Victory Parade

MS 41.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Please note that in some instances the letter “s” has been replaced with the letter “f,” as was the custom at that time – TG.

Title:  Deed

            Jofeph Hornor}


            Stacy Potts}  1 Quarter Lott

Recorded & Exam’d

In pencil:  1787    xxx Princeton St (best guess)

This Indenture Made the twentythird Day of December, in the Year of our Lord one Thoufand seven Hundred and Fifty Seven; and in the Thirty First Year of the Reign of George the Second by the Grace of God King of great Britain and the Terretories thereunto belonging.  Between Jofeph Hornor of the Townfhip of Windfor in the County of Middlefex and Province of New Jerfey Yeoman, of the one part, and Stacy Potts of Trenton in the County of Hunterdon and Province aforefaid Tanner, of the other part:  Witnefseth, that the said Jofeph Hornor, for, and in Confideration of the Sum of Seven Pounds Ten Shillings Current Proclamation Money of New-Jerfey, to him in hand paid by the said Stacy Potts before the Enfealing and delivery of thefe presents the Receipt whereof, he, the said Jofeph Hornor doth hereby Acknowledge, and thereof, and every part thereof doth acquit, Exonerate, Releafe and Discharge the said Stacy Potts, his Heirs, Executors, Administrators and every of them for ever, by thefe Presents Hath Granted Bargained and sold, Enfeofed, Releafed, Conveyed and Confirmed, and by thefe presents doth Grant, Bargain and Sell, Enfeof, Releafe, Convey & Confirm unto the said Stacy Potts, and unto his Heirs and Afsigns forever; one certain piece, or Lott of Land; sittuate on the Top of an afsending Ground, on the Northwardly Side of the Street of Princeton, being in the Townfhip of Windfor aforesaid; Bounded and Laid out in Manner following, Viz:  Beginning at the aforesaid street at the North Eaft Corner of Isaac Hornor’s Lott, and runs along his Line North Ten Degrees West, one Hundred and Sixty five Feet, then North Seventy four Degrees East, by other Lands of said Jofeph Hornor Sixty six Feet; then South Ten Degrees East, one Hundred and Sixty five Feet still along said Jofeph Hornors Land to the aforesaid Street, and then down the Street South Seventy four Degrees West, Sixty Six feet to the place of Beginning aforesaid, Containing one Quarter of an Acre.  Together with all, and Singularly the Mines, Minerals, Rights, Royalties, Liberties, Profits, Commodities, Hereditaments and Appurtenances whatsoever unto the Said granted Premifses belonging, or in any ways Appertaining.  And alfo, all the Estate, Right, Title, Interest, Use, Pofsefsion, Property, Claim and Demand whatsoever of him the said Jofeph Hornor, as well in Law as Equity, of, in, or unto the said granted Lott of Land and appurtenances, or any part thereof:  To have and to hold the said Lott of Land and appurtenances to the said Stacy Potts; and to the only proper Ufe, Benefit and Behoof of the said Stacy Potts, his Heirs and Afsigns forever.  And the said Jofeph Hornor, for himfelf and for his Heirs, Executors & Adminiftrators, doth Covenant Promife and Agree, to, and with the said Stacy Potts, his heirs and Afsigns, by thefe presents, that he, the said Jofeph Hornor, at the time of the Sealing & Delivery hereof, hath in himfelf good Right, full Power, Lawfull and abfolute Authority, to grant, Bargain and Sell, Releafe, Convey and Confirm the said Lott of Land with it’s appurtenances, unto the said Stacy Potts his Heirs and Afsigns, in the Manner above Mentioned.  And alfo, that the said Jofeph Hornor hat not willingly, or willingly, Committed, omitted, Sufferred or done, any Act, Matter or Thing whatfoever, whereby, or by reafon whereof, the said Granted premifses, or any part thereof, is, are, shall or may, be Charged, Burthened or Incumbred, in any manner howfoever, (otherwife than the Quit Rents thereout Ifsuing to the King his Heirs and Succefsors, and the arrears thereof if any be).  And further, the said Jofeph Hornor, his Heirs, Executors or Adminiftrators, Shall, and will, at all, or any Time or Times hereafter during the space of seven Years next Enfuing the Date hereof, at the request, Coft, and Charges of the Said Stacy Potts, his Heirs or Afsigns, Make, do, Acknowledge and Execute, caufe, or procure to be Made, done, Acknowledged & Executed, all, and every such further Act and Acts, Thing and Things, Conveyances and afsurances in the Law whatfoever for the further, better, more fully & perfect Conveying, Confirming and Afsuring, the above defcribed Lott of Land & Appurtenances to the said Stacy Potts, his Heirs and Afsigns forever, according to the purport, true Intent and meaning of thefe prefents.  In Witnefs whereof, the said Jofeph Hornor hath to this present Indenture set his hand and Seal, the Day and Year above written.-----------1757.

Sealed & Delivered}

In the presence of}

Signed:  Sam’l Hornor

Signed: Tho’s Watson                                                Signed:  Jo’s Hornor Wax seal

Perfonally appeared befor Me of Judge of The County of Hunterdon, Jofeph Horner, Who acknowledged he Signed, Sealed, & delivered The Within Inftrument of Writing as his Act & Deed for the Ufes Therein Mentioned Given Under My Hand at Trenton This fourth Day of the month called December one Thoufand Seven Hundred & Sixty 1760

                                                            Signed:  W Morris

Verso:  Recorded in the Secretarys Office at Burlington in Book Yof Deeds fol. 433.

                                    Reed Secret’y

In pencil:  23 Dec 1757

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