier) of the Other part, Whereas Mahlon Stacy late of the County of Burlington Deceas’d in his life time And at the time of his Death, Was Legally Seized in his Domeasne (best guess) as of fee of and in divers Mefsuages And rents of land in and About Trenton as well as in other parts of West Jersey, Who being thereof So Seized Died Intestate after Whose Decease the Same Descended to his Surviving Sisters (To Wit) Mary Pownall xxx (possibly Ruth) Atkinson the Wife of Samuel Atkinson, And Rebeckah Potts the Wife of Thomas Potts, And to Amos Jenney the Eldest Son and heir at law to Elizabeth Jenney one of the Sisters of the Said Mahlon Stacy And to the Said Mahlon Kirkbrikde the Only Son and heir of Sarah Kirkbride another of the Sisters of Said Mahlon Stacy Deceased, And the Said Mary Pownall by deed dated the Thirteenth of September Anno (1742) did bargain and Sell Unto Thomas Atkinson all that her right and Share of land, Which Decended toher from her Deceased brother And the Said Rebeckah Potts by deed dated March the fifth Anno (1742) before xxx xxx (possibly – before she Intermaryed) with Thomas Potts, did Convey to her Six Children Six Seventh parts of all her right and Shares of Said lands And Whereas it was Mutually Agreed upon between the parties Concerned therein, that part of the lands And Tenements Should be divided Which Accordingly Was done and Several lotts or parcels of land about Trenton fell to the Said Mahlon Kirkbride and on the division thereof the parties released to each Other As by a release to the Said Mahlon Kirkbride from Under the hands and Seales of the Other parties releation being thereunto had Will More at large appear xxx This Indenture Witnefseth that the Said Mahlon Kirkbride for and in Consideration of the Sum of one hundred & twenty three pounds ten ^shillings To him in hand paid by the Said Nathan Beakes the receipt Whereof he doth hereby Acknowledge, And thereof doth discharge the Said Nathan Beakes his heirs & Executors forever by these Presents  Hath granted bargained Sold Aliened Enfeoffed released Conveyed and Confirmed and by these presents doth grant bargain Sell release Convey and Confirm Unto the Said Nathan Beakes And to his heirs And Afsigns forever two pieces or parcels of land Situate Near Trenton being part of the land released to Mahlon Kirkbride afores’d Which is bounded As followeth Viz: the first Begins at an old Maple by Shabakunk Cornor to Thomas Cadwalader then by the Same South East twenty Six deg’s fifteen Chaine & Eighty links to a post, then South West forty Seven deg’s twenty Chaine to a post Cornor to Stacy Beakes then by the Same North West forty one deg’s fourteen Chaine to Shabakunk and So bounded by the Same to the beginning Cornor Containing Twenty Nine Acres & a halfe, The Second Bequest at a Stone in Wm Yards line Cornor to Stacy Beakes then by the Same North West then five deg’s Sixteen Chains and twenty links to his Cornor post then North East fifty Nine deg’s twenty Seven Chains and forty links to a Post Cornor to another lott of Stacy Beakes then by the Same South East thirty two deg’s Sixteen Chains, and ten links to Said Yards line then along the Same South West fifty Eight deg’s twenty Seven Chaine twenty links to the beginning Containing forty four Acres, Together With the Woods Under Woods right Liberties priviledges Hereditaments and Appurtenances to the Same belonging And all the Estate right title Intrest Claim and demand of the Said Mahlon Kirkbride and his heirs both in law and Equity of in or the Same or any part thereof and the reversions & remainders thereof, To have and to hold the Said lotts of land and premifses With xxx Appurtenances Unto the Said Nathan Beakes his heirs and afsigns to the Only proper Use and behoof of the Said Nathan Beakes his heirs and afsigns forever And the Said Mahlon Kirkbride for him Selfe his heirs Ex’rs doth Covenant and agree to and With the Said Nathan Beakes his heirs and afsigns, that the Said Lotts of land and premifses Unto the Said Nathan Beakes his heirs and afsigns Against him the Said Mahlon Kirkbride & his heirs and against every other person or persons Whatsoever Lawfully Claiming by from or Under him them or any of them of in or to any part or parcel thereof Shall and Will Warrant and forever defend by these presents In Witnefseth thereof the Said Mahlon Kirkbride hat hereunto Set his hand & Seale the day and Year above Written Anno 1744

                                                Signed:  Mahlon Kirkbride Seal

Verso Left:  Signed Sealed & Delivered}

In the presence of}

Signed:  xxx Wood

            Stephen Carter

            George Willson

            William Plaskett

Verso Bottom Left:  Recorded in the Secretarys Office at Burlington in Book L of Deeds fol. 384

            Signed: Reed Secret’y

Verso Top Middle:  Received the day of the date Within Written of the Within Named Nathan Beakes the Sum of one hundred & twenty three pounds & ten Shillings Being the Consideration Money Within Mentioned- By me        Signed: Mahlon Kirkbride


Signed: William Plaskett

Verso Bottom Middle: Perfonally appeard before me as a Judge of the County of Hunterdon, Mahlon Kirkbride, Who acknowledge he Seald & Delivered This Inftrument of Writing of his act & Deed for The Ufef Therein Mentioned  Given Under My Hand at –Trenton This 20th Day of the Month Called August 1767            Signed: W Morris


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