Victory Parade

MS476 - Letter Joseph Potts regarding abuses from John Stull

Washington D. C.  October 1, 1855

Dr  Sir


            As you requested I herewith forward the enclosed Deeds, which I have been unable to execute since (?) their receipt before the present.  Please so inform Mr. Johnson, I received a communication from John last week which I presume will be the last at least for some time, he is very abusive, he applied to me to consent that he should advance money for the expenses of his son last year from the 19th October 1854 and also payment in advance for his college fees at West Chester, as demand had been made upon him by his late wife.  This consent I refused to give, and stated to him the Debts of the Estate must be first paid, and until that was done, no funds of the Estate was to be applied to any other purpose, after they were all paid, if there was anything remaining it must be disposed of in conformity with the Will, that I was anxious to have the Debts of the Estate paid as speedily as possible, and every cent there was in the hands of the Executors I wished applied in that manner as I understood the Debts were pressing, that I had written Mr. Woolston and yourself as he had requested me to, know whether either of you knew anything wrong in the management of the Estate by Johnson, that I had received answers which went to show that there was nothing either of you had seen or knew of, but what Johnsons management in the settlement of the affairs of the Estate was correct and he was doing the best for the benefit of the Estate-and as for keeping a book containing all the affairs of the Estate open to the inspection of any and every one I doubted the propriety of it.  That he had stated he had received in way of Rents $ 415.83 (?) and paid for the Estate $154.69 (?) and thus was a balance in his hands $261.14 (?) – that as to who he paid the $154.69 or what was the nature of the claims he paid I was entirely ignorant, that Johnson showed me all his vouchers when I was last in Philadelphia.  I examined his accounts & found matters correct, but his (John's) matters I was ignorant of except what he stated me in said communication.  His answer he says “the Heirs want to know how much hush money Johnson has paid me” how much of Johnsons Bond and Mortgage has come to the seat of Government, how much has been paid to stop Potts hungary (sp) maw,” such are his phrases and the tenor (?) of his last, I understood he has been very abusive of me, where I am known, I care nothing about it, but it is far from pleasant to be so slandered, when it is well known, I have never received the first cent belonging to the Estate, have not nor never have received the first farthing, nothing even to pay my expenses back and forward from here to New Jersey, and have paid out of my own Pocket all my own money and for executing these Deeds I now send, I do not wish to be understood as reflecting upon Mr. Johnson for I do not, as I never applied to him for it, but to be so abused by John because I am unwilling to let the Funds for (?) into his hands, is rather tough-If there is any thing I have you would wish let me know, I will forward, please let me hear from you shortly xxx.


                                                                                    Yours very truly                       

                                                                                                            Joseph E. Potts

M. Beasley Esq.


N.B. I have not even had the whole of my own Bill paid I have against the Estate for I have not rendered it


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