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MS 47.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Please note that in some instances the letter “s” has been replaced with the letter “f,” as was the custom at that time – TG.

Title Page: Deed Dated May 24th 1764

Wm. Ely to}  3 Acres 1 xxx & 15 Perch

Stacy Potts}  of Land in Trenton

Recorded in the Secretarys Office at Burlington in Book A.B of Deeds fol. 79

                                                Signed: Reed Secret’y



Unattached Top Page:

The Title of William Ely’s Lott of Land in Trenton Sold to Stacy Potts & A. Hunt


Jan’y 21  Mahlon Stacy & Peter Frittwell Convey to John Willford

1695 May 21 John Willford & his Son John Convey to Nathaniel Pettit

1714 March 13 Nath’l Pettit Devise by Will to Jonathan Pettit 100 Acres

1723 Aug’t 5 Jonathan Pettit Convey to William Hope 5 ¼ Acres

1729 Sep’t 16 & 17 Wm. Hope & Rebecca Leafe & Releafe (Lease & Release) to John Bainbridge

1732 Feby’ 10 John Bainbridge Convey to his son John Bainbridge

1737 May 20 John Bainbridge & Mary his wife Convey to Sam’l Biles & Elizabeth Biles including the 5 ½ acres

1744 July 16 Elizabeth Biles Releafe to Sam’l Biles

1754 Augt 15 Benj’n Biles Heir of Sam’l Biles Convey to Wm. Ely

Unattached Top Page Verso:

William Hope Conveys to Jo’s Peace 5 ¼ Acres of Land Bounded as follows beginning at a xxx (looks like froft) Standing near a Road from Trenton to Lockharts and runs thence N.N.East 4 Ch’s (Chains) & 90 Links by Wm. Trents Land to a froft for a Corner thence N.W. 50* 10 chains & 75 Links to a Maple thence S.S.W 4 Ch’s 90 Links to a froft for a Corner by the Said Road thence along the s’d Road to the place of Beginning-

Up-side-down: Title &c.

Side-ways: Schedule of the Title Lott xxx of Wm. Ely

Attached Top Page:

The Title of William Ely’s Lott of Land in Trenton Sold to Stacy Potts as of Deed hereunto Anexed

21st of Jan’y 1685    Mahlon Stacy & Peter Frittwell to John Willford original Deed Recited in Jonathan Pettit’s Deed to Wm Hope Dated Aug’t 5th 1723 uppon Record 100 Acres-

21st of May 1695    John Willford & his son John’s to Nath’l Pettit recited in the same Deed for 100 Acres and other Lands } not Recorded

13th of March 1714            Nathaniel Pettit’s Will recited on said Deed Devifing (Devising) the above 100 acres to Jonathan Pettit-}

5th of Aug’t 1723            Jonathan Pettit to William Hope for 5 ¼ acres part of the Said 100 Acres}

16 & 17th of Sept 1729            William Hope and Rebeca his Wife Leafe and Releafe to John Bainbridge 5 Acres ¼ - Recorded

10th Feb’r 1732    John Bainbridge to his son John 5 Acres ¼ - Recorded

20 of May 1737    John Bainbridge Jr & Mary his Wife to Samuel Biles & Elizabeth Biles including 5 ¼ Acres

16th of July 1744            Elizabeth Biles Releafe as Joint Tenant with Sam’l Biles one half of 33 Acres which includes the 5 Acres & ¼ - }

15th of Aug’t 1754    Benj’n Biles Brother & Heir at Law to the  Said Sam’l Biles Deed to William Ely}


This Indenture Made the twenty fourth Day of May – in the year of our Lord one thoufand feven Hundred and sixty four Between William Ely of Trenton in the County of Hunterdon & Province of New Jerfey Yeoman of the one part and Stacy Potts of the same place Tanner of the other part Witnefseth that the said William Ely by sundry Deeds of Conveyance and other good Afsurances in the law as by the Schedule of Deeds & Writings hereunto Annexed will more perticularly appear became intitled to and at the Execution of thefe prefents is Lawfully Seized in fee of and unto a certain Lott of Land Situate lying & being in Trenton aforefaid containing five Acres of Land more or lefs and being thereof Pofsefsed as aforefaid Hath for and in Confideration of the sum of Sixty Six Pounds seventeen Shillings and six pence Lawfull money of New Jerfey to him the Said William Ely in hand ^Paid before the Enfealing and delivery of thefe prefents the Receipt whereof he the s’d William Ely doth hereby own and acknowledge and thereof and every part and parcell thereof doth hereby Acquit Exenorate Releafe and discharge the said Stacy Potts his heirs Executors Adminiftrators and every of them forever by thefe Prefents Hath Granted Bargained Sold Aliened Enfeofed Releafed Conveyed and Confirmed and by these prefents doth fully freely clearly and abfolutely Grant Bargain Sell Enfeof Releafe Convey and Confirm unto the said Stacy Potts his Heirs & Afsigns forever a certain part of the abovesaid five Acres of Land Situate in Trenton as aforefaid Butted & Bounded as followeth Begining at a stone by Hopewell Road and Runs from thence along by Elizabeth Biles’s Land North Thirty four Degrees Ease five Chains and Seventy five Links to the corner of Andrew Reed’s Land then along the same North fifty one Degrees West five Chains & Ninety Seven Links to a Black oak Tree for a Corner then South fifty Degrees West through the said five acre Lott four Chains fifty three Links to a stone by the Road aforefaid and then along said Road South forty Degrees East seven Chains & thirty four Links to the place of Begining Containing three Acres one Quarter & fifteen Perch of Land be the same more or lefs Together with all and singular the fences Improvements Heriditriments & Appurtenances Belonging or in any wife appertaining to the said Lott or piece of Land with all the Mines minerals ways waters water courfes Huntings Foulings and all the Profits pasture Previledges Comodities and Advantages to the said Lott of Land belonging or in any Manner Appertaining And all the Estate Right Title Interest Property Claim or Demand whatfoever of him the said William Ely his Heirs Exec’rs and Adminiftr’s either in Law or Equity of in or to the said Lott of Land & premises or any part thereof To have and to Hold the above described Lott of Land with the Appurtenances to the Said Stacy Potts his Heirs and Afsigns & to the only proper use benefit & behoof of him the said Stacy Potts his Heirs and Afsigns forever And the said William Ely for himfelf his Heirs Executors & Admin’rs doth covenant & agree to & with the said Stacy Potts his Heirs & Afsigns by thefe prefents that he the said William Ely at the time of the Enfealing & delivery hereof hath in himfelf good Right Lawful and abfolute Authority to grant Bargain and sell the said Lott of Land with its appurtenances unto the said Stacy Potts his his Heirs & Afsigns free and clear of all Jointures Dowers Mortgage or any manner of Incumberances whatfoever and the said William Ely his Heirs Exec’rs Adm’rs each & every of them or any other Perfon Claiming or pretending to Claim by from or under him them or any of them the said Lott of Land & Premifses is free & clearly Acquitted & Discharged And the s’d William Ely for himself his Heirs Executors & Adminiftrators doth Covenant to & with the said Stacy Potts his Heirs and Afsigns against him the said William Ely his Heirs Exec’rs & Admini’rs and against all and every Perfon or Persons whatfoever the said Lott of Land & Premifes shall and will Warrant and forever Defend by thefe prefents In Witnefs whereof the said William Ely hath hereunto set his Hand & Seal the Day & Year above Written –

Signed Sealed & Delivered}                                        Signed: William Ely            Seal

In the prefence of}                  

Signed: George Bright               The twenty fourth Day of December one thoufand

Signed: George Tucker             seven Hundred and Sixty four Jemima Ely wife of

                                                            The above said William Ely as Confenting to the

                                                            Above Indenture hath hereunto set her Hand & Seal

                                                In the Prefence of                   Signed: Jemima Ely Seal

                                                Signed: Cha’s Axford jr

                                                Signed: Thomas Moore


Be it Remembred that on the 22nd Day of April 1769 Personally Appeard before me William Cleayton one of his Majesties Judges for the County of Hunterdon George Tucker who being Duly Sworn According to Law Doath Say that he Saw William Ely the Grantor Sign Seal & Deliver the within Deed for the Uses therein Mentioned and that he Signed thereunto as an Evidence Sworn the Date above Before me Signed: Wm Cleayton

On the 26th Day of April 1769 Personally Appeard Before me William Cleayton on of his Majesties Judges for the County of Hunterdon Jemima Ely wife to the Grantor and Acknowledged that She Signd Seald and Deliverd the Within Deed of her Own Free and Volluntary will without any Compultion of her Husband for the Uses therein Mentioned Done the Date above Before me

                                    Signed: Wm Cleayton

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