Victory Parade


Since the 1770ís Trenton has been served by a variety of newspapers.They are an amazing source of genealogical information little of which is indexed.In addition to the obituary, marriage and chronological index pages of this site that are derived from Trenton papers, we have transcriptions of various newspaper articles containing historical information:

When South Trenton Was a Township

Assunpink Block

Fire on Clay Street

Grant Chapel

Ropewalk War

Statue of George Washington

In addition to articles derived from regular coverage, a series of newspaper columnists have written about Trentonís history and its people.Chroniclers such as John Cleary, Sally Lane, Harry Podemore and Tom Glover have provided illuminating facts and interesting reminiscences that often put a human face on dry facts.

John Cleary:

Old Mill Hill in Legend and Story

††††††††††† April 10, 1932 (Newspapers, Skating, Cranmers, Perrine Field, Atheneum)

††††††††††† July 21, 1935 (Cosey Place, Cooper Street, Bonaparte-Savage Romance)

††††††††††† August 25, 1935 (Cosey Place, Petty's Run, National Hotel, United States Hotel)


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