Victory Parade

Literal transcription – xxx denotes illegible or missing words, spelling and punctuation left intact, italicized words are my own for clarification – TG.

On letterhead of the Headquarters, Department of New Jersey, Grand Army of the Republic, Office of the Assistant Adjutant General.

Apl. 3rd 1897

Standard History Co.


                                    Yours of the 9th was duly rec’d.  Enclosed please find the desired information, in reference to the Department of New Jersey – GAR.

                                    I understand that you do not wish any remarks on the subject, of growth, purpose, &c. (etcetera) of the GAR in general. I have therefore given you as brief and concise statement as possible.

            Trusting this will suit your purpose.  I remain.

                                    Yours Respy (Respectfully)

                                                            E. P. Fouthwick/ (Southwick)

                                                                        AAGenl. (Assistant Adjutant General)

If there is any point I have not covered, and which you desire to know, let me know.


In response to a call issued by General Edward Jardine- (Who had been duly commissioned Provisional Commander for New Jersey,) The representatives of the few Posts then in existance throughout the state, convened at Newark – Dec 10, 1867, and formaly organized the Department, transacted all necessary routine business, Elected a full set of Department officers, including a Council of Administration.  Genl Jardine Post #2 of Newark, was elected Department Commander-  A. F. Sears  Post 2, Snr. Vice Cmdr, and Wm. S. Stryker, Post 8, Jun Vic xxx George B. Halsted, Post #2, was duly appointed Asst Adjt. Genl. and F. T. Farrier, Post #3, as Asst Quarter Master Gen’l.

     The first annual Department Encampment, was held at Trenton, April 9, 1869, and Genl Jardine was re-elected Dept. Commander.  Genl William Ward, Post #2, of Newark succeeded Jardine in 1869.  The Department at this time numbered 25 Posts, with a total membership of 684.  The membership, and Posts steadily increased (except during the administration of Dept. Commander Charles Burrows, Post #28- of Paterson, in 1874, and that of Dept. Comd’r E. W. Davis, Post #1x of Newark, in 1875.  A loss of 47 members under the former, and 408, under the latter-

     John Muller, Post #38 of Newark, was elected Dept. Commander in 1876, and under his able and energetic administration, of two years, there was a net gain of 666 members. 

     The Department now steadily advanced in point of  xxx xxx, until 189x (2 or 3) xxx, under the


Administration of Richard A. Donnelly, Post #23 of Trenton, the “high water mark,” was reached, with a total membership of 7830. and 118 Posts.  Since 1892, there has been a slow, but steady decrease (not only in the Dept. of  N. J. but in all the Departments.)  The reports for term ending Jany 1st 97 gives the Department a total membership of 6699- and 113 Posts.

            The largest gains in any one year, was during the Administration of Department Commander George W. Gile, Post 5, of Camden.  The net increase for his one year being 1146 members.

            The Department of N. J. has set an example of benevolence by the relief of distress from funds contributed by its own members, and at the same time has furnished an authentic medium, through which loyal and benevolent citizens can redeem their pledges.  From imcomplete data on file at Dept. HdQr., the money expended for relief will average about – Ten thousand Dollars – per annum.  The largest amount expended in any one year, was during the xxx Administration of Dept. Commander Ernest C. Stahl, Post 23, Trenton.  The Report of Asst. Quartermaster General John Ramsay, showing $12,786.83 expended for Relief.  (This represents what the government has NOT done)  In addition to the money raised and disbursed by the Dept. of N. J. for Relief should be added to the larger amount raised and disbursed for the relief of xxx soldiers and their families, by that noble and energetic Auxillery – the Womans Relief Corps.   It has averaged $1,100.00 per annum for the twelve years of its existence in this Dept.  Also the large amount raised and expended xxx by its kindred organization.  The Ladies of the G. A. R., although no xxx xxx xxx they are equally xxx xxx and gratixxx


     In order to show the Charitable features of this Department, I will quote from the Report of Department Commander James R. Mulliken for the year 1893 – The total amount reported expended for Relief with a total membership throughout the United States for 409,849 xxx was $325,791.3x an average of 79 1-2 cents for each member.

The Dept. of Pa with 48,820 members Expended $37,571,31 or 85 Ύ cents per member

“”””              xxx “”””32,641 “”””                         $15,206.32 ir 46 6.19 “””

“””                NJ “””    7,732 “””                             $11,304.85 or $1.47 “””

 Another example of the fealty of the xxx of the Dept. of N. J. is in the matter of Contributions to the Grant Memorial fund.

Dept. of Ohio (Where the Genl was born,) has 49,011 Members, Contributed $412.96 or per member 84/100 of a cent.

Dept. of Ills (from which he was commissioned) has 32, 641 members, Contributed - $578.92 or per member 1. 77/100 of a cent.

Dept. of New York (Where his body lies) has 40,865 members Contributed- $475.68 – or per member 1 66/100 of a cent.

Dept. of New Jersey (from regard for his fame) has 7, 732 members Contributed $607.48 or per member 7 85/100 of a cent.

     The present Officer of this Department, are, as you find them at the top of this sheet (other side) – I enclose herewith a Roster giving fuller information as to the Officers & c.

                                                            Yours Resp’y

                                                                        E. P. Fouthwick/


Names noted on letterhead:

Ernest C. Stahl – Department Commander, Trenton

George E. Martin – Senior Vice-Commander, Camden

Samuel G. Hayter – Junior Vice-Commander, Bloomfield

Department Staff.

Assistant Adjutant General, E. P. Southwick, Trenton

Assistant Quarter Master General John Ramsay, Jersey City

Chaplain, Chas. E. Hill, Red Bank

Medical Director John H. Pickett, Elizabeth

Inspector E. F. Hann, Atlantic City

Judge Advocate G. R. Patterson, Jersey City.

Chief Must’g Officer Wm. Ossenberg, Trenton

Personal Staff.

Chief of Staff Wm. C. Smith, Plainfield

Council of Administration.

John Lawrence, New Brunswick

William H. Carman, Asbury Park

George B. Stinson, Paterson

William W. Corriell, Plainfield

Frederick Boorman, Jersey City


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