Victory Parade

MS 28.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Please note that in some cases the letter “s” has been replaced with the letter “f,” as was the custom at that time – TG. 

Title:  Deed

            Joseph DeCow}


            Stephen Rose} for

            1/64 part of 19th undivided 100th part of W. Jersey &c.

            Feb. 1, 1750

This Indenture Made the First Day of February In the year of our Lord one thoufand Seven hundred and Fifty Between Joseph DeCow (Joseph DeCou) of trenton in the County of hunterdon and province of New Jersey of the one part and Stephen Rose of the Same Town County and province of the other part Witnefseth that the Said Joseph De Cow for and in the Consideration of the Sum of twenty Shillings to him in hand paid by the Said Stephen Rose at and before the Sealing and delivery of thefe presents the receipt Whereof he the Said Joseph DeCow Doth hereby acknowledge and there of doth Acquit releafe And Discharge the Said Stephen Rosfe his Heirs and Executors for ever by thefe presents Hath granted Bargained Sold Alined Enfeoffed released Conveyed and Confirmed and by thefe presents doth fully Clearly and abfolutely grant bargain Sell aline Enfeoffe releasfe Convey and Confirm unto the Said Stephen Rofe his heirs and afsigns forever on Sixty fourth part of one of the Nineteeth (Nineteen) Equal and undivided hundredths parts of all that part Share or portion of that tract of land Called West New jersey Excepting the first Second third fourth and fifth dividends Together with all and Singular The rights Members Priviledges Heredtammenents (Hereditaments) and appurtances (appurtenances) there unto belonging or in any wife appertaining and all the Estate right title Entrest Claim and Demand Whatfoever of im the Said Joseph DeCow of in and to the hereby Granted premifsef and Every part there of and the reversions And remainders thereof to have and To hold the Said one Sixty fourth part and all and Singular the premifses here by granted or Mentioned to be Granted with the appurtances unto the Said Stephen Rofe his heirs and Afsigns to the only roper ufe and behoof of the Said Stephen Rofe his Heirs and Assigns for ever In witnefs whereof the Said Joseph DeCow hath here unto Set his hand and Seal the day and Year above written

Sealed and Deli ered In prescnts of                    Signed: Jos De Cou            Seal

Signed:Jonah Furman

Signed:Dan’l Laning

This document is pasted/glued onto a section of newsprint, which is transcribed here as fully as possible – TG.

Xxx of wood land, and the remainxxx good plough land:  The faid plantation xxx well watered, and chiefly n good fence.  Xxx at on the premifes a good frame dwelling houfe and kitched, a good fram barn—a good bearing orchard, containing one hundred and twenty apple-trees in their prime.  Xxx fold by the 15th of March next, it will xxx be fold at public vendue.  An indifputable xxx will be given.  For terms apply to the fublisher, within two miles of faid plantation, in the townfhip of Maidenhead, and ftate aforefaid.


            September 7, 1795.                 57—3m.

TREASURY             of the UNITED STATES,

Auguft 24th, 1795

NOTICE is hereby given to all perfons who are or may be Creditors of the United States, for any fums of the Funded Debt, xxx Stock, bearing a prefent intereft of fix per centum per annum:

Firft, That purfuant to an Act of Congrefs, xxx on the third day of March, 1795, intitled, “An act making further provifion for xxx fupport of Public Credit, and for the rexxx of the Public Debt,” there will be xxx and redeemed, on the firft day of xxx enfuing, the rate or proportion of two per centum of the principal of the debt or flock, xxx in the Certificates iffued to the faid creditors refpectively.

2d, The faid reimburfements will be made xxx the Treafury of the United States, or at xxx Loan Offices where the faid Stock may xxx credited at the clofe of the prefent year.  3d, The faid reimburfements will be made to the faid Creditors in perfon, or to their Attornies duly conftituted ; but the powers of Attorney which may be produced muft contain the authority to receive the faid reimburfement of the principal, otherwife no more than the ufual dividend of intereft will be piad ; and althouth xxx two per centum of principal to be redeemed, xxx not be demanded, yet the intereft there xxx will ceafe from the faid firft day of January xxx.

4th, To prevent the great trouble and expenfe which would attend a renewal of the Certificates, in confequence of the faid reimburfement of Principal, it has been determined that no renewal fhall be made : And further, that the Certificates wich may be iffued during the year one thoufand feven hundred and ninety-fix, in confequence of any transfers of the faid fix per cent.  Stock, fhall notwithftanding the reimburfement of two per centum, as aforementioned, be expreffed for the refpective xxx of the original Capital Stock.  All persons who may negociate the Funded fix per cent Stock of the United States, bearing a prefent inter-xxx are therefore cautioned to obferve, that xxx the year one thoufand feven hundred xxx xxx xxx xxx

Column 2:

…dious and excellent landing, directly opposite to Chefter, and between Repaupa and Racoon creeks, in Gloucefter county ; from which creeks public market boats go every week to the city.  This Farm may be conveniently divided into two, leaving two dwellings in good fituations : has barns and 1 ftabling for feeding 60 head of cattle ; and, from its mand advantages, muft be an object for any one extenfively in the grazing or dairy way.  For terms or more particular information, apply to Richard Whitehead, No. 62, Vine-ftreet, Philadelphia.

June 30.                                                           159-7w.



The Subscribers wifh to inform their Friends and Cuftomers, that they continue the Fulling Bufinefs, near Trenton, and dye any Fafhionable Colour required.  For the Convenience of their Employers, they will attend at the Houfes of Mr. John Hunt, in Pennington, and Mr. Andrew Titus and Enos Titus, in Hopewell, to receive Cloth, and will return it with all poffible difpatch, finifhed agreeable to Orders.

                                    BENJAMIN TITUS,

                                    JOSEPH HARRIS.

October 12, 1795.


Edmond Milne & Co.

No. 84, Arch-ftreet, corner of Third-ftreet,


RESPECTFULLY inform their friends and the public, that they have juft opened for fale, at their wholefale and retail STORE, A LARGE AND GENERAL ASSORTMENT of ladies, miffes and childrens variegated, Morocco, filk, kid-fkin, ftuff and leather shoes, flippers and fandals, of every colour, fize and pattern; together with boot, bootees, gentlemens neateft fpring-heeled patent and other fhoes, Morocco and leather flippers, mens and boys neat and courfe fhoes, and childrens fhoes of every color and fize : Where ftorekeepers and others may be fupplied with the above on the fhorteft notice and moft reafonable terms, and the fmalleft favor fhall be acknowledged and thankfully received,

May 1, 1795.                           56-cow. 3m.


THE Governers of the states of Pennfylvanie and New-Jerfey, having refpectively iffued Letters Patent, agreeably to the Directions of Acts of the refpective Legiflatures, to incorporate a Company for erecting a Bridge over the River Delaware, at the Borough of Eafton, by the Name and Stile of “The Prefident, Managers and Company for “erecting a Bridge over the River Delaware, “at the Borough of Eafton ;”  The underfigned, being the fix Perfons firft named in the faid Letters Patent, do hereby, conformably to the Provifions of the said Acts, GIVE NOTICE, xxx xxx xxx xxx…..

Next column is partially obscured by the title patch of the main document, so the first3 paragraphs are incomplete and are not reproduced here:

……..they, in their turn might become the flaves of all.  They have multiplied wants till it is no longer poffible to gratify them.  They have perfuaded each other that the mere luxuries of life are the abfolute neceffaries ; and endlefs labour, pain, and watchfulnefs are the confequences.

            There is a little leaf, chopped fine and dryed, that is brought hither over the falt ocean in immenfe quantities from the very fartheft ends of the earth—It is dry, taftelefs, or at beft infipid ; but is daily ufed in abundance at their tables here, from the higheft big captain to the pooreft artifan or labourer.  Without this, life would be deemed infupportable ; and the females, in particular, would confider exiftence as no longer worth enjoying were they not twice a day to treat themfelves profutely with a red liquor boiled from this foreign leaf.

            How many great canoes muft be built, and rigged, and furnifhed with fails before it can be brought to them.  What labour, and fweat, and deadly difeafe muft be fuffered | How many ftorms, combats, difafters, terrors, deaths, and difappointments experienced!

            But, of itfelf, this leaf is held in fmall eftimation.  Thoufands of canoes muft be again built and employed in paffing to and from the fultry Iflands of the fouth, to bring back a fweet fubftance to make the tafte of the leaf pleafant to the palate, which is otherwife hot and bitter, grievous and ungrateful to the ftomach.

            Millions, again, groan under an intolerable flavery, who are employed in producing this fweet fubftance from the burning foil that lies ……….

……but is xxx merely by the wink and the not of the great idol xxx !

            But I am out of all patience when I reflect on the debafed mind of my landlord’s noftler ; the xxx that attends the horfes of travellers—Yes!  I would fmite him with my xxx and drive him before me to the Indian xxx, to be inftructed how to become A MAN, xxx not the laws of the white ment protect him xxx my juft and terrible indignation!

            Beyond all doubt, he came into his world with a foul capable of attaining the ideas of a man.  But he is no other than a horfe!—He is not even a horfe : for what is xxx fervile in both natures being in him mingled, he is netther one nor the other.  His days and his nights are fpent in the rubbing down, xxx and combing the horfes of travellers, I giving them drink, in fupplying them with xxx, and cleanfing away their filth.

            Why do the big-chiefs here hold long talks on the dignity of man, when fuch a wretch of their own fpecies and colour is encouraged to live among them.


An extra from an Englifh publication.

            AS war is the laft of all remedies, xxx xxx xxx, all lawful expedience muft be ufed to avoid it.  As war is the extremity of evil, it is furely the duty of thofe whofe ftation entrufts them with the care of xxx to avert it from their charge.  There xxx of animal nature which nothing xxx xxx equipage fhine like meteors and wholfe palaces rife like exhalations?

            Thefe are the men who without virtue, labor or hazard are growing rich as their country is impoverifhed ; they rejoice when obftinacy or ambition adds another year to flaughter and devaftation, and laugh from their defks at bravery and fcience, while they are adding figure to figure, and cypher to cypher, hoping for a new contract from a new armament, and computing the profit of a fiege or a tempeft.

            Thofe who fuffer their minds to dwell on thefe confiderations, will think it no great crime in the miniftry that they have not fnatched with eagernefs, the firft opportunity of rufhing into the field when they were able to obtain by quiet negociation, all the real good that victory could have brought us.*  Of victory indeed every nation is confident before the fward is drawn ; and this mutual confidence produces that wantonnefs of bloodfhed that has fo often defolated the world.  But it is evident that of contradictory opinions, one muft be wrong, and the hiftory of mankind does not want examples that may teach caution to the daring and moderation to the proud.

            Let us not think our laurels blafted by condefcending to inquire whether we might not poffibly grow rather lefs than greater by attacking.

 *This alludes to the difpute with Spain at that time about the Falkland Iflands.

The following is a copy of the hand bill which has been diftributed amongft the Britifh foldiery.

            Brothers and Fellow-citizens,

            We the people of Great-Britain, your friends, your countryment, your fellow-creatures, defire you for one minute to lay afide the bayonet and mufquet, and behave like men.—Sheathe the fword of murder! ceafe to be the affaffins of your kind!  embrace us as your brethren!  and let the tranquility of reafon fucceed the hurricane of war.

            We require you to confider us as your friends, and then you will liften with attention.  Our country is bleeding at every port!  Already fcourged by the furies of ambition, fhe faints with the anguifh and shrinks with horror, left the uplifted lafh of tyranny fhould fall into a woulnd—already lacerated to the bone.  Our provifions have been tranfported to foreign countries and our hufbandment have been feduced from the plough, to be beaten by their officers, and ftarve beneath a knapfack ; where the cottage once welcomed the free peafant to his evening’s reft, the barracks now imprifon the hungry…..


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