Victory Parade

MS 59. Literal transcription misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification. Please note that in some instances the letter s may have been replaced with the letter f, and the letter e may have been replaced with the letter o, as was the custom at that time TG.

Title Page:


Thomas Rodman Esqr}

High Sheriff of Burlington County} Conveyance

To} for 2 pieces

Capt John Anderson} of Land

In pencil: 30th August 1770



This Indenture Made the Thirtieth day of August in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred And Seventy Between Thomas Rodman Esquire High Sheriff of the County of Burlington in the Province of New Jersey of the One part, And Captain John Anderson of Maidenhead in the County of Hunterdon and Province aforesaid of the Other part. Whereas John Anderson in t he Supream Court of Judicature of the Province of new jersey in the Term of September in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Nine by the Judgment of the Said Court Recovered Against Mark Ellis of Nottingham in the County of Burlington the Sum of One Hundred And twenty five pounds proclamation Money of Debt as the Sum of four pound Sixteen Shillings and ten pence like Money for his Damages Occasioned by the Detention of said Debt as by the record of the Said Judgment in the Supream Court Office at Burlington in Liber I of Judgments folio 404. Will More at Large Appear And Whereas a Certain Writt of Our Lord the Thing Called a fieri facias Ifsued Out of the Court Aforesaid upon the Judgment aforesaid to the Sheriff of the County of Burlington aforesaid directed by Which Said Writt the Said Sheriff Was Commanded that of the goods and Chattels Lands and Tenements of the Aforesaid Mark Ellis in his Baliwick he Should Cause to be Made the Debt and Damages Aforesaid And that he Should have those Monies before the Lord the King at the City of Burlington on the Second Teusday in November then Next after the judgment aforesaid to render unto the aforesaid John Anderson in Sattisfaction of his Debt and Damages Aforesaid as by the Said Writt Recorded in the Said Office in Liber I aforesaid folio 398 it Will More at Large Appear. And Whereas the Said Mark Ellis by Virtue of Divers good Conveyances or afsurances in the Law. Stood Seized in his xxx (in other indentures this word seems to be Demesne) of fee of and in two Certain Mefsuages pieces parcels and Lots of Land Situate in the Township of Nottingham in the County of Burlington Aforesaid the One Whereof Lying and being on Kingsborough Hill and is Bounded as followeth Beginning at a post Standing on the North East Side of the Broad Street leading from the Grist Mills towards Crosswicks and is Corner of the Lot Number 10 And from thence runs along that Lot, North fifty Six degrees East One Hundred and Eighty one feet and a half to Another post being Another Corner of the Said Lot Number 10 And from thence runs South Thirty four Degrees East Sixty feet to Another post being a Corner of William Adamss Lot of land Number 12. And from thence runs along his Lot South fifty Six degrees West One Hundred and Eighty One feet and a half to Another post Standing at the Side of the Said Broad Street, And from thence along the Said Street North Thirty four degrees West Sixty feet to the Beginning Containing One Quarter of An Acre of Land, the Other peice Lieth thus Bounded Beginning at a Black Oak being Matthew McCapes Corner thence running North fifty degrees East Sixty four Chains to a Stake by Robert Chambers Land then North Eighty Nine degrees West forty Chains and a half to a Stake, then South East four Chains to a White Oak, then North Eighty five degrees West Twenty One Chains to a Stake being Corner of Joseph Jays Land, then South Twenty Eight Chains to a Stone being Another of Said Jays Corners then East Eleven Chains to a Black Oak being Another of Said McCapes Corners then South Thirteen Chains to the place of Beginning Containing forty Seven Acres of Land And Whereas the Aforesaid Thomas Rodman Sheriff as aforesaid by Virtue of the Writt of Fieri Facias aforesaid to him Directed and Delivered, for want of Sufficient goods and Chattles of the Said Mark Ellis Whereof to Make the Debt and Damages Aforesaid, did Seize and Take in Execution the Aforesaid two peices of Land with the Buildings, Improvements, rights Liberties Hereditaments And Appurtenances thereunto belonging And all the Estate right Title Interest property Claim And Demand of the Said Mark Ellis of in And to the Same And afterwards to Wit on the Twenty fourth and Twenty fifth Days of August Instant Having first given due Notice thereof by Advertisement Agreeable to An Act of Afsembly of this Province of New Jersey in that Case Made and Provided the Said two peices of Land at Public Vendue did Set up And Expose to Sale And the Aforesaid John Anderson (by his Son Ephraim Anderson) bidding therefore, that is to Say the Sum of Forty three pound for One peice and the Sum of Thirty five pounds for the Other Making in the Whole Seventy Eight pounds proclamation Money and no person Appearing to bid So Much or More the Said two peices of Land Were Cryed off by the Cryer of the Said Vendue by public Out Cry in plain And Open day between the Hours of Twelve And five OClock in the Afternoon of Each of the Said Days to the Said John Anderson at the Prices aforesaid Now This Indenture Witnefseth that the Said Thomas Rodman Sheriff Aforesaid in Consequence of the Writt of Fieri Facias And by Virtue of the Power and Authority to him thereby Given, for And in Consideration of the Sum of Seventy Eight pounds Money Aforesaid to him paid by the Aforesaid John Anderson the receipt Whereof the Said Sheriff doth hereby Acknowledge And him the Said John Anderson of And from the Same doth Acquit And Discharge Hath granted, Bargained, and Sold Conveyed, And Confirmed And by these presents Doth grant, Bargain And Sell Convey And Confirm unto the Said John Anderson And to his heirs and Afsigns for Ever the Mefsuages And tracts of Land as they are Above Bounded and Discribed Together With all and Singular the Buildings, Improvements, Fishings Fowlings Hawkings Huntings Liberties Priviledges Emoluments Advantages Hereditaments And Appurtenances Whatsoever to the Said Two parcels of Land hereby Granted respectively belonging or in Any Wise Appertaining And all the Estate right Title Interest property Claim And Demand Whatsoever of the Said Mark Ellis therein, or thereto. To Have And To Hold the Said two peices of Land, Tenements Hereditaments And Premifses herein before Discribed Granted Bargained And Sold, or Intended So to be With their and Each and Every of their Appurtenances unto the Said John Anderson his heirs And Afsigns for Ever According to the form And Effect of this Act of Afsembly Above Mentioned Entituted An Act Subjecting real Estates in the Province of New Jersey to the payment of Debts And Directing the Sheriff in his proceedings therein. In Witnefs Whereof the Said Thomas Rodman Sheriff Aforesaid hath hereunto Set his hand And Seal the Day and year Above Written 1770

Sealed And Delivered} Signed: Thos Rodman Shef

In the Prefence of}

Signed: Isaac Debow

Daniel Ellis

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