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MS462 - Report of Charles Potts regarding Tail Race

Jonathan Steward Esq.

                                                            Trenton Water Company

De (ar) Sir-

                        The following are the results of an examination made on the 13th inst (ant),  of the proposed Tail Race from the site of the Pumping House near Calhouns Lane, along the flats of the river to a point nearly opposite Fisher & Norris' Anvil Factory.

            The route examined is shewn (shown) on the annexed Map_ and begins at the site of the Pump House and extends thence along the foot of the Water Power bank to the old Pond in front of the State House lot.  Thence it diverges from the lower end of said pond, along the lowest portions of the flats to the channel of the river_ at the point marked C on the map-

            The distance from the Pump House to the upper end of the pond is 1245 feet.  The pond is 500 ft. long, and thence to the river 1100 feet.

            The entire head and fale (?) from the surface of the water in the Water Power at Pump House, to surface of water in the River at the points marked A, B and C respectively was found to be thus.


At the Point A the entire fall is                                                   14.54

                 B                                                Ditto                             14.88

                  C                                               Ditto                             17.13

From thus it will be seen that the difference of fale between A and B is only about 4 inches.  Hence to terminate the tail Race at any point above B it would be most advantageous to have a short out to the river as at the point A.

            Between B and C the difference of fale is 2 ft 3 inches by terminating the race at C the excavation for the race would be along the lowest points between the pond and the river. I afsume (assume) the bottom of the Tail Race to be 10 feet wide and the side slopes as 1 ½ to 1-  The fale on the bottom of race way to be 18 inches in the whole distance_  This would xxxx the head & fale at the Pump House 15.43


                                                            Estimate for Tail Race  

4000 Cubic Yards Excavation between the Pump House and Pond_

200 Cubic Yards        Ditto    through pond

1000            Ditto from pond to point C at

the river _





5200 Cubic Yds at 15 cts  -                                         $780.00

The length of this race would be 2845 feet or  205 feet over half a mile -  It would be liable to fill up from floods in the river.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted

                                                                                    Charles Potts

                                                                                                Civil Engineer

Trenton, Sept. 14th 1852


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