Victory Parade

MS 31.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Please note that in some instances, the letter “e” has been replaced with the letter “o” and the letter “s” has been replaced with the letter “f,” as was the custom at that time – TG. 

This Indenture made tho Twelfth Day of Aprill in the Twenty fourth year of the Reign of King George the second &c (etcetera)  And in the year of our Lord one Thousand Sevon Hundred and Fifty ono, Between Joshua Howell of Trenton in tho County of Hunterdon and Province of New Jorsoy Blacksmith, and Rebecca his wife of the one part, And James Rutherford of the same place county and Province aforesaid Yeoman of the other part Whereas Daniol Howoll lato of Tronton in the County of Huntordon aforesaid Deceased Father of the said Joshua Howell, was in his lifo time and at the Time of his Death Seized in his Demesne as of ffoo (I believe this word is “fee”), of and in a Cortain Lott of Land with tho Appurtonances Situato lying and Boing in Trenton aforesaid in the County of Hunterdon aforesaid, Butted and Bounded as followoth (Viz) Beginning at a Post for a Corner, standing on the East sido of King street Boing also a Corner of a Lott of Land lato Bolonging to Jeptha Smith, But now to Elijah Bond, And Runs thonce by his Lott South seventy Nine Degrees, East Ton perch to a post for a Corner, Then North Elevon Degrees, East four Perch to a Post for a Corner North sevonty Nine Degroos West Ten Perch to a Post by the Street for a Cornor South Eleven Degrees, west four Pole to the ffirst Station Containing one Quartor of an Acro of Land, which lott of Land the said Daniel Howoll Horotofore purchafsed of William Tront, And whereas tho said Daniel Howoll In and by his last will and Testamont in Writing Duly mado, and Executod, in the Presonce of three Subscribing Witnefsos, Bearing Dato the Thirtyoth Day of August in the year of our Lord ono thousand sevon Hundred and Twenty ffive, Did Among other things in the said Will Mentioned and Containod, Give and Devise unto his said Son Joshua Howell the aforesaid Lott of Land and promifsos with the Appurtenances, To Hold to him his Hoirs and Afsigns for Ever, As by tho said Last Will and Testamont Duly provod and Entered of Record in the Secretarys Office for the Province of New Jorsoy at the City of Burlington, Referonce Being thereunto had may more fully and at Large Appear, Now This Indenture Witnefseth That the said Joshua Howoll and Rebecca his Wifo for and in Considoration of the Sum of ono Hundrod and fforty pounds Proclamation Money of New Jorsey to thom in Hand paid by the said James Rutherford at and before tho Ensealing and Delivery of these presonts, The Receipt whereof they Do hereby Acknowledge and thomsolvos to bo thorowith fully Satisfyed Contontod and paid, and thereof and from Evory part thereof Do Acquitt Exonerato Release and Discharge the said James Rutherford his Hoirs Executors Administrators and Afsigns and Evory of them for Evor by thoso presonts, Have granted bargainod and Sold, Aliened, Enfeoffed, Released, Convoyed and Confirmed, And by these presonts Do fully  frooly and Absolutoly Grant, Bargain, and Soll, Alion, Enfeoff, Roleaso, Convoy and Confirm, unto tho said James Rutherford his Hoirs and Afsigns for Evor, (Pursueant to an Act of the General Afsombly of this province of New Jersoy Mado for the Transferring of uses into Pofsefsion) All that the said abovo Mentionod and Described Lott of Land Containing ono Quartor of an Acre as abovosaid, with the Rights Membors and Appurtenances thereof, Togothor with all and Singular, the Houses, Out Housos, Buildings, Edifices, Gardens, Orchards, ffonces, Woods, Trees, Ways, Wators, Wator Coursos, Minos Minorals, Rights, Royaltios, Liborties, ffranchises, priviledges, Improvemonts, Hereditamonts, and Appurtonances whatsoovor to tho said Lott of Land  Belonging or in any wiso Apportaining And the Reversions and Remaindors Ronts Ifsues and profits thereof and of evory part and parcell thereof, And also all the Estate, Right, Titlo, Intorost, use, pofsefsion, proporty Claim and Demand whatsoevor as well in Equity as in Law, of him the said Joshua Howoll and Rebecca his Wife, of in and to tho said Lott of Land and promisos Abovo Montionod or of in and to Every part and parcell thoroof with the Appurtonances, To have and to hold the said Lott of Land with all and Singular the premifses above mentioned and Every part and parcel thereof with the Appurtenances unto the said James Rutherford his Heirs and afsigns, To the only proper use and Behoof of him the said James Rutherford his Heirs and Afsigns for Ever, And the said Joshua Howoll for himsolf his Hoirs Executors and Administrators Doth Covenant and Grant to and with tho said James Rutherford his Hoirs and Afsigns, That ho the said Joshua Howoll Now is True Lawfull and Rightfull Owner of the said Lott of Land abovo montioned with the Hereditamonts and premifsos thereunto Belonging, and Evory part and parcel thereof with the Appurtenances, And also that ho the said Joshua Howoll Now is Lawfully and Rightfully Seized in his own Right of and I a good Sure, perfect, Absolute and Indefeasible Estato of Inhoritance in ffoo Simple of and in all and Singular the said Lott of Land and premifsos abovo montioned with the Appurtonces, without any Manner of Condition, Mortgage, Limitation of use or usos, or other Mattor Causo or thing whatsoever to Alter Change Charge or Detormino the same, And that ho tho said Joshua Howoll Now hat good Right full Powor and Lawfull Authority, in his own Right to grant, Bargain, sell, Release and Convoy tho said Lott of Land and all and Singular the promifsos above montionod with tho Appurtonces unto the said James Rutherford his Hoirs and Afsigns for Evor as aforosaid, And According to the purport True Intont and Meaning of those prosonts And also that ho the said James Ruthorford his Hoirs and Afsigns shall and may at all timos for Evor Heroaftor Peaceably and Quiotly, Have Hold use Occupy Pofsefs and Enjoy all and Singular tho said Lott of Land and promifsos abovo montionod with tho Appurtonances, without, the Lott, suit, Trouble, Eviction, Ejection, Hindrance, Mollestation Intorruption or Denial of him tho said Joshua Howoll his Hoirs or Afsigns, And of all and Evory othor porson or porsons whatsoevor Claiming and Claim by from or under him thom or any of thom, And That ffrood and Dischargod or otherwiso woll and Sufficiontly savod kopt Harmlefs and Indemprifyed of and from all former and other Gifts, Grants, Bargains, Sales, Leases, Mortgages, Joyntures, Dowers, uses, Wills, Annuities, Judgmonts, Executions, Rents and Arrearages of Rents, and of and from all other Charges, Estates, Rights, Titles, Troubles, and Incumbrances Whatsoever, Had, made, Committed done or Sufforod, or to be had, made, Committod, done or Sufforod by the said Joshua Howoll his Hoirs or Afsigns or any othor porson or porsons Whatsoevor Claiming or to Claim by from or undor him them or any of thom, And Lastly that ho the said Joshua Howoll and his Hoirs, and all and Every other porson and porsons and his and their Heirs, anything having or Claiming in the said Lott of Land and premifsos above mentioned or any part of parcell thereof, by from or under him them or any of them, shall and will from time to time and at all times hereafter, upon the Reasonable Request, and at the Costs and Charges in the Law of the said James Rutherford his Heirs and Afsigns, Make Do Executo and Acknowledge, or Cause and procure to be made done Executed and Acknowledged, all and Every such further and Other Lawfull and Reasonable Act and Acts, Thing and things, Device and Devices Conveyances and Afsureances in the Law Whatsoever, for the ffurther Better and moro perfect granting, Conveying Afsureing and Confirming, of all and Singular the said Lott of Land and premifsos abovo montionod with the Appurtonances, unto the said James Rutherford his Heirs and Afsigns, To the only proper use and Behoof of the said James Rutherford his Heirs and Afsigns ffor Evor, As by him the said Jamos Ruthorford his Heirs and Afsigns, or his or their Council Learned in the Law shall bo Reasonably Devised Adviseod or Required, so that tho porson or porsons so makoing such furthor or Othor Afsureance or Afsureances, shall not bo Compelled or Compellable To Travel further than fivo Miles from the usual place of his or their abodo, for the making doing and Executing the same In Witnefs whereof the parties to these presonts have Hereunto Interchangeably Sett their Hands and Seals the Day and Year first Above written – 1751.-

Signed: Joshua Seal Howell                              hor

                                                                        Signed: Rebecca + Howell Seal


Verso top left: Signed Sealed and Delivered In the presence of us}

Signed: Moore Furman

Signed: Abra’m Cottnam

Verso top right:  I horoby Acknowledge to have roceived from James Ruthorford the Sum of ono Hundrod and fforty pounds Proclamation Monoy Boing the Consideration Monoy Within Montoinod As wtinofs my Hand this Twolfth Day of Aprill Annopo Domini 1751.-} British pounds symbol 140-0-0


Signed:  Moore Furman

Signed: Abra’m Cottnam                                   Signed: Joshua Howell

Verso middle:  Memorandum that on tho 15th day of June- 1759- personally Appoar’d boforo me Richard Saltar Esq’r Ono of his Majostios Councile for the Province of Now Jorsoy, Mooro Furman Esq’r Ono of the Witnofsos to tho Within Dood Who boing Sworn on the Holy Evangolist of Almighty God- Doclaros that ho was prosont & Saw Joshua Howell and Robocca Howoll tho Grontors within montion’d Sign, Soal, and as thoir Sovoral Acts & Doods Dolivor tho same to tho Usos thoroin Montion’d And that ho Sign’d his Namo as an Evidonce thoroto, And that ho Saw Abraham Cottnom the Othor Subscribing Witnofs Sign his Namo also

In Tostimony thoroof-

                                                Signed: Rich Saltar

Sworn thoroof and xxx (crossed through) Above said Before me}

            Recorded in the Secretarios Office at Burlington in the xxx xxx xxx

                                                Signed:  Cha’s Read Sect’y


In pencil: 1751 signed and sealed by Joshua Howell noted ironmonger & his wife


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