Victory Parade

MS 57.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Please note that in some instances the letter “s” may have been replaced with the letter “f,” and the letter “e” may have been replaced with the letter “o,” as was the custom at that time – TG.

This is a partial letter from Stacy Potts to an unknown recipient in 1769.  The pages are numbered 207 and 208.


that I should carefully avoid giving thee an information of any thing that would tend to the disadvantage of my Character yet should be glad of an exact Scrutiny and defcription could thee but receive it from another’s Pen  But for further satisfaction pleafe to Accept of the following relation of my defcent on one side from a Branch of your family Mahlon Stacy who came over to the wilds of America in a Ship called the Shield from Hull and Arived in December 1678 with a great number of the first Setlers of New-Jerfey among whom was Thomas Potts my Predecefsor in the male line which I need not at prefent purfue but return to the Said Mahlon Stacy my other Great Grand father who had Six Children called Elifabeth Mary Sarah Ruth Rebecca and Mahlon the latter of whom was with Edmond Beakes over with You in or about the year 1716 then a Widower he died without Ifsue the Daughters married as followeth Elifabeth to Abel Janney of whom are a confiderable family Mary married Ruben Pownal who was alfo at your Houfe they died Childlefs Sarah was married to Jofeph Kirkbride and left one son still Living with a number of Children and some grand Children Rebecca married Jofhua Wright and Left a prety large family of decendants and Ruth married to William Beakes then a Widower who had two Sons William & Edmond by a former former Wife and by her had thre Children one Daughter and two Sons Sarah (who was my mother) Stacy & Nathan when the said William Beakes my grand father Died and his Widow married Samuel Atkinfon who is Still alive and by whom she had two Sons & two Daughters Still Living My Mother married to Thomas Potts grand son of the Aforefaid Tho’s Potts by whom she had Six Children five of whom are now living two sons & three Daughters my father Died in the year 1742 (when were all very young) and my mother 15 Years after my Brother names Richard had a Wife & Several Children as alfo have my Sisters Ruth and Mary my youngest Sister Sarah still unmarried and my self (the eldest) have been Married and have four Children but have had the Misfortune to loofe my Wife About three months paft

Want of Room obliging me to Conclude I remain

                        Thy Affectionate Kinsman

                                    Signed: Stacy Potts

Trenton in New-Jerfey}

Aug’t 2d 1769}

P. S. Pleafe to prefent my best refpects to thy mother and Brother if Living and inform such of our friends


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