Victory Parade

MS 63.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Please note that in some instances the letter “s” may have been replaced with the letter “f,” as was the custom at that time – TG.

Title Page:

John Rozell}

To}                  Deed

Thomas Stevens}

For 16acres 30 Square Roods of Land

In pencil:

21st Oct            Maidenhead



This Indenture made this Twenty first Day of October- in the twelfth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the third &C. and in the year of our Lord One thousand feven Hundred and feventy one, Between John Rozell of Maidenhead in the County of Hunterdon and Western Divifion of the Province of New Jersey (and Anne his Wife testified by her Signing and sealing these presents) of the one part And Thomas Stevens of Maidenhead aforesaid of the other part, Whereas Benjamin Brearley, late of Maidenhead aforesaid deceased (in his life time) being seized in Fee Simple of a Ceartain Tract or lott of Land Situate in Maidenhead aforesaid Bounded By Land of David Brearley and the five mile run Commonly Called and Known by the name of the (Thirty acres, and the faid Benjamin Brearley so Thereof being seized did by his Last will and Testament in writing bearing date the Eighth- Day of June – Anno Domini 1756 – amoung other things will and devise the faid Thirty acres to his fon Benjamin Brearley as by the faid will Duly Proved and Is registered in the Pr^eragative Office at Burlington Lib No _ of wills fol. _ reference to the said Will being had may fully and at Large Appear.  And the faid Benjamin Brearley the younger so thereof being seized, did by his deed of Feoffment bearing date the _ Day of  _ Anno Dom’i __ amoung other things Grant and Convey the faid Thirty acres unto John Rozell and Nathaniel Rozell ^ and the said Nathaniel Rozell so thereof being with the faid John Rozell Jointly seized, did by his deed of Release bearing date the twenty fourth Day of April – Anno Dom 1770.Releafe and Convey all his Share and Interest of the said Thirty acres to the faid John  Rozell, Thereby the faid John Rozell Became Lawfully seized in his Demesne as of fee of in and to the Tract or Lott of Land above mentioned, Now, This Indenture Witnefseth that the faid John Rozell for and in Consideration of the fun of Sixty Four Pounds fiffteen Shillings Procklamation money of New Jersey to him in Hand paid by the faid Thomas Stevens at or before the ensealing and Delivery of these presents the receipt whereof the said John Rozell doth hereby acknowledge and discharge the faid Thomas Stephens his Heirs Executors and Administrators thereof forever by these presents hath Granted Bargained Sold alienated Enfeoffed, Released Conveyed and Confirmed, and by these presents doth fully Clearly and absolutely Grant Bargain Sell Alienate Enfeoff Release Convey and Confirm unto the faid Thomas Stevens and to his Heirs and afsigns forever a Certain Tract or Lott of Land Situate in Maidenhead aforesaid (being part of the above mentioned Thirty acres) and Bounded and Discribed as follows Viz: Beginning at a Stake ftanding by the Side of the five Mile run, and runs thence North Sixteen Degrees East Six Chains & Sixty three Links to a ftake Cornor to David Brearley’s Land, thence along said Brearley’s Line North Eighty Three Degrees, East Nineteen Chains and Ninety Links to a ftone planted in the Road Leading from David Brearley’s to Trenton thence along said Road south Twenty fix Degrees and fifteen Minutes wets, Seven Chanes and fifty five Links to a red oak, thence fouth Thirty three degrees West five Chains and Seventeen Links to the five mile run, thence up the faid run bounded by the fame to the place of Beginning Containing Sixteen Acres and Thirty Square Rood of Land (be the fame more of lefs) together with all and Singular the ways waters fences, Liberties Priviledges and Appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining and all the Estate Right Title Interest property, Claim and Demand, whatsoever, of him the faid John Rozell of in or to the above Bargained Premises and every part thereof, To Have and To Hold the premises aforesaid with the Appurtenances unto the faid Thomas Stevens His Heirs and afsigns, to the only Proper use benefit and behoof, of the faid Thomas Stevens his Heirs and Afsigns forever.  And the faid John Rozell for himself his Heirs Executors and Administrators doth Covenant Grant and agree to and with the faid Thomas Stevens His Heirs and afsigns by thefe Presents that he the faid John Rozell at the time of ensealing and Delivery of thefe presents, hath in himself Good Right full Power, lawfull and absolute authority to Grant Bargain and fell the above Granted and Bargained Premifes and every part thereof in manner and form above Mentioned And that the faid Land and Premifes unto the faid Thomas Stevens and his Heirs and afsigns against him the faid John Rozell and his Heirs and against every other perfon or perfons Whomsoever that fhall or may at any times or time hereafter Lawfully Claim to have any estate Right Title or Interest of in or to the premifes aforesaid or any part thereof will forever warrant and by these presents Defend  In Witnefs whereof the faid John Rozell and Anne his wife have hereunto Interchangeably Set their hands and Seals the day and year first above Written                                     Signed: John Rozell Seal

                                                                        Anna Rozell Seal

Sealed & Delivered}

In the Presents of }

Signed: Waters Smith

            Ifrael Smith

Be it Remembered that on the 4th Day of June 1772 Perfonally Appeard Before me William Cleayton one of his Majesties Judges for the County of Hunterdon John Rozell & Anna his wife the Grantors and the Woman Being privetly Examined Did Bouth Acknowledge that they Signd Seald and Deliverd the ^above Deed for the uses tharin Mentiond without any Cumpultion whatsoever but of thare own Free and Volentary wills Acknowledged the Date above before me

                                                Signed: Wm. Cleayton

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