Victory Parade

MS 46. Literal transcription misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification. Please note that in some instances the letter s has been replaced with the letter f, as was the custom at that time TG.

Title: John Lee, Lease

Dated 25 December


This Indenture made this Twenty fifth Day of December in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred & Sixty two, between Philemon Dickinson of Kent County upon Delaware of the one Part, and John Lee of xxx County in the Province of Maryland of the other Part,--

Witnefseth that the sd Dickinson, for and in Consideration of the Rent, hereafter mentioned, hath leased & to Farm let, unto the sd Lee, all that Piece or Parcel of Land whereon, the sd Lee now lives called or known by the Name of Evans Points, situate in Talbot County To have & to hold the sd Piece of Land with the Appurtenances, unto the sd John Lee, his Executors & Administrators for the full Term of Six Years, to commence from this Day. He the sd John Lee Yielding & paying unto the sd Dickinson, his Executors, Administrators or Afsigns, the Yearly Rent or Sum of Forty pounds, which said Yearly Rent the sd John Lee doth hereby covenant & agree to pay in Spanish Pistoles (best guess) at Twenty two Shillings each, or in Spanish Dollars at Seven Shilling & six pence each, regularly each Year. And the sd John Lee covenants for himself, his Executors & Administrators with the sd Dickinson his Executors administrators & afsigns that the sd Lee his Executors Administrators shall xxx no waste on the Premifses. The sd lee obliges himself to build upon the afod demised premifses a good new Tobacco House forty feet in length & twenty two feet in width, at his own cost without any Allowence for the same, & further agrees to keep the other buildings in & the whole Plantation in good xxxable Repair & Order, & in suite Order or Repair shall peaceably deliver them up at the End of the Term afsd

Signed: Philm Dickinson Seal

Signed: Chas Goldsboro xxx xxx

Signed: John Lee his Mark Seal

Notation: The word deliver being first inserted.


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