Victory Parade

MS 55.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Please note that in some instances, the letter “s” has been replaced with the letter “f,” as was the custom at that time – TG.



Benjamin Yard}  for

& Isaac Yard}             12.19

to         }                      8.25

Nathan Beakes}            8.5

                        Total            18.94

                        March 29, 1768

This Indenture Made the twenty ninth Day of in the Year of our Lord One thoufand Seven hundred and Sixty Eight Between Benjamin Yard of Trenton in the County of hunterdon in New Jerfey Black Smith and Isaac Yard of the same place Hatter of the one part and Nathan Beakes of the Townfhip of Trenton aforesaid Yeoman of the other part Witnefseth that Whereas William Yard late of Trenton aforesaid Innkeeper Deceased in his Life time by vertue of some good Afsurance in Law duly had Lawfully Executed became Seifsed as of ffee in and to Sundrie Tracts and Lotts of Land in & about Trenton aforesaid And Whereas the said William Yard Deceased by his last Will & Testament Bareing date the twelfth day of ffebruary Anno Dom 1742 amongst divers Legacies and bequeft therein Mentioned Did give and Devise all his Real Eftate Lands and Tenements in Hunterdon County aforesaid to his five Sons Joseph William John Benjamin and Jethro (Excepting one houfe Lott therein Mentioned) to them their heirs and Afsigns forever and his Real Eftate as above to be Equally Divided for quantity and quality between the said five sons and alfo he did Order and Will that if Either of his five sons before Mentioned should Die without Lawful Ifsue that then and in such Cafe their part or Share should (if not Divided) be Equally Divided amongst his Surviving sons or their heirs of their bodies begotten all which by Recourfe being had to the Refited laft Will and Teftament may more fully and at large appear And the above Legattees Joseph Yard William Yard John Yard and Jethro Yard in Perfuance of the Last Will & Teftament of William Yard abovesaid Deceased have Unanimously agreed to fulfill the above Recited Laft Will and Teftament and in Perfuance thereof Have made an Equall ^Divifion of the Real Estate Lands and Tenements Ordered by the same to be Equally amongst them And whereas the abovesaid Joseph Yard became Siefed of Sundrie Lotts & Shares of the Abovesaid Reall Eftate in ffee Simple and he being so thereof Seifed Did make his laft Will & Teftament Dated the Ninth day of December Anno Dom 1763 wherein he the said Joseph Yard did Order that his Executor Benjamin Yard partie to thefe Prefents to Grant bargain and Sell al & Singular his Lands and & Tenements which he was pofefsed of to be Divided perfuant to his laft Will as may more full & at large Appear by the said laft Will Recourfe thereunto being had And Whereas Jethro Yard above Named became Seifed in ffee of Sundrie Lotts & Parcels of the above said Reall Eftate and he being so thereof Seifsed maid his last Will & Teftament Dated the fourth day of December Anno Dom 1760 and amongst other things did Devise to his three Brothers Joseph Yard John Yard & Benjamin Yard and their heirs and Afsigns for ever his three Lotts of Land lying on Maidenhead road containing twenty two acres to be Equally Divided as to quantity & Quallity.  As may More at large Appeare by the said laft Will Recourfe be thereunto had.  Now this Indenture Witnefseth that the said Benjamen Yard and Isaac Yard for & in consideration of the Sum of One hundred & Eleven pounds Lawfull money of Amarica to them in hand paid by the above said Nathan Beakes the Rec’t of which they do hereby own and Acknowledge and thereof do Acquitt & forever Difcharge him the s’d Nathan Beakes his Executors Adm’rs forever by thefe Prefents have Granted Bargained Sold, Alliened, Enfeoffed and by thefe Prefents do fully, freely, & Abfolutely Grant bargain, Sell Alien Enfeoff and confirm unto him the said Nathan Beakes his heirs & Afsigns One ceartain Lott of Land Ajoyning Neild Leverstone’s Meadow Lott in the said township of Trenton butted & bounded as followeth, viz.  Beginning at a Stone being the s’d Nathan Beakes cornner thence on Neild Leverstone’s line South fourty nine degrees East Eighteen chain and twenty five Links to Maidenhead Road then North fifty ^Seven degrees East four chains & Sixty five Links to a corner of Wm. Yard Dec’d lott then North twenty nine degrees west Seventeen chains & fifty Links on his line to his Corner then South fifty Seven degrees West ten chains & Sixty five links to the place of beginning containing twelve Acres & nine tenths Alfo one other Lott Bounded as followeth (being No 6 in the plan) Beginning at Benjamen Yard’s corner South twenty nine degrees East twenty Seven chains & fifty links on his line over Maidenhead road to a corner of John Yards Dec’t Lott then North fifty Seven East three chains & Sixteen Links to Jethro Yard Dec’d corner then North twenty Nine degrees West in his line twenty feven chains & fifty links to his corner then South fifty Seven Degrees West three chains Sixteen Links to the firt corner containing Eight acres & one quarter Allso one other Lott called No 7 in the plan Beginning at the said Jethros corner then South twenty nine degrees East twenty Seven chains & fifty Links to a corner then North fifty Seven Degrees East three chain & Sixteen Links to Benjamen Yards corner then in his Line North twenty nine degrees west twenty seven chains & fifty links to his corner then South fifty Seven degrees west three chains Sixteen Links to the first corner containing Eight Acres & one half Together with the Woods under woods Meadows Marfhes ways waters water courfses Mines Mineralls Quarries Fishing fowlings Rights Royalties Liberties privilidges Improvements heditament and appurtenances to the same belonging or in any wife appertaining and the Reverfions and Remainders Rents Ifsues and Profits thereof, To have and too hold the abovesaid Granted bargained and Difcribed three Lotts of Land with every of their Appurtenances unto him the said Nathan Beakes his heirs and Afsigns to the only proper ufe and behoof of him the said Nathan Beakes his heirs and Afsigns forever And the said Benjamen Yard & the said Isaac Yard do Covenant for themselves and for their severall and Refpective heirs to & with him the said Nathan Beakes his heirs and Afsigns that by force and vertue of the above refited Wills they have full power to Granted Bargain & Sell the above Difcribed three Lotts in manner & form above said And that the said Nathan Beakes his heirs and Afsigns shall or Lawfully may at all times for ever hereafter peaceably and quiatly have hold ufe occupy and Enjoy all and Singular the said Granted bargained & Difcribed three Lott of Land with every of their Appurtenances with out the Lawfull lett suit trouble or Molleftation of them the said Benjamen Yard or Isaac Yard or Either of their heirs or any other perfon or perfons whatsoever by from or under or under them or Either of them And that the said Benjamen Yard and Isaac Yard nor Either of them have not Wittingly or willingly done any Matter or thing whatsoever whereby to change or alter the same And Lafty that the said Benjamen Yard and Isaac Yard the said Granted bargained three Lotts of Land as the same is above bounded & Difcribed unto him the said Nathan his heirs and Afisgns against them the said Benjamen Yard & Isaac Yard and their several and Refpective heirs and against all and every other perfon or perfons lawfully claiming or to claime any Estate Right Title or Demand in or to the said Granted and bargained three Lotts of Land or part or parful thereof by from or under them or their heirs shall will Warrant and forever Defend by thefe Prefents In Witnefs whereof the parties first above Named have hereunto sett their hands and Seals the day and Year above written 1768

Signed Sealed and Delivered in the Prefence of us..

Stacy Beakes

Tob Pearfon

Edm’d Beakes

April 1st 1768 Received of Nathan Beakes one hundred & Eleven pounds the consideration money above Mentioned I say rec’d by us

Signed:Benj’n Yard

Signed: Isaac Yard

Perfonally appeared before Me of Judge of the County of Hunterdon, Benj’n Yard and Isaac Yard, Who accnowledged They Sealed & Delivered This Inftrument of Writing af their Act & Deed. For the Ufses Therein Mentioned Given Under My Hand at Trenton This thirteenth Day of the Month Called October 1768

                                    Signed: W Morris        

Signed: Benj’n Yard Wax Seal

Signed: Isaac Yard Wax Seal

Verso Examination:

Benj’n & Isaac Yard


Nathan Beakes

Record’d & Exam’d


Verso Recording:

Recorded in the Secretary’s Office at Burlington in Book Z of Dees fol. 404

                                    Signed: Reed Secret’y (Charles Reed)


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