Victory Parade

MS466 - Letter requesting referral for teaching position

Trenton Academy

Dec. 15th, 1854

Prof. Cooke,

            Dear Sir:-

                                                            You will doubtless be surprised to learn that Mr. John B. Thompson has been obliged by a wasting chronic diarrhea to resign his Professorship in our Institution.  It will be, in a very short time, one of the best berths in the state.  He knows this, and had applied himself to his duties with a fidelity and a zeal not to be surpassed.  Possibly his assidicity (?) accelerated the progress of his disease, and brought about the result, which is so unfortunate, at this peculiar juncture, both for him and for us.

            My motive in dropping this line is to inquire whether you can name a man to supply his place.  Our plan is to get a young man, full of energy and devoted to teaching as a profession.  We wish, as the most important of all qualifications, to have a man of consistent piety.  In respect of acquirements (re?), his particular department will be that of the Natural Sciences, but it is necessary for him to be a tolerable Latin & Greek scholar, particularly accurate in quantity, as he will have a class or two daily in those languages.  In addition to this, it is desirable that he have some knowledge of vocal music.

            If we can find the man to suit us, we shall offer him $600 per annum, although that will be by no means the limit of his salary, if he proves efficient in his department.  I ought to have said, that no person will suit us, who is not happy in his mode of governing children, as every man with us is entrusted with discipline in the class room, and must secure for himself, as he best can in all ordinary cases, the respect & attention of the students.

            May I hear from you at your earliest convenience on this subject.

                                                                        I am, dear sir,

                                                                        Very Respectfully        

                                                                                    & truly yours

                                                                                                David Cole

                                                                        Prin (cipal) of Trenton Academy


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