Victory Parade

MS 49.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Please note that in some instances the letter “s” has been replaced with the letter “f,” as was the custom at that time – TG.

Pencil Title 1:  Hornorstown Place

Pencil Title 2: 17 Jany 1764

                        Burlington County, NJ

This Indenture Made the tenth Day of January in the Year of our Lord one Thoufand Seven Hundred and Sixty four By and Between Michael Howard of New Hanover in the County of Burlington and Province of New Jerfey of the one part and Richard Potts of the Townfhip and County affors’d of the Other part Witnefseth that the Said Michael Howard for and in Confideration of the Sum of thirty Pounds Current money of New Jerfey to him in hand paid by the Said Rich’d Potts The Receipt whereof he Doth hereby Own and Acknowledge himfelf Theirwith fully Sattiffied Contented And Paid hath Granted Bargained and Sold and by thefe prefents Doth Grant Bargain Sell Alien Enfeoff Convey and Confirm unto him the Said Richard Potts his Heirs and afsigns forever one Meafuage or Tract of Land Situate in the County of Monmouth in the Eaftern Divifion of New Jerfey and Near Jofhua Hornors Grift mill Butted & Bounded as followeth Viz Beginning at a White oak Tree being Cornor to Jofeph homes’s Land and in the Line of Jofhua Hornor’s and Runs thence South Six Degrees weft thirteen Chains to a nother White oak Thence South thirty five Degrees & Half Eaft thirty One Chain to a White Oak Cornor to the S’d Homes thence along the S’d Home’s Line South ten Degrees Weft Eleven Chain to a White Oak thence North Seventy five Degrees Weft Seven Chain & Half To a maple thence South thirty four Degrees Weft two Chains & forty Six Links to a White Oak for a Cornor thence South five Degrees Eaft twelve Chains & Half to a Black Oak for Corn’r Thence North Sixty three Degrees Eaft forty Seven Chain & twenty Seven Links to a pine Corn’r thence North fifty Degrees Weft twenty Eight Chain to a Black Oak for a Cornor thence North Fifty Degrees Weft thirty Chains and Eighty Links to the Place of Beginning Containing By the Survey thereof One Hundred Acres be the Same more or Lefs Which above Granted Primefes Michael Howard Dec’d father to the Aboves’d Michael Howard party to thefe prefents Purchafed of or from Jofeph Chegg Dec’d as by one Indenture of Bargain and Sail Dated the Sixth Day of November the 17th Recource Being thereunto had Will more at Large Appear Which the Said Jofeph Clegg also purchas’d of or from William French as By one Indenture May Appear and whereas the Said michael Howard Decs’d Died Enteftate the S’d Michael Howard Jun’r Oldest Son of the Affors’d Michael Howard and Heir at Law Became the true & Lawfull Owner of the Above Granted Tract of Land and Bargained primefes and had full power and Abfolute Athority to Sell and Difpose of the Same as aboves’d To Have and to Hold the above Difcribed Tract of Land with Every of the Hereditrements and Appurtenances thereunto Belonging To him the Said Richard Potts his heirs & afsigns to the Only proper use & Behoof of him the Said Rich’d Potts his Heirs & afsigns forever and the said Michael Howard for himfelf & for his Heirs the Said Granted land & Barganed Premifes unto him the Said Rich’d Potts his Heirs and afsigns against himfelf & againft his Heirs and all other perfon or perfons Whatsoever Claiming or protending to Claim unto him the S’d Rich’d Potts Shall and will forever Warrant and Defend and he the Said michael Howard Doth Further Covenant to and with the Said Richard Potts that at the time of the Enfealing hereof he hath full power good Right and Lawfull Athority to Grant Bargain & Sell the above Difcribed Land in Manner as Above Exprefed and that He the s’d michael Howard hath not heretofore Committed Omitted Acted or Don any act matter or Thing whereby the above Granted Land may be Encumbred Except the Quit Rents to our Soveran Lord the King & the Arears theirof if Any be and further that the S’d Rich’d Potts his Heirs & afsigns Shall or may at all times forever hereafter peaceably & Quiatly have hold use occupy & Enjoy the above Granted Land with all the Appurtenances without the Lawfull Lett Suite or moleftation of him the Said michael Howard or his Heirs or any other perfon Whatsoever In Wittnefs where of he the S’d michael Howard hath hereunto Set his Hand & Seal the Day & year above Written

Signed Seal’d & Deliver’d}                                                                            1764

In the prefence of}                                                       Signed: Michael Howard Seal

Signed: David Lippincott

Signed: John Debow

Signed: Rebeckah Lippincott


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