Victory Parade

MS 38.Literal transcription Ė misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification Ė TG.


Stacy Potts British Pounds symbol 45

Payable xxx 10th Nov 1755

Know all men by these presents that I Stacy Potts of Trenton in the County of Hunterdon and Province of New Jersey Tanner am held and firmly Bound unto Daniel Smith of Burlington in the Province aforesaid Merchít in the full and Just sum of Ninety Pounds Current Proclamation money of the xxx to be paid unto the Daniel Smith his certain Attorney Heirs Execírs Aminiírs or Afsigns and for the true paymít thereof I do bind my self my heirs Exectírs and Adminisírs and every of them firmly by thefe presents Sealed with my Seal and dated the Tenth day of June in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven Hundred and fifty five ----------------------------------------------------1755.

The Condition of this Obligation is such that if the above Bounden Stacy Potts his Heirs Execírs Adminiírs or any of them Shall pay or Cause to be paid to the above Named Daniel Smith or to his certain Attorney Heirs Execírs Adminiírs or Afsigns the full Sum of Forty five Pounds like Money as aforefaid and that on or before the Tenth day of November next ensuing the date hereof and that without Coven fraud or further delay that then this prefent Obligation shall be Void and of none Effect otherwise to be and- Remain in full force and Virtue-

Sealed & Delivered}

In the presence of}†††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Signed: Stacy Potts

Signed: Jonathan Smith

Signed: Daníl Smith junír

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† In pencil:NJ††††††††††† 10 June 1755

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Hunterdon & Burlington Co

Verso: Janíy 22íd 1757 of Stacy Potts the sum of Three pounds Three Shillings being one yearís Interest of the within Bond

††††††††††† ††††††††††† Xxx me Signed:Daníl Smith

Recíd Novír 7th 1757 of Stacy Potts the full Contents of the within Obligation

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Xxx me

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† Signed:Daniel Smith


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