Victory Parade

MS 69.  Literal transcription – misspellings are left intact, xxx denotes illegible word, italicized items are my own comments for clarification.  Please note that in some instances the letter “s” may have been replaced with the letter “f,” as was the custom at that time – TG.

Title Page:

David Brearley}

Jun’r et xxx }                Deed leading

To}                              to ufes

Jofeph Brearley}

John B Potts

xxx of the heirs of the late

Eliza’ Potts formerly

E. Brearley

            xxx            Jan’y 1818

In pencil:



This Indenture made this Twenty fourth Day of December in the fifteenth year of the Reign of our fovereign Lord King George the third &C’a (etcetera) And in the year of our Lord one Thousand feven hundred and feventy four.  Between David Brearley Jun’r of Allen Town in the County of Monmouth and Province of New Jerfey Esq’r and Elizabeth his wife of the first part.  And Jofeph Brearley of Maidenhead in the County of Hunterdon and Province aforesaid of the other part, Whereas one Jofeph Green and Elizabeth his wife by their Deed bearing date the twentieth Day of May in the year of our Lord one Thoufand feven hundred and feventy One for the Confideration therein mentioned, did Grant and Convey unto Elizabeth the wife of David Brearley Jun’r above mentioned, all that Tract or lot of Land fituate in the upper part of Trenton in the County of Hunterdon aforesaid, bounded by the lands late Jofeph Higbees, the lands of C. C. Coxe, Abraham Cottnam Esq’r John Chambers and others, Containing twelve & ½ acres of land be the same more or lefs, Referrence to the faid Deed being had, it may more fully and at large appear Now this Indenture Witnefseth, that the said David Brearley and Elizabeth his wife, for and in Confideration of the fetling the Lot of Land and Premifes before mentioned, to the uses intents and purposes herein after limited and declared; and xxx for and in Confideration of the fum of five pounds Proclamation money of New Jerfey to them in hand paid by the said Joseph Brearley, at or before the enfealing and Delivery of these prefents, the receipt whereof the said David Brearley and Elizabeth his wife do hereby acknowlede, and discharge the said Jofeph Brearley his Heirs Executors and Administrators thereof forever, Have granted, bargained, fold, Alliened, enfeoffed, released conveyed & confirmed, and by these prefents, Do grant, bargain, fell, allien, enfeoff, release, convey and confirm unto the faid Jofeph Brearley and his Heirs and afsigns forever, all that tract or lot of land above mentioned as the fame is above bounded and discribed Together with all and fingular the buildings fences, ways, waters libertys, priviledges, Hereditaments and appurtenances, thereunto belonging, or in any wise appertaining, and all the Estate, right, title, Interest, property, claim and demand whatfoever, of them the said David Brearley & Elizabeth his wife, of, in or to, the above bargained premifes, and every part thereof; To Have and to hold the Premises aforesaid with the appurtenances, unto the said Joseph Brearley his Heirs and afsigns, to the feveral uses Intents and purpofes, and fubject to the Trufts, provifo’s and limitations herein after declared and Exprefsed, and to no Other Estate or purpofe whatsoever, that is to say, To The intents and purpose that the said David Brearley and Elizabeth his wife, fhall have, take receive and enjoy, for and during their natural lives, and for and during the Natural life of each of them, all the rents Ifsues and profits, of the said Lot of land and premifes with full power and liberty for them the said David Brearley and Elizabeth his wife, and the longest liver of them, to Rent & Lease out the premifes aforesaid or any part thereof, during their lives and the lives of each of them, but no longer: with full power alfo, to Erect any buildings on the premifes aforesaid, and to alter, improve, repair or Change the prefent Buildings and fences, in fuch manner and form as they the said David Brearley and Elizabeth his wife, or either of them fhall think fit & convenient; And from and after the Determination of the Estate of the said David Brearley and Elizabeth his wife, herein above limited, and exprefsed, Then to the use and behoof of Elizabeth Brearley Jun’r, the Daughter of them the said David Brearley and Elizabeth his wife, and to her Heirs and afsigns forever, in fee fimple, but in case the faid Elizabeth Brearley Jun’r Should dye before the xxx to the age of twenty one years, not leaving Ifsue, then and ^in fuch cafe, to the Use And behoof of Mary Brearley the Daughter of them the said David Brearley and Elizabeth his wife and to her Heirs and afsigns forever, in fee fimple, In Witnefs whereof the said David Brearley Jun’r and Elizabeth his wife have thereunto fet their hands and feals the day and year firft above written,

Sealed & Delivered}

In the prefence of us}

Signed: Elizabeth Reading

            James Newell                        

Signed: Dav’d Brearley Jun’r Seal Signed: Elisabeth Brearley Seal

Verso Left:

Be it Remembered that on the tenth day of July Anno Dom’i 1777 Perfonally appeared before me Jofeph Borden Esq’r one of the Judges of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas for the County of Burlington David Brearley Jun’r & Elizabeth his wife the grantors within mentioned and acknowleged that they Executed the within Deed for the ufes & purpofes therein mentioned; And the faid Elizabeth being examined feperate and apart from her faid Hufband, did acknowlege that fhe Executed the faid Deed freely & Voluntarily, without any threats or the Compulfion of her faid Hufband

Acknowleged before me

                        Signed: Jos Borden}

Verso Right:

Recorded In Lib: A 2 of Deeds page 122 &c.

Remaining in the Secretary’s Office of the State of New Jersey at the City of Burlington

16th September 1790.-  Signed: Tho’s Adams Jr. Sec’y

In pencil: 24 Dec 1774


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