Victory Parade

MS 50. Literal transcription misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification. Please note that in some instances, the letter s has been replaced with the letter f, and the letter e has been replaced with the letter o, as was the custom at that time TG.

Title Page:

Sealed & Delivered in the Presence of

Signed: Anne Sidgeon

Signed: Mary Ashfield


To} Deed

S. Jones}


This Indenture Made the Twentioth Sovonth Day of April in tho Yoar of Our Lord Ono Thousand soven hundrod and Sixty Five Between William Coxo and Robecca Coxo Childron & Dovisoos (Devisees) of xxx (looks like Colb, could be abbreviation for Colonel or Captain or even Colby, unconfirmed) Daniol Coxo lato or Trenton Docd (Deceased) & tho Sd (Said) William Coxo ono of tho Dovisoos of John Coxo lato of Tronton Esqr Docd Who was ono of the Dovisoos Sd Colb Coxo & Daniol Coxo Eldost son & heir at Law and Residuary Dovisoo of xxx (could be Wm. or Mr.) Daniol Coxo lato of Tronton afsd decd (aforesaid deceased) who was Eldost son & hoir at Law & ono of the Dovisoos Of the Sd Colb Daniol Coxo & Daniol Coxo afsd & Graco Coxo the othor Dovisoos of the Sd John Coxo Docd Of the first Part & Stophon Johnos of Maidonhoad in tho County of Huntordon & Provinco of wost Now Jorsoy, Yoman of Tho socond Part Witnofsoth that the Sd William Coxe Robeca Coxo Daniol Coxo and Graco Coxo For & in Consideration of Tho Sum of Fiftoon Pounds Eighttoon Shillings Proclamation Monoy by tho Sd Stophon Johnos at and before tho Ensoaling & Delivery of Thoso Presonts in hand unto tho Sd William, Robecca, Daniol & Graco Coxo Woll & truly Paid tho Rocoipt Whoreof thoy horeby Acknowlodgo and Thomsolves to be Thorewith fully Sattisfiod Contontod & Paid & thoirof and Thorefrom do Acquit Exonorato & Difchargo tho Sd Stophon Johnos his hoirs & Afsigns forevor by Thoso Prosonts Have Grantod Bargainod Sold Alioned Enfeoffod Roloasod & Confirmod, and do by thoso Presonts Grant Bargain Soll Alion Enffeoff, Roloaso & Confirm unto tho Sd Stophon Johnos his Heirs & Afsigns forever all this Pieco of Land Situato lying & boing in Maidonhoad in Tho County of Huntordon & Provinco of Now Jorsoy afsd Beginning at a Stako on a ditch which divids tho Sd Lot or pieco of Land From Samuol Hunts Lott thonco North two dogrees Thirty Minits Wost Thonce xxx & Fifty two Links thonce North Eighty dogrees East Five Chas Fourty six Links along the Sd Stophon Johnos meadow Formorly Bolonging to howol thonco South ono dogree East ono Chan twenty five Links still by Sd Johnoss Moadow thonco still by said Johnos South Sixty five degrees west Six Chas & fiftoen links to tho Boginning Containing ono Acor one quartor twolvo porch of Land, Togothor With all and Singular Tho Profitts Privilodge Advantagos & Appurtonancos Whatsoever unto tho Sd Grantod and Bargainod for this Lott belonging or in any Wiso Apportaining & Tho Roversion & Roversions Romaindor & Romaindors Ronts, Ifsuos & Profitts thoreof & All tho Estato, Rights, Titlo Intorost Proporty Claim And Domand Whatsoever of thom tho Sd William, Robecca, Daniol & Graco Coxo of in or to tho Sd Grantod & Bargainod Land, thoreof To Have and To Hold all this Lott of Land & Promifsos with Thoir and overy of thoir Appurtonancos horeby Grantod Grantod Bargainod & Sold or mont Montionod or Intondod to bo horeby Grantod Bargainod & Sold unto tho Sd Stophon Johnos his hoirs & Afsigns for Ever And tho Sd William Coxo, Robecca Coxe, Daniol Coxo & Graco Coxo soverally & Respectivly oach For Thomsolves & Each for thoir Soveral and Rospective Hoirs Exors Admrs do Covenant Promiso Grant & Agroe to & with tho Stophon Johnos his hoirs & Afsigns forovor & overy of thom by thoso Prosonts in mannor following that is to say That ho tho Sd Stophon Johnos his Hoirs & Afsigns shall & may from timo to timo & at all timos forover horeafter Poacoably & Quiotly Have hold Occupy Pofsefs & Enjoy tho Sd Grantod & Bargainod Lott of Land & Premifsos with thos Appurtonancos Without tho Lott, Suit, Troublo, donyal, ,Hindrance Moloftation or Intorruption of thom tho Sd William, Robecca, Daniol or Graco Coxo or oithor of thom, thoir or Eithor of thoir Hoirs Exrs or Admrs And Also that thoy tho Sd William Coxo, Robecca Coxo, Daniol Coxo, & Graco Coxo shall & will at any timo & timos hore Aftor Within thos Space of Soven Yoars upon thos roasonablo Requst and tho Sd Stophon Johnos his Hoirs or Afsigns Mako do & Executo or causo to be mado dono & Executod all Such farthor & Roasonablo dood Containing for furthor Covenants than aro & Containod in thoso Prosonts In Witnofs Whoreof tho Sd Parties to thoso prosonts Indonturos have horeunto intorchangeably Sott thoir Hands & soals tho day & yoar first abovo writton

Signed: Willm Coxe Signed: Rebecca Coxe Signed: Danl Coxe Signed: Grace Coxe


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