Victory Parade

MS 36.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Please note that in some instances the letter “e” has been replaced with the letter “o,” and the letter “s” has been replaced with the letter “f,” as was the custom at that time – TG.

Title:  Dan’l Smith


To all to whom these presents may Come Whereas Stacy Potts of Trenton in the County of Hunterdon hath this day made an Agreement with the underwritten Daniel Smith for a Certain Piece of Meadow Land Containing five acres Situate in the Township of Nottingham in the County of Burlington by the Survey thereof bounded as followeth Viz: Beginning at a post by Croswicks Creek near to a Bunch of Maples markt & runs from thonce South West 75 deg’s Twelve Cha’s to a post for a Corner being xxx xxx to Nathan Allens then North West 30 Deg’s xxx Chaine along by said Allens land to his Corner post, being xxx Corner to the said Stacy Potts Land, then North East 7 Deg’s Eleven Chains to a Hickery Sapling for a Corner, xxx South East 41 Deg’s five Cha’s to the beginning Corner Containing as aforesaid five acres And Whereas the said Stacy Potts in Consideration of having the said Meadow Conveyed to him in manner herein after mentioned, did by his obligation bearing even date herewith become bound unto the said Daniel Smith in the Conditional Sum of Forty five Pounds payable on the tenth day of November next

Now know Ye that if the said Stacy Potts his Heirs Exectors or Adm’rs (Administrators) shall pay or well and truly Cause to be paid unto the said Daniel Smith His Heirs Execu’rs Administrators or afsigns the said Sum of Forty five Pounds on or before the time limited in the said Obligation for Payment thereof That then on Such payment the said Daniel Smith for himself his Heirs Exec’rs and Administrators, doth Covenant and agree, that he will at the proper Cost & Charge of the said Stacy Potts his Heirs or Afsigns, [as soon as the said money shall be paid] (crossed through) Execute a Good and Sufficient Deed of Conveyance of the said five acres of Meadow with its appurtenances unto the said Stacy Potts his Heirs & Afsigns with a Sufficient Warrantee, to hold the said Stacy Potts his Heirs & Afsigns forever: for the true Performance of this Agreement the Said Daniel Smith doth hereby bind himself his heirs Executors & Administrators in the Penal Sum of Ninety Pounds In Witnefs Whereof the said Daniel Smith to these presents hath set his hand & Seal this Tenth day of the Sixth month Called June 1755-

Sealed & Delivered}

in the presence of}

Signed: Jonathan Smith                         Signed: Dan Smith Seal

Signed: Daniel Smith jun’r

                        In pencil: 10 June 1755


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