Victory Parade

MS 24.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification – TG.

Title:  Elizabeth Biles


In pencil:   16 July 1744

                        Trenton NJ

This Indenture Made the Sixteenth day of July in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred and forty four, Between Elizabeth Biles of Trenton in the County of Hunterdon and Province of New Jersey of the one part, And Benjamin Biles of Trenton in the County of Hunterdon and Province afores’d of the Other part.  Whereas William Hope and Rebeckah his Wife by Indentures of Lease and release Dated the Sixteenth and Seventeenth days of September Anno (1729) did Convey Unto John Bambridge Sen’r Late of Trenton Deceas’d One Certain Lott of Land Situate in Trenton, Containing five Acres and one Quarter of Land, And Whereas Nathaniel Rofsel by deed dated the Thirteenth day of January Anno (1729) Did Grant and Convey Unto the Said John Bambridge One Other Lott of land lying in Trenton afores’d Containing fifteen Acres With Allowence for high Ways, And Whereas, James Trent by Indenture of bargain & Sale dated the Twenty Ninth day of January Anno 1729: Did Convey Unto the Said John Bambridge One Other Lott or parcel of Land Containing fifteen Acres, And Whereas the Said John Bambridge by deed- bearing date the Tenth day of February Anno (1732)- Did bargain and Sell all the Three Lotts of Land Unto his Son John Bambridge, Which last Mentioned John Bambridge and Mary his Wife by deed bearing Date the Twentieth day of May Anno (1737) did Convey all the aboves’d Three Lotts Unto Samuel Biles, and Elizabeth Biles, Containing in the Whole by Said Deed, Thirty five Acres and a quarter, of land, As by the Several recited deed of Conveyance, relation being Thereunto had Will More at Large Appeare, and the Said Samuel Biles being So Seised of a part thereof did after Wards Departe this life, by reason Whereof the Said Elizabeth Biles in Conjunction With the Said Benjamin Biles heir apparent to the Said Samuel Biles Deceased, Did Divide the Same, after a resurvey of the Whole being Being Made Which Was found to Contain Thirty three Acres Three rood and Twenty one pearches, As by a return of the Same in the Surveyor Generalls office at Burlington May More at large appeare, And the part Share and Portion Which is to be and remaine to the Use of the Said Benjamin Biles, Lyeth in Two Peices or Parcels- And bounded as followeth Viz:  The first Begins at a Stone By Hopewell roade and runs from thence North Thirty-five deg’s East five Chains and Seventy five links to ye Cornor of Doct’r Pattersons land then along the Same North forty Eight deg’s thirty min’ts (minutes)West Eleven Chains To an old Maple Stump on a ditch bank, then along Said Ditch being Sam’l Johnsons bounds South Seventeen Deg’s forty five Min’ts West five Chains and forty links To Hopewell roade and So is bounded along Said road to the place of beginning Containing five Acres, The Second Peice Begins at a Post in the line of Doctor Pattersons- Land and runs from thence North forty two Deg’s East Eight Chains and forty links to a Spanish Oake tree then North forty four deg’s thirty Min’ts West fifteen Chains and Thirty links to a Hickry Cornor to Arthur Howell then by the Same South fifty one deg’s West Seven Chains and a Halfe to a Stake Cornor to A Howell and Wm Johnson then by S’d Johnson and S’d Paterson South forty one deg’s East Sixteen Chains and Eighty links to the Place of beginning Containing Twelve Acres one rood and Thirty Six pearches of land, as by the plan Hereunto Annext may Appeare, Now This Indenture Witnefseth that the Said Elizabeth Biles for and in Consideration of the Sum of five Pounds Current Money of New Jersey to her in hand paid by the Said Benjamin Biles, the receipt Whereof She doth Hereby Acknowledge, Have Granted remifed released Quit Claimed and Confirmed and by these presents doth for her Selfe heir heirs Executors fully freely Clearly and Absolutely Grant remife release and forever Quit Claim Unto the Said Benjamin Biles in his full and Peaceable Pofsefsion and Seisen (?) being, And to his heirs and afsigns forever, all the Estate Estate right title use Pofsefsion reversion remainder- Property Claim and Demand Which the the Said Elizabeth Biles Now have or had or Can or May Claim by force of the recited deed of Conveyance, or by any Other Ways or Means, Whatsoever, of in and to the Said Two Peices or Parcels of land which is buted and bounded as aforesaid and of in and to every part and parcel thereof, To have And to hold the Said Two Peices or Parcels of land According to the butts and bounds- thereof, and every part and parcel of the Same With the appurtenances thereunto belonging, Unto the Said Benjamin Biles his heirs and afsigns to the only- Proper Use and behoof of the Said Benjamin Biles- his heirs and afisgns forever, And the Said Elizabeth Biles for her Selfe her heirs Executors doth Covenant promifs and agree to and With the Said Benjamin Biles his heirs and afsigns and every of them, by these presents That he the Said Benjamin Biles his heirs Executors and afsigns, Shall and May by force and Virtue of these Presents, from time to time and at all times forever hereafter lawfully Peaceably and Quietly have hold and Occupy Pofsefs and Enjoy the Said Two Peices or Parcels of land and premifses and every part thereof Without the Lawfull lett Suit Trouble Molestation or any other Interuption of the Said Elizabeth Biles her heirs Execut’rs Or afsigns, And that the the Said Elizabeth Biles her heirs Executors nor any of them Nor any other person or persons by from or under them or any of them Shall and Will at any time or times hereafter by any Ways or Means Whatsoever have Claim Challenge or demand, to have any Manner of right Estate or Title of in or to the Said lotts of land and premifses or any part thereof, But from all and Every Action Suit right Title or demand of in or to the Same they and every of them Shall be thereof and of and from every Part thereof from henceforth, Utterly barred & Excluded for ever by these presents In Witnefs Whereof the Said- Elizabeth Biles hath hereunto Sett her hand and Seal the Day and Year above Written Anno 1744-

Sealed and Deliv’d }

In the Presence of}

Signed:  Thos. Marriott Jun’r

Signed:  Achfah Lambert (Acsah)                                    Signed: Elizabeth Biles Seal

Verso top (Note that in this paragraph the letter “e” has, in most instances, been replaced with the letter “o” as was the custom at that time). :  Be it Remembered that on the Seventeenth Day of February 1746 Appoarod boforo mo John Coxo ono of his Majosty’s Council for the province of Now Jorsoy tho Within Namod Elizaboth Bilos & Acknowlodgod that Sho Exocutod tho Within Instrumont as hor Act & Dood for tho Usos thoroin montionod            Signed: Jno Coxe

Verso map – See scans:  Patersons land-


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