Victory Parade

Assunpink Block

Daily True American

The demolition of the old paper mill, on Broad Street, was in progress
yesterday. The intention is to erect a fine row of stores there,
straightening out the line of the street, as we have stated in previous

Daily True American
Much Ado About Nothing
An Incident in the Annals of the Assunpink Creek

A few days since, as the workmen engaged in clearing out the Assunpink Creek
in order to lay the foundations of the stores about being built, were
throwing up some of the filth and mud from the channel, one of the men threw
out a disc of metal about the size of a doubloon, or twenty dollar gold
coin. The disc had been struck by the shovel or pick and when laid bare
presented a golden aspect. Curiosity was aroused, cupidity was excited, and
rapid and industrious search was made for similar treasures, and the way the
dirt and debris flew from the excavation the workmen were employed in
making, promised profitable results to the Assunpink Improvement
Association, as more dirt was removed in one hour than would have been in
half a day had no coin f\been found. But as the additional search was not
successful, the fortunate possessor of the solitary one unearthed, became
the center of an excited and admiring group. Fabulous prizes were offered
for the newly discovered coin, which from its color was assumed to be gold,
and which, on being cleaned from the dirt encasing it, exhibited, on one
side, an eagle grasping in its talons a sheaf of arrows, and on the reverse,
the semblance of a draw well, strongly reminding one of the "Old Oaken
Bucket," of Wordsworth, and on both sides a series of letters, almost
obliterated were discernable. What is it? What can it be? What is the date?
Can you read the inscription? were among the many questions asked, but to
which no satisfactory answer could be given. At last it was suggested to
take it to a jeweler, have it cleaned and carefully examined. The suggestion
was acted upon and the jeweler pronounced it - "Oh, what a fall there my
countrymen" - to be brass, and a temperance medal much defaced, bearing the
advice, "Abstain from all intoxicating drinks." The medal is now in
possession of the Treasurer of the Assunpink Improvement Association, who
will part with it for a tithe of the sum offered for it on its discovery,
and will apply the proceeds to any deserving charity the purchaser may
choose to name, as the Assunpink Association do not wish to enrich
themselves by the newly discovered "treasure trove."

Daily True American

Work at the Assunpink Creek has progressed so rapidly that the foundation
walls for the new buildings are well on towards completion.

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