Victory Parade

MS 56.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Please note than in some instances, the letter “s” has been replaced with the letter “f,” as was the custom at that time – TG.

Title Page (not to this document – crossed through and paper used again).

Will & Inventory of Alexander McEonven



xxx (looks like Engrofsed) & Probated

Recorded In N.18 fo. 590.





Captain-General, Governor and Commander in Chief of his Majefty’s

Province of New-Jerfey, and Territories thereon depending in America,

Chancellor and Vice-Admiral in the fame, &c.


WHEREAS it appears to me on Oath, that the Houfe of Stephen

Skinner, Efq; Treafurer of the Eaftern Divifion of this Province, at

Perth-Amboy, was, in the Night of the 21ft Inftant, robbed of Money

to the Amount of Seven Thoufand Pounds, and upwards, by fome Per-

fon or Perfons unknown, Part of the faid Money being in Dollars, a

fmall Part in Gold, and the Reft chiefly in new Bills of Credit of this Province:  And

altho’ diligent Search hath been made after the Perpetrator or Perpetrators of this

daring and atrocious Robbery, he or they remain as yet undifcovered.

I have therefore thought fit to notify the fame by Proclamation, hereby requiring

and commanding all Judges, Juftices of the Peace, Sheriffs, and other Officers of this

Province, to be particularly vigilant in difcovering the Robber or Robbers, and

fecuring the faid Money, and for that Purpofe to examine all Perfons they fhall have Reafon to fufpect of being concerned in committing the faid Crime.

And in Order to encourage a Zeal and Activity in this Matter, I DO hereby, with

the Advice of his Majefty’s Council (befides paying the Sum of FIFTY POUNDS, pro-

vided by the Government in Cafes of Burglary) promife to recommend to the General-

Affenbly that Provifion be made, in the ampleft Manner, to reward any Perfon or Perfons who fhall detect, apprehend, or caufe to be apprehended, any, or either of

the Perfons concerned in faid Robbery, fo that he or they be convicted thereof:---

And over and above the faid Reward, I DO hereby promife his Majefty’s moft gra-

cious Pardon to any Accomplice who fhall difcover and profecutr to Conviction any

One or more of the faid Offenders.

Given under my Hand and Seal at Arms, at the City of Burlington, the Twenty-fixth

Day of july, in the Eighth Year of his Majefty’s Reign, Anno Dom. 1768.

                                    WILLIAM FRANKLIN.

By his Excellency’s Command,

Jos. Reed, jun. D. Secry.

GOD fave the KING.

N. B. Mr. SKINNER, by Advertifement, promifes a farther Reward of ONE



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