Victory Parade

MS 48.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Please note that in some instances, the letter “s” has been replaced with the letter “f,” as was the custom at that time – TG.

Title: Neil Levingston,

                        Mortgage &


                        Pounds symbol 87 xxx

To be renew’d

In pencil: 4th Feby 1764

            In Trenton NJ

            This Indenture Made the Fourth day of February in the Year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and Sixty Four Between Neil Levingston of Trenton in the County of Hunterdon & Province of New Jersey of the One Part And Moore Furman of the City of Philadelphia of the other Part Witnefseth, That the said Neil Levingston for and in Consideration of the Sum of Eighty Seven Pounds Proclamation Current Money of New Jersey by the said Moore Furman at and before the Sealing and delivery of these presents well and truly paid, the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and thereof doth acquit and Release the said Moore Furman forever by these presents, hath Granted Bargained Sold & Conveyed, and by these presents hath Granted Bargained Sold and Conveyed unto the said Moore Furman and to his Heirs & Afsigns forever all that Certain Mefsuage or Tenement and Lott of Land Situate Lying and being in Trenton aforesaid and is Butted and Bounded in the follow ing Manner, Beginning at a Stone plac’d for a Corner at the East Side of King Street, which said Stone is also a Corner of a Lott Late Duncan OGillion’s, now Thomas Moore’s from thence runs along the said Thomas Moores Line South Seventy Six degrees East, Ninety Two Feet to another Stone for a Corner, and from thence runs North Eleven Degrees East Sixty feet to another Stone for a Corner; and from thence runs North Seventy Six Degrees West ^ Ninety feet to a Stone placed for a Corner by the side of King street Aforesaid, And from thence runs along the side of said Street, South Fourteen Degrees West, Sixty feet to the first Mentioned Corner of Place of Beginning, Containing Twenty Perches of Land be the Same More of Lefs; Together with all & Singular the Improvements Advantages Tennements Hereditaments and Appurtenances Whatsoever to the said Mefsuage and Lott of Land belonging, or in any wise Appertaining, And the Reversion Remainders Rents Ifsues and Proffits thereof with every of the Appurtenances, And all the Estate Right Title Interest Property Claim and demand Whatsoever of him the said Neil Levingston of in and to the same, and every Part thereof, To have & to hold the said Mefsuage & Lott of Land as aforesaid with all and Singular the Appurtenances aforesaid unto the said Moore Furman his Heirs & Afsigns forever Provided Always, and these presents are Neverthelefs upon this Condition that if the said Neil Levingston, his Heirs Executors or Administ’rs Shall and do well and pay or Cause to be paid unto the said Moore Furman his Executors Administrators or Afsigns the just and full Sum of Eighty Seven pounds Money aforesaid on or before the first day of March Next with Lawfull Interest for the Same according to the Tenor and Condition of a Certain Bond or Obligation given and Executed by the said Neil Levingston unto the said Moore Furman bearing equal Date with these presents of the Penalty of One hundred & Seventy four Pounds, xxx this present Indenture and every matter clause and thing herein Contained shall Cease determine and be Void and of none Effect to all Intents & Purposes Whatsoever Any thing herein Contained to the Contrary Notwithstanding.  In Witnefs Whereof the said parties to these present Indentures have hereunto set their hand and Seals the day and Year first and Within Written

Sealed & Delivered}                    The Words (Ninety feet) between the

In the Prefence of}                   Twenty & Twenty first lines from the top

Signed: Dan’l Coxe                of the other side, was interlined before Signing

Signed: Cha’s Harrison                                   his

                                                            Neil    Mark    Levingston



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